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  • Fireman Stops for Interview While Building Burns
    A fame hungry fireman holds off on saving a woman in order to do a TV interview.
  • Exploding Cell Phone Prank
    Exploding Cell Phone Prank
    Episode 12.18.12
    When this pretty lady asks to borrow these strangers' cell phones, they are shocked to see it start smoking and then explode when she tosses it away.
  • Vacuum Disaster
    Vacuum Disaster
    Episode 12.15.12
    When these ladies agree to help this man with a broken arm vacuum around his display booth, they accidentally tear the whole thing down.
  • Best OfTop Funny Holidays PranksExtras
    Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or any other holidays, enjoy this Top 5 compilation of the best holidays pranks.
  • Winter Wonderland Elevator Prank
    For these people, a simple elevator ride ends up becoming a trip to a snowy mountain top all in the course of three floors!
  • Sexy Santa Surprise Prank
    Sexy Santa Surprise Prank
    Episode 12.22.12
    When these unsuspecting victims have their photos secretly taken, it leads to a strange, awkward and very "merry" moment.
  • Crazy Kid Sneaks in Gorilla Cage
    When these nice people agree to watch a little boy while their mother runs to the restroom, the last thing they'd expect is to see him run into a gorilla cage!
  • Off the Hook Chicken Prank
    Off the Hook Chicken Prank
    Episode 12.27.12
    The chicken is ringing, won't someone answer it?
  • Old Man Puts Out TV Fire
    Old Man Puts Out TV Fire
    Episode 12.25.12
    When this elderly man walks by and mistakes a log fire DVD for a real fire he throws a bucket of water on it to extinguish the flames, much to the dismay of the people asked to keep an eye on the TV.
  • Happy Holidays From theExtras
    Happy Holidays and Merry New Year from everyone at the Just For Laughs Gags. Here's a little video from our very own Denis, Marie-Pierre, Nadja and Jean the Epic Old Man wishing everyone all of the above. Now, BE JOLLY!! GO! EVERYONE JOLLY! NOW!
  • Crazy Baby Arm Prank
    Crazy Baby Arm Prank
    Episode 12.13.12
    This pregnant woman invites these passersby to feel her baby kick, but when they feel her stomach, a little hand punches their hand away!
  • Best OfTop Elevator Pranks Vol. 1Extras
    We knew our elevator pranks were appreciated, but we didn't realize they were so popular that people actually reshot our exact same scenarios. In this context, we give you volume one of the very best of our original elevator pranks!
  • Best ofFunniest Twilight ZoneExtras
    DISCLAIMER: This has nothing to do with a certain recent unfortunate series of movies. No camp anything here. It's just our best crazy hallucination pranks - similar in tone to the excellent series, the "Twilight Zone".
  • Dead Chicken Lays Egg!
    Dead Chicken Lays Egg!
    Episode 11.24.12
    Talk about fresh poultry! This chicken on display is so fresh it lays an egg right in front of these customers!
  • Dog Steals Pacifier from Baby's Mouth
    When people turn their heads for a second to help a lost tourist, the baby's pacifier is stolen from his mouth, and a dog sits across the path, quietly sucking on it!
  • Popcorn Mouse Trap Prank
    Popcorn Mouse Trap Prank
    Episode 11.20.12
    When a popcorn salesman asks these unsuspecting victims to deliver a bucket of popcorn to a security guard, they think nothing of it. That is, until he pulls his hand out of the bucket with a mousetrap stuck on his fingers!
  • A Real Wedding Crasher
    A Real Wedding Crasher
    Episode 11.26.12
    These helpful people try to help this wedding caterer back her truck up a bit, but instead drive forward and crash into a fence, sending the wedding cake flying!
  • Best ofFunniest Instant AccompliceExtras
    Our motto is "Divide and Conquer" or rather... "Divide and Prank!" In these fun pranks, we recruit victims' loved-ones to fool them! For people who ever dreamed of working for the Gags, this is one way to live the thrill of the prank.
  • Kid Playing with Gun Shoots Duck
    This police officer hands his gun to his son and tells him to go play while he checks these people. Seconds later, a shot goes off and a dead duck is on the trunk next to them!
