Just For Laughs (UK)

Channel 4 (ended 1998)


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Just For Laughs (UK)

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Hidden camera the British way. Not just any other comedy program. Unlike many others, this group of English comedians/actors do the most outrageous acts. But as a viewer, you are just meant to have a good time.
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  • Show is awesome and I always get a great laugh when watching..Like others I can't wait until Tuesday Night to watch it.

    Show is awesome and I always get a good laugh and sometimes a good laugh with some tears because I am laughing so hard. Like others I can't wait until Tuesday Night to watch it. I will be watching it here in an hour. I love the tricks they play on people. So unique and things that you wouldn't even dream of doing they have done...I love it..I hope it continues on forever! Laughter is good for the body and helps release all that stress built up. Okay Have I got to 100 words yet..I mean there is only so much I can say about a TV show :)moreless
  • I can hardly wait for Tuesday nights now! Elena

    I'm so delighted with the new TV show, "Just For Laughs" on ABC on Tuesday nights. It's definitely laugh-out-loud-hilarious!! It's about time we had something really funny to watch on TV... I was doubled over from laughing so much..... THANK YOU!!!!! If you ever need any new employee's for this show, just contact me....I would LOVE to get in on some of this stuff!! Do you happen to have a site for more ideas for your show?? If so, where can ideas be submitted?? Thanks again! Love, Elena PS - Where does this program take place?moreless
  • I love this show

    This is a great show!! I watch it every week and it always makes me laugh so much.

    Its a hidden camera prank show, getting everyday members of the public involved in practical jokes. The reason i think i laugh so much is that the responses of the people are exactly what i would do. They often include free sample testing, being asked to watch a dog or a grandma, and security cameras in shops.

    It is so so funny and i think that the moral to this story is that this is what you get for helping people, they film it and show it on TV :Pmoreless
  • Although I have only watched a couple of episodes recently, I instantly saw that this show was good.

    Full of comedy. This hidden-camera show tricks people and gives you a laugh, then confesses to filming for a show and giving them a laugh. Example from an episode I saw: Two People are standing next to a building with toilets inside. A man looks at the sign and sees that the mens is to the right. The two people then swap round the signs. When the man goes in, he finds a load of Ladies. He runs out and looks at the signs again. He must have made a mistake! So he goes into the other one. Ladies again! He goes out and the two people confess.

    Although me telling you directly like that doesn't make you laugh, you can see that it would. Gives you a good cheering up if you're bored and have nothing to watch.moreless
  • i love this show

    i love htis show. the funniest guy has to be john pinette he is really funny he is so fat i say nay nay hahaha how's he come up with that stuff i saw jerry seinfeld on it once it was in the 80's before his show it was pretty good i've seen lots of good comics on this show.