Just Legal

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 2005 on The WB



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    • Skip: Ok. Come on. Please, just do me this favor and then somehow later I'll do you a favor.
      Cop: Are you coming on to me, boy?

    • Cooper (to Skip): Stop talking! Just because a question is relevant doesn't mean you have to ask it!

    • Skip (to Kem): Were you ever convicted of any violent crimes? (Kem throws him up against the wall and starts beating him up)

    • Cooper: I could get ten grand from a bank if one of these guys would crack a rib."

    • Cooper ( to Skip): Are you hustling me?...Good for you. But that brief better be damn good.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: April 1, 2008 on TV3+

    • Det. James Walsh seems to inspired by D.A. Kenneth Walsh, from "The Practice". Both of them are "Walsh" and both series have Jonathan Shapiro as writer.

    • In the original pilot of "Just Legal" actress Veanne Cox played Deborah Ross, Skip's (Jay Baruchel) mother. The role was later recast to actress Julie Warner to play the role. She appears in this new version pilot that did air.

    • After the series "Just Legal" was picked up by the WB network actress Marika Dominczyk had joined the cast as Kate Manat on a recurring basis. But Marika was dropped immediately after the announcement and actress Susan Ward got the role of Kate Manat.

    • In the original pilot of "Just Legal" actor Mike Mitchell played the role of Tom Ross, Skip's (Jay Baruchel) younger brother. But when the series was picked up the role was recast to actor Reiley McClendon to play the role of Tom on a recurring basis.

    • When the series "Just Legal" was picked up by the WB network newcomer actor Mike Mitchell was dropped from the regular role as Tom, Skip's (Jay Baruchel) younger underachieving brother. Instead, actor Reiley McClendon came in for the role of Tom on a recurring basis.

    • Ironically, when Don Johnson's (Grant Cooper) series "Just Legal" was picked up by the WB network for the fall season, his ex-wife's Melanie Griffith's WB comedy "Twins" was also picked up by the network. Even so, both actors carefully planned to not have any contact with each other at press conferences to promote their series.

    • When the WB network picked up "Just Legal" the series added Jamie Lee Kirchner to cast as Dulcinea "Dee" Cruz. She was not in the original pilot.

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