  • Squirting Microphone Prank
    Squirting Microphone Prank
    Episode 12.08.12
    When these folks are asked to hold the microphone for a politician presenting his project on TV, the mic suddenly shoots water in his face. Best of all, its all caught on camera!
  • Sexy Stripping Cop Prank
    Sexy Stripping Cop Prank
    Episode 12.06.12
    When these drivers accidentally cause this cop to spill his coffee all over himself, he decides to remove his wet clothing, right in front of them!
  • Cactus to the Face!
    Cactus to the Face!
    Episode 12.04.12
    As these unsuspecting shoppers leave the mall, they "accidentally" push open the door into a man carrying a cactus.
  • Best ofScience Fiction GaloreExtras
    The truth is out there! These pranks are out of this world! All the sci-fi you can shake a stick at, and then some. Beam me up because these might just be the droids you're looking for! This video will self-destruct in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...
  • Scary Clown in the Box
    Scary Clown in the Box
    Episode 11.18.12
    When an officer comes looking for a wanted clown, the box they're holding is the last place they'd expect to find him!
  • Scratching Lingerie Cop Prank
    "Victims are hereby ordered to scratch this policeman\'s sexy, hairy, sweaty back... only to discover he\'s wearing a beautifully sensual bra. Nothing weird about it, just a confident man in need of some support.
  • Wife vs. Husband: Charity Gifts Prank
    "What would you do if your significant other whipped out $200 from her wallet and gave it to the nuns? They say charity begins at home, but the husbands are STUNNED when their wives pull out a large wad of cash to put into the nuns\' collection tin at the mall!moreless
  • Firemen Break For Lunch Instead of Saving Woman
    "A lady is trapped on the second floor of a burning building, but when the pizza delivery man arrives, the firemen take a break for lunch, leaving the woman screaming for help while bystanders hold a warning flag for the fire brigade!
  • A Crazy Euro Cup Football Fan, Hip Hop Dancing Cop Does The Moonwalk, and More!
    "Here we are again for our weekly abs workout using an exercise known as "laughing." We are serious scientists and we are studying it, so listen to us and practice hard! We like to call this one: Season 9 Episode 13. Because we\'re so creative! That\'s why. An official presentation of JustForLaughsTV. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world!moreless
  • Best ofBest Police Pranks vol. 2
    "Police officers abusing their power to prank civilians of all walks of life. This is the best kind of abuse of authority.
  • Runaway Mannequin Bride Prank
    "The victim is left to watch over a mannequin couple in wedding attire, when along comes a man who charms the bride into strolling away with him!! That mannequin groom was left BEFORE the altar!
  • Tibetan Monk Gets His Gong Rung...Literally!
    Asked to strike a gong for a meditating Tibetan Monk, pedestrians are shocked at their own strength when the gong smacks the monk in the face after they hit it!
  • Best ofBest Skunk Pranks
    Best ofBest Skunk Pranks
    Episode 09.30.12
    Something smells, and it ain't a cat! See the hilarious reactions of people who think a skunk has just popped in for a visit.
  • Scuba Diver Ends Up As Piranha Fish Food
    Asked to hold the towline for a scuba diver, some unsuspecting pedestrians are frightened to see the diver's skeleton surface after seeing a sign warning of piranhas in the water. Whoops!
  • Supermarket Goose Protects Her Foie Gras
    Think twice when sampling from this pate platter, especially when this goose springs to life to peck at the hands of any hungry shoppers trying to grab a bite of her liver, spread on toast!
  • How To: Street Golf - Lesson 1
    "The new JFL How To series presents STREET GOLF. This is lesson 1, covering the basics of middle of the road golfing. Bend the knees, keep your arms straight and make sure you hold the traffic as long as possible.
  • Porta Potty Empties on Old Man!
    "This is probably the most disgusting prank we\'ve ever done. What looks like a porta potty feces and urine mix leak all over a poor old man in a wheelchair. Questions?
  • Strongest (Little) Girl in the World Prank
    "This little girl managed to get so many donations that nobody can lift the buckets full of coins except her. Is she the strongest girl in the world or is it something tricky?
