Just Legal

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 2005 on The WB

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  • This was wicked cool

    So I\'m about 6 months late with this review but I\'m so completely lost with what the CW is doing. This is honestly one of the best shows that the WB has come out with, and I don\'t quite understand what they were thinking about when the promoted it. As an avid WB watcher I feel like this show just slipped through the crack. I saw the pilot for the first time today, 06 August 2006 and I was absolutely floored. I was thoroughly intrigued and i hope that the WB will at least show more episodes before the CW takes over!
  • I really am missing my show Just Legal....

    Just Legal was such a great show, the storylines were interesting and inspiring. I was very impressed with the first episode, and the second and third episodes kept me interested. I thought I had found a new Monday night show. And now they're showing these new show Related, which is NOT as good as Just Legal. Was Just Legal moved to another night? Because I miss watching it! I guess I just want to say that I really enjoyed the show Just Legal, I thought the storylines were fascinating, and the characters interesting. It made me laugh, and made me want to fight for the innocent who are losing their court cases while the guilty could go free. I hope to watch more Just Legal in the future.
  • What a great story line

    Twists and turns everywhere keeps you on your feet. I really like the way that you were kept in the whole process of what was happening. It also made a lot of sense the direction that they were going in.

    This episode really keeps you on your feet and thinking is this women crazy but finally at the end it all comes together and makes sense. It's definately a must see episode.
  • Ahead of its time! Great!

    Oh how I remember my first day as an attorney before a judge & jury, and how I remember litigating my first case. And this show, this pilot at least, is a very good reminder. It matters not the youth of Skip, but the fact remains that seeing a baby attorney, a newby to the field starting out was a lot more believable than Blair Underwood was during his debut as a young attorney fresh out of law school in "L.A. Law" nearly a generation ago. When I saw Blair Underwood as Jonathan Rollins appear, fresh out of law school I thought - "Cool! Law school will make me confident to go right into the courts fully prepared!" Wrong answer! The fact of the matter is that most attorneys when they litigate their first case are more like young Skip here than Jonathan Rollins. When you first appear before a judge it is very, very intimidating, I don't care who you are, it is intimidating. But you hide it as best you can. You stumble over procedure, you goof things up, but you learn. Jay Baruchel as David "Skip" Ross captures the feeling all us attorneys have during our first case(s) and if this show continues on that path it will be a great series.

    Don Johnson is like my father, an attorney who has been in the game so long he has little faith in the legal system. My father gave up on the law a long time ago, but my younger brother who is like Skip, fresh out of Law School are new eyes for my father, and even myself to see what the law can be when faith in the system is maintained. My sister just started law school, and my youngest brother too plans on a legal career, and all of them will be like Skip, I have no doubt of that. Nervousness is part of the growth. It is likely we'll all become cynics like my father over the years as well!

    This series is a keeper - don't let it die too young!