Just Legal

Season 1 Episode 2

The Runner

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2005 on The WB

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  • Racism is still a reality!

    Oh how this episode takes me back to my early courtroom trials as a young attorney. Although I never got broken in on a murder case as Skip does in this episode, I do remember my early cases, how insecure I was during those days and how difficult it is to do my first closing arguments before the jury. Although I was a prosecutor and not the defense, I did not have the life another individual in my hands, but Skip did and he very convincingly portrayed having the life of another in his hands. I love the exposure of the hidden NPC (Nearest Person of Color) policy that the Los Angeles, and likely other, police departments have. This episode is great and I absolutely love this series. This show is more real as to the portrayal of a trial lawyer fresh out of law school and the bar examine than any other courtroom drama yet conceived. Great show!
  • I think Im becoming attached...

    Well I watched it again and let me sy this show is more promisinig then I initially thought it was going to be I did the show a discredit when I compared it to Doogie Howser.

    Just Legal is begining to really grow on me. Last nights episode was really good and held my intrest. The young lawyer, Jay Baruchel (David "Skip" Ross, does an amazing job as young unjaded booksmart/no streetsmarts lawyer and Don Johnsons rough around the edges charcter fit together perfectly.

    The quick sharp comedic dialogue attached to court room drama/mystery/suspense really makes this show something to look forward to on a Monday night.