  • Cute Japanese Girls Pull a Funny Prank!
    "Two young Japanese tourists with backpacks ask people passing by to take a Polaroid picture of them right as a van slowly drives by. And voila! The girls magically transform into old, Asian men. Even the photo shows two elderly dudes!
  • Surprise! It's a Screaming Severed Head Prank
    "A girl drops a dummy head on the sidewalk in front of a prank victim...or is it really just a dummy head? Watch the hilarious reactions as people stop to pick it up!
  • Super Sexy Foot Play Prank
    Super Sexy Foot Play Prank
    Episode 09.07.12
    "A sexy blonde lady is feeling a bit frisky and rubs her legs on some very flattered guys across the table who can\'t believe their luck... until she leaves, letting her male assistant finish the job.
  • You're Caught Cheating with a Sexy Girl Prank!
    "For once, the "It\'s not what it looks like" excuse is actually the truth. Innocent men looking for a new shirt get more than they bargained for when their wives and girlfriends notice some red lipstick on their neck. Watch as things go from bad to worse when a sexy girl comes out of the changing room.moreless
  • Street Shark Attack
    Street Shark Attack
    Episode 08.15.12
    "Shark comes out of water hole and scares the hell out of people standing there. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family.
  • Loaded Antique Gun Accident
    Loaded Antique Gun Accident
    Episode 09.13.12
    "An old man wants to buy an antique shotgun, because that\'s what old men do, but no one realizes the gun is loaded! BOOM! HEAD SHOT ON THE WATER BOTTLE!
  • Dennis The Menace Vanishes In Tent Prank
    "This little Dennis the Menace impersonator runs from a police officer, hides in a tent and vanishes in thin air, only to re-appear in another tent. He\'s either discovered how to teleport from tent to tent, or it\'s an elaborate prank for a hidden camera show.
  • Just For Laughs: Gags - Cop Shoots Himself in the Foot, Old Lady Super Soaker Attack, and More!
    "This is the full 22 minute Just For Laughs Gags Season 9 Episode 12. Feel free to enjoy!
  • Watch Out! A Shark is Gonna Eat You!
    "So this fake shark attacks people that jump in the water to kindly retrieve a beach ball for a girl in a bikini. Presumably, the shark is summoned by musicians playing the Jaws theme song. That is all.
  • Of Mice And Woman
    Of Mice And Woman
    Episode 10.04.12
    After setting the cheese for a mousetrap in front of a mouse hole, unsuspecting women turn around to find an army of the little buggers all over the room!
  • Blind Lead The Blind...With Toilet Paper
    After leading a blind man to retrieve his wallet in a porta potty, victims end up leaving an embarrassingly long trail of toilet paper in tow!
  • Pregnant Lady Sends Newborn Baby Flying
    After helping a pregnant woman to a nearby ambulance, these good Samaritans are in for the shock of their lives as the baby pops out, flying from the stretcher to the sidewalk!
  • Best OfWedding Proposals Gone Wrong!Extras
    Wedding proposals don't always go as expected - especially when there's a hidden camera somewhere in the vacinity! Here's some of the funniest wedding proposals gone wrong or simply gone weird.
  • It's Raining Garbage
    It's Raining Garbage
    Episode 11.03.12
    When a few nice people decide to help a waitress toss some garbage into a pile in an alley, they encounter way more garbage than they expected...four floors worth!
  • Crow Blows Up a Bunker
    Crow Blows Up a Bunker
    Episode 11.01.12
    As some pedestrians guard a detonation device for a worker while he places some dynamite in a bunker, a passing police officer grabs their attention. When they turn around though, they see that a crow has landed on the lever and detonates the explosion in the bunker!
  • Hiding in the Penguin Suit Trick!
    As a good samaritan watches over a little boy whose mom has gone to the restroom, the little troublemaker takes the opportunity to hide inside the costume of a couple dressed as penguins. So imagine what happens when the mother returns.
  • Hall of Fame Baby Pitcher Gag
    When a stray tennis ball flies into a baby's stroller, the baby surprises everyone when it tosses the ball back on its own!
  • Crooked Cop Tricks 101 - Parking Entrapment
    A crooked cop uses his squad car to push a parked car in front of a fire hydrant in order to give them a parking violation!
