Just Jordan - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Piano Stressin'
    Piano Stressin'
    Episode 13
    Jordan takes piano lessons from his basketball coach's niece, piano prodigy Lindsay. In exchange, Jordan teaches her how to be a "real kid", but the serious student turns into a slacker who wants to give up the piano.
  • Krumpshakers
    Episode 12
    Jordan puts together a Krumpin' dance team so Grandpa can compete in a dance marathon against his rival: Mr. Chung's team.
  • Jordan's Goose is Cooked
    Jordan’s life becomes a nightmare when he offers to help Tamika get rid of her crush- a nine-year-old boy!
  • Critter is Buggin
    Critter is Buggin
    Episode 10
    Jordan is forced to choose between his new friends and his old friend when his best buddy from Arkansas, “Critter”, comes to LA for a visit.
  • Flip the Script
    Flip the Script
    Episode 9
    Tony is fed up with Tangie’s advances and tells Jordan they can’t hang out as much because of his aggressive cousin. Irritated, Jordan devises a plan whereby Tony “flips the script” on Tangie and starts crowding her space so she’ll lose interest him. The plan works, until Monica reveals that the boys have been playing her all along and the girls come up with a scheme of their own.moreless
  • Fist of Funny
    Fist of Funny
    Episode 8
    Jordan is having the time of his life in his martial arts class until his mom and instructor meet, and hit it off. Jordan doesn’t like the idea of his mom dating people he knows so he tells his instructor that his mom and his dad are getting back together. Monica also becomes grossed out when Grandpa starts dating the grandmother of one of Monica’s friends.moreless
  • Get a Job
    Get a Job
    Episode 7
    Jordan’s grandpa thinks family shouldn’t be paid for working at the diner. Jordan rebels and quits and starts working at the Korean restaurant owned by Grandpa’s long-time rival, Mr. Chung
  • Practice What You Preach
    The minister tells Jordan to write a oration for next week's service after overhearing him complain about being forced to attend church. Meanwhile, Monica wants to appear older, so she begins wearing high heels and gets a new nickname.
  • No Justice, No Pants
    Jordan's mom thinks its a waste of time to focus on something so trivial when Jordan protests against ugly new school uniforms. Meanwhile, Grandpa Grant uses Monica's chess playing ability to beat his friends.
  • Home Alone in the Diner
    Jordan is left in charge of the diner while his mother and grandpa are in San Diego. Jordan encounters problems when the dishwasher overflows and a bus full of football players shows up and orders 50 triple burgers.
  • Lemme See Your Grill
    Jordan gets in trouble with his mom after using his first paycheck to buy jewelry for his teeth. Jordan is also in trouble when his "grill" gets stuck on his teeth. Meanwhile, Grandpa spoils Monica with a shopping spree at the doll store.
  • Fools in the Hood
    Fools in the Hood
    Episode 2
    Although his mother thinks that he is still too young to start dating, Jordan and his friends continue their efforts to get Tamika and her friends to notice them. After seeing they are interested in bad boys, Jordan and his friends begin to act like thugs. In their efforts in trying to make the girls like them, they only succeed in acting like thugs. After Tamika goes out with the "thug" Jordan, she realizes she likes guys who act like themselves.moreless
  • Air Jordan
    Air Jordan
    Episode 1
    Arriving at his new school in Los Angeles, Jordan confidently tries out for the varsity basketball team, but discovers from his rival Tony Lee that he still has things to learn about how to be a team player. Meanwhile, he finds that his pretty classmate, Tamika, is very difficult to impress.moreless