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  • I miss this show.

    This show should be released on DVD.
  • This show makes you wanna laugh more!

    Just Jordan was one of my favorite all time sitcom shows it had good amazing acting so I prefer giving it A this show was one of the best shows on nickelodeon I can't believe they canceled the show after most then 9 years by now nick will never have another sitcom with kids that love to watch cartoons.
  • Never liked!

    This show I never watched! Except for one episode. That's when I realized I can't watch this anymore.
  • It's fine.

    What can I say?It's kind of a good show.Well,it's kind of like Romeo.It's not really better than Drake And Josh,but it's better than that boring Unfabulous.It's really good,but Nick canceled it.Why the heck would they do that?It proves that Nick is starting to become a lame channel.I mean,the show is okay to me and it should have not been canceled.I would say that it's next to being one of the best teen shows ever.It's not better than Drake And Josh,but it's better than The Naked Brothers Band or Hannah Montana.I can now grade this show a C because it was pretty good,but not all the way.
  • This show is solid, but cannot outqualify Drake and Josh, iCarly, Zoey 101, and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

    This show is solid, and can be very funny. In my mind, This show just cannot outqualify some of the better shows like: Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, and Ned's. This show can be 5th on the grid behind the shows mentioned above, of course with Drake and Josh on the pole. In my mind, most of the humor in this show just is not funny. I do not get it, but I just think that Nickelodeon did a poor job making this show. I know Lil' JJ is really hilarious, and I like him, but the creators of the show in my mind just did not do too good on the scripts. The only part that I found funny was when Jordan was in church, and Tony was playing the organ like they were at a baseball game. I was really laughing at that part. The characters in my mind just are not developed enough. This show relies too much on the character humor, which I do not think is too good. Maybe if I was director of this show, I would re-do the scripts, and fix some of the parts in the show. Overall, decent show, okay humor, good dialog, underdeveloped characters.
  • My mom likes this show, ok, (haters), which makes my rating a point higher.

    This is a great show, I'm from L.A. and watching that show brought back good memories. My mom only likes one other Nick show and that is Drake and Josh. I can't believe that this show was cancelled and just because of that new crappy show, True Jackson VP, which is horrible by the way. The plots for this show or sometimes a little different but this show is hilarious. I love that episode where Jordan has to do a speech in church. I was laughing throghout the whole episode. They should show reruns or bring it back. I don't care if its's late at night. I'll start my DVR. But start playing this show again.
  • I thought this show was pretty good since Lil JJ is extremely cool!

    Just Jordan did not last very long at all, and it was better than some other live-action shows out there in the television world. There goes Nick again, like Jimmy Neutron and Danny Phantom being animated shows and then all of a sudden canceling them, Nick does not even give a pretty good live-action show a chance with a cool and fairly popular actor known as Lil JJ. Lil JJ has starred in many other shows too such as an episode in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, All That, and best of all a movie called Yours, Mine, and Ours. (I think that it was the correct name.) It featured two people getting married who both have a lot of kids and Drake Bell and Miranda Cosgrove played a son and daughter in that movie as well. Well anyway, back to the show. There was some pretty good episodes which showed some decent plots and events happening in every episode, it was very cool as it was the only known live-action show to me that had the main character be able to say "Freeze!" and tell the audience what he thinks is wrong with this picture when something wrong happens in an episode. This show I found to be much better than Unfabulous yet that show ran even longer than this one! Therefore since this show I think was better (and to some other people too) I think this show should have ran longer than Unfabulous. Sheesh Nick, I think you can do better than this. Oh well, I guess this wraps up my review. But since there hasn't been a new review for this show in ages either like Unfabulous, then I guess this is the last review for this show with very good points for many, many months.
  • jordan is a very awkward young man taking advice from his two friends, one is kinda slow and the other is alright, and his cousin

    ok this show is alright to watch if there is nothing else on or if u just dont wanna change the channel..i mean they have the whole staged laughter and stuff but im seriously not laughing..most of it isnt funny..i mean i laugh at some things but a lot of this is just bad acting..the stupid guy is funny..but arent they all..but seriously..guys just dont get girls..all they care about is being w/ a pretty face and this show reflects that..especially this current season..not very funny and the whole freeze thing reminds me of some bad plays ive read this semester in school
  • Its Decent

