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Just Men!

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NBC alleviated its Great Game Show Crisis on January 3, 1983 by launching three game shows on the same day. One was Just Men!, which used to air at NOON EST/11:00 CST. "It's the most unusual show in daytime & talk!" That's how Just Men! was described as by announcer Steve Day. Betty White hosted this show where two female contestants had to guess how seven male celebrites respond upon a "Yes-No" type question (i.e.: Do you know how to type?) Three rounds were played & the female with the most keys won the game & got a chance to start the beautiful Ford Mustang Convertible. Depending on how many days she's won determines how many keys she selects (if she had all 7 keys, she gets an extra key). If she failed to start the car, she won a consolation prize that was placed in the trunk & returned as champion. If she started the car, she left undefeated while balloons fell down! Thank goodness no confetti & sirens were added, you'll have The New Treasure Hunt! This game show had a winning streak of 4 straight car wins in a row! This feat would also happen on Rosner's other game, Hollywood Squares (Davidson-1986) and the Tom Bergeron edition (1998). The reason this show was short lived? NBC president Grant Tinker saw the show when he was ill and thought it was a turkey. Also, it was opposite Family Feud on ABC, either way, female contestant favored shows were opposite each other! On April Fools Day 1983, thirteen weeks after it premiered, Just Men! was canceled, as was Hit Man. That left $ale of the Century as the strongest of the three game shows that debuted the previous January to increase NBC's game show population fourfold. The New Battlestars replaced it. But Betty White had the last laugh when she won a Daytime Emmy for hosting that show. However, the Daytime Emmys weren't telecast in 1983. 22 years later, Meredith Vieira would have the honor of winning Best Host on a televised Daytime Emmys for Millionaire.

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  • The Wicked Witch of the West of game shows.

    Believe it or not, this game show still haunts me. When the car was won on the very first episode, I saw the balloons coming down & cried, "Not another New Treasure Hunt!" All that was missing was the shrilled sirens & confetti! And being that it's opposite Family Feud, I was surrounded one way or another.

    Then in February, came the biggest winning streak of them all of 4 straight car wins.

    When April Fool's Day came around & learned it was cancelled (along with Hit Man), I started cheering & then sang "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" (& still do it every April Fool's Day).moreless

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