  • Hungry Hungry Funny Frog
    Hungry Hungry Funny Frog
    Episode 11.13.12
    This hungry stuffed frog scares the living daylights out of these women when it shoots out its tongue to steal an ice cream cone right out of the their hands!
  • Creeper Gets a Hit With Some Magic
    When this creeper makes a cat call at a pretty woman walking by, a little boy decides to teach this guy a lesson. So he asks the person next to him to use his magic wand and hat to cast a spell on that sleaze!
  • Teapot Spews Boiling Water Onto Injured Man
    Some kind people decide to help this injured man pour some hot water into his cup, but as they pour, the water shoots out onto him instead of the cup!
  • Best ofTop Bait and SwitchExtras
    Things aren't always what they seem. Some of these bait and switch pranks just confuse people, and some downright disappoint them, but in the end, we always have the last laugh!
  • Best ofFunniest Gorilla and Mouse PranksExtras
    Gorillas gone wild!! We've got some quite convincing ape costumes and aren't afraid to use them to scare the hell out of some unsuspecting victims! Also we like mice. Many of you are probably wondering why a Gorilla AND Mouse pranks - well, feel free to post your best theories in the comments.moreless
  • Superhero Kid Stops a Thief in His Tracks
    Onlookers are shocked when a mother sends her costume-clad little boy to stop a burglary at a convenience store. However, they're even more shocked though when the boy actually does!
  • Best ofFunniest Head SurpriseExtras
    Best of Head Surprise is not what you think. That is, if what you think is what I think you think it is. Whatever the case, this is probably the best best of ever so do take the time to enjoy!
  • Rat Infested Cheese Platter
    Rat Infested Cheese Platter
    Episode 10.14.12
    A few shoppers sampling some cheese are shocked to see a dead mouse caught in a trap on the ground, but when they turn their attention back to the platter, they are even more stunned to see the same platter covered in live mice.
  • Guide Dog Leads Owner Right Off A Dock
    After helping a blind man and his guide dog to a chair on the dock, some unsuspecting victims are then asked by a little boy fishing to bait his hook with a hot dog. All of a sudden, the guide dog makes a dart for the hot dog and its owner end up being led right off the dock and into the water.moreless
  • Beer Pint Trick Gone Wrong!
    Beer Pint Trick Gone Wrong!
    Episode 10.09.12
    Customers having fun sliding a pint of beer down the counter into the hands of the bartender are in for a surprise when the glass makes an unexpected detour around the bartender's hand and into the lap of a handicapped man in a wheelchair!
  • Best ofMost DisgustingExtras
    Best ofMost DisgustingExtras
    Episode 10.16.12
    A top5 of our most disgusting pranks of all time! This one is not for the faint of heart! Make sure you finsh your burrito before clicking play.
  • Jumping Popcorn Gag!!
    Jumping Popcorn Gag!!
    Episode 10.18.12
    When a popcorn saleslady asks a passersby to hold a bucket of popcorn for her while she ties her shoelace, they're in for a surprise when the popcorn explodes out of the bucket and into their faces!
  • Sexy Topless Girl Shark Attack Prank
    When this hot babe loses her bikini top in the water, these heroic gentlemen are happy to dive in and retrieve it. But not so fast, looks like they're not the only ones!
  • Grandpa Gets Blown out of His Chair
    When a mischievous little boy places a firecracker under the chair of an old man, the strangers watching the boy are in speechless when the elderly man is blown sky high!
  • Best ofFunniest Awkward PranksExtras
    Pranks aren't just about scaring people, sometimes it's fun to put the victims in the most awkward situations possible. This is our top 5 of the most awkward pranks we've ever done!
  • Boiling a Fish Bowl
    Boiling a Fish Bowl
    Episode 10.20.12
    While watching a little boy's goldfish, these people are nice enough to help another woman pick up some dropped oranges. However, they neglected to notice they had put the fishbowl right on top of a red hot stove top.
  • Steel Beam Through Windshield Prank
    When these people leave their cars parked outside of a store while they run inside, the last thing they would expect is to find a steel beam stuck through their windshield!