    "Just Jordan" is an awsome show.Its funny and serious at times. I think they need to make it more serious in future episodes. My favorite character is Jordan.Second favorite Tony third Joaquin,Fourth Autmn and so on. I liked Tamika but Autmn just fits in with everyone else better than her. I think that tehy need to put Jordan and Momos dad in a future episodes. Jordans mom isnt my favorite person.She just gets in the way sometimes. Tony is a real show off and i like that. I like characters who are show offs.It just really.Picture me Rollin was a great movie too.
  • well i love this show so much and i would like to have you to make new shows for it because im tired of watchin repeats and i will be on more often so pelase make me happy and give me more shows and i would love to meet just jorden because hes my idol.

    oh the show is very ggod i like the show so much and im sure other people like the show also but i would like new shows to come on instead of repats keep comin on back and forth so if you would could you give me some new shows please and thank you jorden is so cute but he need to turn up hes style of clothes cause they anit workin baby and he also needs a new and approved attudie because he acts to nice but dont get me wrong i love the show so much thank you good bye
  • Could Be better

    This show is about a boy named Jordan Lewis who moved from Little Rock to Los Angeles. He has to work for his grandfather Grant Cunningham. He is joined by his somewhat nerdy friend Joaquin Montez and his other friend Tony Lee. His silly younger sister Monica Lewis critical cousin Tangie Cunningham and his over protective mom Pamela Lewis do not help. He constantly tries to get together with Tamika Newsome.

    I personally like this show. It isn't among my favorites though as I sometimes find the jokes a little corny. It admitadly has gotten better since the first season.
  • A boy and his friends live a typical life. Check my full review out.

    Lil JJ plays as Jordan, the main character of this children's sitcom, his acting is fine, but the only reason I started watching this show when season two started is because Jordan's co stars are talented and humorous, it isn't that Jordan isn't, but I think that the others are just hilarious. But, it wasn't always good, such as season one, it wasn't that good, like how every minute was about Jordan and his relationship with his crush, I guess that got the show bad reviews, and season one bombed, but then they made the crush move, but they got a new crush. But Autumn is not as bad, she is prettier, funnier, and not a main character who is seen all the time in every episode. I think the ratings have been going up since season one ended and they got rid of his crush.

    I would reccomend this to anyone.
  • I love it!

    ust Jordan is such a great show. I love it so much! Iss pretty much focusing in on what Jordan, played by Lil JJ, is doing to survivie life as a kid and teenager. This show is soo good. Jordan is a great character, he is sometimes funny. Tony is also a good character. Joaqin, Joacin, (however u spell it), is a good character. His character is sort of funny, in a way. Tangie, she is a little full of herself and I find her superficial. This show features good episodes, and this should stay on air. Just Jordan is a good show.
  • Just Another Stereotype.

    This show is so stereotypical that half of its stereotypes isn't even true.

    90% of the cast (this includes the extras) are either black or Latin.

    The plotlines are too predictable and when they are not predictable, it just gets stupid. They thought if they had him talking to us as the viewers that it will make this show any different. WRONG!!!!
    This has been done by many shows before this such as Girlfriends (Seasons 1 & 2) and Benrie Mac and they done a fair job at doing that. Just Jordan is just another average show that happens to be just another stereotype.

    Even the theme song is stereotypical.... I like theme songs for television shows but for this show.... I just couldn't get into the theme song......

    The next time you see the theme song, you should pay more attention to the background. In the beginning of the song, there's graffiti on the wall but it happens to b Shirley Chisolm and other Afro-American leaders.......

