Just Shoot Me!

NBC (ended 2003)


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  • great show...each character has his/her turn as well as a comedic role...great cast..(although some I had not seen b4)...

    applaud the cast...each cast had its own comedic part in this show rather than just 1 or 2 cast members to carry the whole load...great sitcom....would recommend to those in 30-40 age group....David Spade is brilliant in most episodes!....the "Nina" character is quite hysterically funny...what a life she leads and has led!!
  • A great sitcom that lasted 7 seasons on NBC.

    Hot-tempered journalist Maya Gallo got fired from yet another job when she made an anchorwoman cry on the air with some gag copy on the teleprompter. Unable to find a job anywhere else and facing eviction, she is forced to go work for Blush, her father's fashion magazine. Personality conflicts quickly ensue with high-strung ex-model Nina van Horn, photographer Elliot, and wise-guy secretary Dennis Finch. The actors/actresses in this show Laura San Giacomo(Maya), George Segal(Jack), Wendie Malick(Nina), Enrico Colantoni(Elliot), and David Spade(Finch) are all simply brilliant. The first two seasons of this show are available on DVD, and I suggest to pick the set up if you lwant something funny to watch.

  • Wonderful and original show that shouldn't have ended as soon as it did! It was original and hilarious. I'm still lost as to why it ended.

    All I can say about this show is that it is a comedy masterpiece that deserved every award is was nominated for. I can't figure out why it ended so if somebody could message that to me, it would be great. Catch this show in syndication on the WB or on your local news station, it's worth the find!
  • This show consistnely had excellent storylines and jokes and is one the ebst from the sitcom genre

    "Just Shoot Me", a show similar to "The Office", has always been an good, solid sitcom and definitley can laugh itself as well as making others laugh.

    The show seems to have a more clorful enviorment than "The Office". The show always made people laugh and managed to put together storylines properly and hilariously, which was one of the faults of "Seinfeld" and "Joey".

    Unfortuantley, I do have a few bad thing things to say about this show. As much as Rena Sofer is a good actor, her character of Vicki seemed to be just a waste of time, and would have been replaced with a few interesting recurring stars. Also their was some over-acting and the characters seemed to sometimes get annoying and the show did have it low points. So, I am giving this show a solid 8.8 becuase this show has true entertainment value.

    This show is one of the best from the weak sitcom genre and can be turly intresting so buy a copy sometime- you wont be disappointed.
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