Just For Laughs

Sunday 7:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jul 17, 2007 In Season


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  • The laugh tracks are so annoying

    The show might be funny, but I can not stand the "laugh tracks". They are so annoying. It might be watchable if you loose the laugh track, and have a narrator. I tuned in for about 3 minutes before I had to change the channel to something without laugh tracks. I don't need a laugh track to tell me when I am suppose to laugh.
    The show might be funny, but I can not stand the "laugh tracks". They are so annoying. It might be watchable if you loose the laugh track, and have a narrator. I tuned in for about 3 minutes before I had to change the channel to something without laugh tracks. I don't need a laugh track to tell me when I am suppose to laugh.
  • This show is absolutely hilarious!

    The pranks are classic. Most of them are so clever, like the one where they ask random people in a mall to taste-test two drinks. They blindfold them and the victim picks the two drinks off the table and tastes them. Then the people run off and take the table with them. Most of the people end up dropping the drinks thinking there was a table there, and when they take the blindfold off they look so confused. Anyway, this show is so funny. The cast is great and the pranks are amazing, I wouldn't have thought of most of them. My whole family watches this together when we DVR new episodes. 10 out of 10 baby =]]
  • copied other shows...

    Just For Laughs is a show that pulls pranks on the American public. Basically, it copied Kandid Camera. Kandid Camera was the origonal, funny hidden camera show and it was really good. This new one is pitiful and boreing. The pranks are generally terrible but I've seen a few funny ones. The execution of the show is just off. It just doesn't really work for me. I really don't think this show is very funny and I honestly think it is a waste of time. I am really pissed that it copied another show and I hope that it doesn't last long.
  • Another TV Show pulling practical jokes and sight gags in public with funny and not-so-funny results.

    This is the season where the network fills in the holes in the TV schedule with filler comedy to test new pilots, and Just For Laughs is striving to be "Candid Camera" for a new generation. Some of the jokes are clever, some are not. The show is funny to watch, and you kind of wish you lived where they were pulling these stunts to be a part of the fun, but how far can they get before the real police intervene? I like the show, and I'll be watching, but if it doesn't get picked up for a full season, I won't be upset.
  • a show about making you laugh

    i really like this show it makes me laugh i saw last night the first episode was hiloruos i was on the floor laughing me head off it is very fun to watch the pranks are different then other pranks you so on punkd and the wedding crashers it is also very good to watch with family it is a funny show that should go for a second season even though it dosent have sound it still is worth watching i laugh beacuse it just for laughs and the pranks!!!!! !! !~!! @#@#@ % %^% are very funny and clever
  • an overall OK show, id rather watch americas funniest videos but that may be just me.

    it wasnt that good.. i didnt like how they only had music and no words to it so you dont know what the people are thinking. overall i found it barely ok to stand to watch..only a few things were funny that actually made me laugh. if it had less music and more talking id definitely watch it but it was a slight dissappointment for me unfortunately.
  • One of the funniest shows on television!

    I first saw the show on the night it premired. It was hilarious! It is about random people playing practical jokes with hidden cameras on people from the streets. Many of these jokes are classic; the black-eye routine, the nun with porn photos. Histerical! But the one that really got me was the joke with the blind woman asking people where her blind husband was. And with a cane and hat floating atop a water-filled hole, people get the wrong idea...

    A classic TV show based on the British version of it. It desevres a good rating, and i'm sure it'll make it. Who doesn't love this show?
  • I was told about your show by my daughter about a week ago and marked it on my calendar.I am so thankful I did.

    I tell you what,this is the funniest show I have ever seen.I watched Benny Hill,Drew Carey,Funniest Home Videos and other similar shows over the years but nothing has ever made me laugh so hard that I lost my breath.I work all day long installing Home Land Security Cameras all around the United States in airports traffic lights some covert work and you would not believe some of the things I've caught and seen on my cameras.I love my job.I wish more countries would follow the U K 's way of thinking with all of the cameras they have installed.Well back to the show, I was on line playing Poker when your show came on and I told everyone to turn on the Television and watch this show.The whole table of 10 players stopped playing cards and started watching your show.That was the best time I have ever had playing on line with total strangers.We all laughed together and one guy wept,another peed his pants and this lady couldn't stop crying from laughing so hard.God I Love this show,please keep up the great work you have a lifelong admirer.Kenneth R. Ward Cleveland,Ohio 216-316-0262
  • brief, all groups jumped on, various scenarios, comedy, pranks

    This comes across as something done at least ten years earlier. I am not a fan of canned laughter, but most of the show would be silent. I guess they could narrate it, but then maybe that would insult people's intelligence. It is in the same vein as Candid Camera. I like the pranks, because they are brief and there are several per episode. I would say teens up to the elderly could get a few laughs from the show. The younger folk would miss some things. If you have seen and enjoyed Jack Link's beef jerky commercials, this show is for you.
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