    Plus they go to a bad and dirty school.....

    Not all black neighorhoods have messed-up schools.

    This show is SOMEWHAT funny RARELY, but that's the only reason why I rate it a 2.0
  • not that good.

    another boring TEENick show. it really has no point to it. this show is about some goofy kid who works at a diner or something like that and basically just lives life. I don't like this show at all it isn't even funny, I think its just another dull TEENick show. My tv show grade would be an F.
  • It's good

    I have to admitt that this show is good. I like it because every episode is funny and Lil JJ makes the show even better and more funny! I mean even my cousin (ninita_torres) likes the show! Which means that it is a good show! Also you had Tanjie always trying to get Tony to be her boy. And then yyou have Jordan always trying to get Tamikia's attention and tries to take her on a date. Those are just some of the reasons why i like the good show Just Jordan. Now i need to babble. Ok Im done with that.
  • It's Ok

    This isn't a great show but it's not NBB, lol. No but seriously It's not a bad show. I think they're kind of going down fast. I think they're running out of ideas for episodes. I think that they should ask kids for their ideas for an episode. This helps shows because I think people like seeing that their ideas are apprreciated.Well you know how this goes when your done saying what you need to say you need to babble to get the minimum of 100 words. Love Ya All , Ninalita
    (Still need 5 more words)
    Ok Done! lol
  • A good show I must say

    Just Jordan which is my favorite show thats still on Nick. Although I haven't been able to keep up with new episodes I do still watch it whenever I'm not on my computer and at the tv. It kinda reminds me of... Nothing. I've never seen another show like this. I personally prefere this show over all other junk on Nick. NBB, Farily Odd Parents (which is just stupid), current seasons of Spongebob, Neds, Shredderman? (come on people!), El tigre or Zoey. They all suck. I barely watch Drake and Josh. I wish All That, Kenan and Kel, Clarissa Explains it All and others would come back. Don't you?
  • Great show. Everyyhing that comes out of his mouth is funny.

    The show show had so much hype and the wait was long but it was worth it. Jordan gets into trouble all the time. He makes mistakes gets punished and still does not learn. He text messaging in church. He gets a grill that does not come off.He tries to act tough to impress a girl. He drowns out everything his mom says .He sets up a protest against school uniforms. He works at a his grandpas competitors store because he wont get paid. He chases after a girl who doesn't like him back. And many more off the wall storylines. Great way to start off 2007..
  • I love this show!

    This show is the best,, lol this show is funny! The Main characters are Jordan, Monica, Tangi, Toni, Joaquin, Tamika, Pam, and the grandfarther. My favorite episode in just jordan is Air Jordan,, lol that episode is funny,, the grandfarther, especily it the funniest in that episode,, in the other the funniest is Jordan,, lol i like that episode with his grill, lol that was funny,, the was my second favorite episode, and the dumbest one is Fools in the hood,, i really didnt like that one it was the dumbest.. anyway this show is awesome and any one who didnt watch it needs to!
  • good show

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  • this show is very funny because jorden acts funny and funny stuff happend like when jorden tryed to act tuff

    Just jordan is a very funny show 1 of my favorties are when jorden trys to be tuff trying to rob his wacth and recorded it on his phone and he emaield it to everyone and everyone thought he was tuff. jordan was on the show yuors mnis and ours and he was a comendy thast y the show the show is so funny
  • It really is my new best friend.

    Yes Nickelodean! You made a great choice getting this show!

    Just Jordan is one of those shows that can make my family and me laugh out loud. Jordan is just so funny! They way he acts is so hilarious! The show itself has a not-so-original plot, but it is still great. I catch this show whenever I can hoping that I'll get a good laugh. Plus, every character has something about them that makes them funny. I say this show might last around 3 seasons, but you never know. It could be one of those shows tht never dissapear.

    Go Jordan!
  • Well, Just Jordan is a great show- good episodes, funny situations, well written, and so many other things that just make it, well- A Decent Show! However, the reason it may not be as good as it is, is because of Nick...

