Just Shoot Me!

Season 4 Episode 23

A&E Biography: Nina Van Horn

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 09, 2000 on NBC

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  • Definitely a Nina Van Horn classic.

    This episode's title says it all. It explains a brief 20 minutes a lot more of the character whom we all know by the name of Nina Van Horn.

    This episode dove into the past of Nina and gave her character a real more detailed background of her past story life. Ranging from where she came from, to the true origins of how she got her name.

    Parts of the episode are narrated, and some aren't. I believe this to be one of the few (if not the only) episode's of Just Shoot Me to be narrated.

    All in all, this one made laugh a lot.

    It also gives the viewer a much more refined idea of Nina and informs them a lot more about her past.

    Definitely one worth watching.
  • EXCELLENT in all respects, and kudos to Marshall\\\'s for picking Wendie Malik as spokesperson for that department store.

    I love this episode so much, I have been trying to find times for the reruns so I can tape it.

    Without actually saying anything specific, it paints a kind of zen snapshot of a vapid, self-absorbed person to whom appearance is everything, and no aspect of her life is without without complications as the result of lack of instrospection.

    It was obvious from the beginning that great care was taken in preparation for this episode. I do not believe I ever laughed so hard at a TV sitcom.

    Can anyone point me toward a place where I can purchase a copy of this episode, preferably on DVD?

    Please contact Petsinger@aol.com (John)
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