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Just Legal

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Just Legal” is a fast-paced procedural drama with humor starring Jay Baruchel (‘Undeclared," ‘Million Dollar Baby”) and Don Johnson (“Miami Vice, ” “Nash Bridges”) as lawyers who save their clients, and in the process, save themselves. David “Skip” Ross (Baruchel), 19, a brilliant legal prodigy, dreams of becoming a great trial lawyer. When he can't land a job at a prestigious L.A. firm because he's too young, Skip ends up working for Grant Cooper (Johnson). Once a great lawyer, now burnt-out by the realities of life, Cooper is barely scraping by in his beachfront law office. Together, Skip and Cooper become defenders of the accused and crusaders for the unjustly wronged. Their cases vary from stories ripped from today's headlines to clever mysteries with procedural twists.

Skip's middle-class parents, Deborah (Veanne Cox, “Erin Brockovich”) and Lenny Ross (Raphael Sbarge, “The Guardian”), and his under-achieving younger brother Tom (newcomer Michael Mitchell), are all extremely proud of Skip's accomplishments, but are also concerned for his well-being, especially when his first case involves proving the innocence of a young woman named Paradise (Peyton List, “The Greatest Game Ever Played”) who has been falsely accused of a gang-related murder. Always the underdogs, forced to do the gritty work of finding clues and tracking down witnesses in the beautiful, but often dangerous world of Southern California, Cooper teaches Skip to be a lawyer and a man, while Skip renews Cooper's faith in the law and himself.

Jerry Bruckheimer (“CSI, ” “Cold Case, ” “Without a Trace”), Jonathan Littman (“CSI, ” “Cold Case, ” “Without a Trace”) and Jonathan Shapiro (“The Practice, ” “Boston Legal”) are executive producers for Jerry Bruckheimer Television in association with Warner Bros. Television Production Inc.moreless

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    • Can't believe the show was cut short!!!!

      : : : Can't believe the show was cut short! ! ! ! : : :

      I saw this show becoming equally as popular as James Woods "Shark", and Will Shatners "Boston Legal"

      Good Charaters, nice plots, funny twists.

      And Don Johnson was just starting to flesh out his charater, it had the essence of John Grisham's RainMaker. I would love to See Don come back do a new miami vice, but this time be the lieutenant in charge. A Guy who has seen it all already and has walked the line, maybe washed out alittle, and now has to get back in the saddle. My guess it wasn't politically correct for that town at that time.

      . . . . . . TV Networks make you sick ! ! . . . . . . .moreless
    • This show was killed by the murderous network idiots who failed to recognize superior programming. Don Johnson is funny and believable in the role of Grant.

      Writer Johnathan Shapiro is fantastic. The show displays a human side, complete with error and mystery. Every time we achieve a viewing pleasure some net work moron decides our viewing fate. We are left pay television or the likes of The Office and/or Scrubs to entertain us through the night. Shapiro gives the viewer a surreal look at the legal system and the attorneys that practice law. The office setting is priceless. The honest truth of many law offices that are run down, old, and many are above store fronts. In truth many attorneys don't have a vast office with lavish furnishings, nor do they have a endless supply of paralegals, secretaries or receptionists. Quality programming should include the show "Just Legal" for viewers.moreless
    • Tonight was different, we are guessing that Cooper will be mentoring the female lawyer who is always trying to steal Skip away. She is not popular for that, but tonight showed another side of her, she needs Coop and Skips help in the court room.moreless

      Please put this on DVD. The show tonight was excellent again. Tonight really got us involved in there future, now we are guessing at what will happen down the road. I hate waiting months for the show to come back on. character on the show tonight showed us that perhapes we will have some wild shows coming up. This has got to be the top lawyer show yet. It is even more enteraining than Law and Order. Congratulations are in order. we are all hoping to see you soon, next week being the end for the season. Short season are not great.moreless
    • Just legal

      Great show me and my husband both enjoyed this show and we just found it it was cancelled. The acting was wonderful and it showed alot of promise. Show was funny and dramatic a good combination. WB should reconsider bringing back this great show and give it a chance!!!! BRING IT BACK
    • Don Jouhnson show always hold interest. Coupled with timely context, this show shows great promise.

      The writing and story for this episode was very good. Furthermore, the story in context to current events is relent social commentary. I will definitely watch this show again. Accordingly, I have set the show up in my DVR for future recording. Is it possible to find a better time for the show?

      Execution-wise, I think the show's continuing supporting actors should relax a bit ... but they show promise. In this particular story of the rape of a young Muslim woman, the casting was solid. The rape victim was believable as were the perpetrator and his parents. Opposing council could have been a bit less trite. Don Johnson is always a strong character. Hisa personality and presence alone make it a show of interest to me.moreless

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