    Well, Just Jordan is a great show- good episodes, funny situations, well written, and so many other things that just make it, well- A Decent Show! However, the reason it may not be as good as it is, is because of Nick...

    The channel and its people isnt it, its just that, there are so many shows on NIck with a very simalar plotline, therefore causing it to be not as good as the earliy- or even present shows.

    now besides the whole repeating thing- there is a wide vary of episodes, good variaty of charactors, and it is a Decent show!
  • This show is about some high school smartass by the name of jordan who lives with his mother,sister and grandfather.

    Lil JJ ruined his rep starring in this show. its just about the common life of a high school teen such as family issues and some girl at school. ive watched maybe 5 episodes and they all were EXTREMLY stupid and a waste of time. Its not even funny...not even a little bit. to make things worse they moved it to BET. this show marks the end of Lil JJ's career....i used to be a fan
  • Just Jordan is a okay show, but not the best out there. But don't take my word for it, see what you think.

    Just Jordan needs a little work (in my thinking of the show) it's sort of unorginal and a tad boring. Sometimes it can be funny, but they try to make it funny too much. It's not the best, but then again it isn't the worst. Some people like it, other's don't. I guess in a way, I might watch it on occasion but it's not something I tune into every single time it's on to watch. Still, I know of people who do and think it's really funny. This is the kind of show where I'd say you have to see it for yourself.
  • i dont know why people say this show sucks. its not whether or not a show is funny. its whether or not its good or not. AND THIS IS GOOD.

    i dont know why people say this show sucks. its not whether or not a show is funny. its whether or not its good or not. and this show is good. this show is very great, i love it. i cant wait til the next time its on because i love the show sooooo much. some people say this show isnt funny so its not good because nick shows are supposed to be good. well this show is good and it doesnt have to be funny or not. sometimes there are funny scenes but i dont watch this show for the funniness. i watch it because its great. and with drake & josh. & ned leaving us this year. its the new BEST teenick show.
  • Eh...its 0k

    Ok...I've only seen 1 episode but that was all I needed to see. I saw the episode where Jordan becomes a 'bad boy' for that one girl...
    Stupid. Why would all the girls want a guy thats mean to them? Thats defintaly not whats its like at MY school. Hm. Must I say anymore? (Yes...it has to be 100 words min.)

    What else to say? OOOH ya. Whats up with Jordan's cousin? Are you and your cousins supposed to be (kinda-sorta) friends? His cousin like...HATES HIM! Shes fat too
    (oopies. Did I just say that?)

    Well, thats all I have to say for this sad excuse for a comedy.
  • Simply just not funny, when I watch shows on nick I'm suppose to hear the laughter every minute or so,but this,its........just barely gets any laughs.

    Its just not funny, whenever I watch this show I can never laugh! In fact I didn't think it was one of those shows like Drake and Josh and the Suite Life of Zack and Cody where the audience laughs, and in those show they must laugh like what 27 times per episode? I think the audience laughed 4 times per episode! And the FREEZE thing Lil JJ does? Have you ever thought they copied off of The Emperor's New School or what? I've always thought Nick Shows were great and maybe not funny but they're just addictive. This puts an end to that! Just take it off the air while its still in its early stages.
  • Basic Story of A Teenager. Never funny.

    This is just another story of your average teenager. No. They had to add these little "cut scenes" where jordan morphs out of his body, and edited badly. He mentions things that right after you hear it you think, "What?" It's suppose to be funny but did they ever look back at the episode? The laughs aren't even real! I just wanna go up to Nickelodeon and ask, "You sure he ain't lyin' about being a comic?" But hey, atleast it's better than most of the "Average Teenager" shows on Nick. Do they hire grown-ups who make up stuff? Or do they hire kids who make up stuff? I just wish this would be canceled already, it's wasting up my spongebob hours.
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