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  • This show consistnely had excellent storylines and jokes and is one the ebst from the sitcom genre

    "Just Shoot Me", a show similar to "The Office", has always been an good, solid sitcom and definitley can laugh itself as well as making others laugh.

    The show seems to have a more clorful enviorment than "The Office". The show always made people laugh and managed to put together storylines properly and hilariously, which was one of the faults of "Seinfeld" and "Joey".

    Unfortuantley, I do have a few bad thing things to say about this show. As much as Rena Sofer is a good actor, her character of Vicki seemed to be just a waste of time, and would have been replaced with a few interesting recurring stars. Also their was some over-acting and the characters seemed to sometimes get annoying and the show did have it low points. So, I am giving this show a solid 8.8 becuase this show has true entertainment value.

    This show is one of the best from the weak sitcom genre and can be turly intresting so buy a copy sometime- you wont be disappointed.
  • Wonderful and original show that shouldn't have ended as soon as it did! It was original and hilarious. I'm still lost as to why it ended.

    All I can say about this show is that it is a comedy masterpiece that deserved every award is was nominated for. I can't figure out why it ended so if somebody could message that to me, it would be great. Catch this show in syndication on the WB or on your local news station, it's worth the find!
  • A great sitcom that lasted 7 seasons on NBC.

    Hot-tempered journalist Maya Gallo got fired from yet another job when she made an anchorwoman cry on the air with some gag copy on the teleprompter. Unable to find a job anywhere else and facing eviction, she is forced to go work for Blush, her father's fashion magazine. Personality conflicts quickly ensue with high-strung ex-model Nina van Horn, photographer Elliot, and wise-guy secretary Dennis Finch. The actors/actresses in this show Laura San Giacomo(Maya), George Segal(Jack), Wendie Malick(Nina), Enrico Colantoni(Elliot), and David Spade(Finch) are all simply brilliant. The first two seasons of this show are available on DVD, and I suggest to pick the set up if you lwant something funny to watch.

  • great show...each character has his/her turn as well as a comedic role...great cast..(although some I had not seen b4)...

    applaud the cast...each cast had its own comedic part in this show rather than just 1 or 2 cast members to carry the whole load...great sitcom....would recommend to those in 30-40 age group....David Spade is brilliant in most episodes!....the "Nina" character is quite hysterically funny...what a life she leads and has led!!
  • Creative, lively and a great cast with amazing chemistry.

    Been missing it a lot lately and can't believe watching Season 1 is still as funny all these years later. It was the first comedy that ever showed me how well a cast could act together and I hope we haven't seen the last of Finch and Elliot. Hey maybe they could do a spinoff if Veronica Mars gets cancelled?
  • Just discovered it and its FAB!

    I've just recently discovered this show and I have to say that I am hooked already! It's very clever and witty while still maintaining simple but effective gags. The characters are so mixed that you can easily relate to them in different ways. You can't help but feel an affinity towards them even though their actions are not always admirable. I always imagine that the inside of O.Ks head office is just like this!
  • NBC stopped caring about this one.

    "Just Shoot Me" was one of the standout comedies in the network TV wasteland that was the mid-90s. It was like an American version of "Are You Being Served?" in its situations and character interaction, even going one up on the Brits by showing the staff's lives outside of Blush Magazine. David Spade proved he could be more than just Chris Farley's sidekick, and George Segal was also given a welcome return to TV.

    In the end, NBC kept moving it around on the schedule and ultimately failed to promote what had been their most acclaimed post-Seinfeld sitcom. Much like ABC did with Drew Carey, NBC stopped caring about "Just Shoot Me". I never even saw an official finale.
  • great show

    Great cast of characters. Hilarious show, I've been watching it for as long as i can remember, though i doubt i even got half the jokes. Lasted for 7 great seasons, everyone i know loves this show. The best thing about this show is all the great characters, there all so weird and god damn funny.

  • Great show! One of the best!


    I gave this show a perfect 10 because I can't remember when was the last time I laugh so hard during a TV show. This show easily became my personal favorite. Too bad it only lasted till season 7 and the worst part was I wasn't able to see the last episode.
  • Any show that I stay up until 12:30am for on weeknights has to be realy freakin' good. It makes me wonder, why the hell is on at 12:30 in the morning in the first place?

    Everything that you expect to see in agood sitcom is in this show---good actors, good plotlines, good punchlines---only one problem, IT'S A SITCOM! don't get me wrong, it's one of the good ones, up there with Friends, Will & Grace, Joey, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc., but I've never really been fond of sitcoms. Other than that, it is a great show. Why it was cancelled? Who the hell knows? WHy it's on at 12:30 in the freakin' morning in UPN9, who the hell knows? Barely anyone I know knows about this show. This show is a thumbs-up sitcom that is underapreciated and underannounced. Everyoner should kmow, "Just SHoot Me" is a f&$#in' good show! So, why are you still reading this? Spread the word! Go buy the first & second seasons on DVD if you don't believe me! Everyone should "Just Shoot ME"!
  • Just Shoot Me wasn't the most popular sitcom around, but luckly I cought onto it fairly early and found my self an extremly enjoyably funny show!

    Just Shoot Me is about the everyday life at a magazine distributor. You have Jack the owner and supervisor, his daughter, the secretary Dennis, and of course the photographer Elliot. The show was filled with crude and light hardened humor, and each episode extremely entertained. I was quite surprised that the show lasted as long as it did, do to such a cult status but overall Just Shoot Me is a Great show!
  • The inside of Blush magazine.

    This show is very funny and although I've missed a lot of episodes, the ones I have seen are hilarious, especially the ones involving Finch and Elliot playing an office prank on Nina.

    Each character on the show is funny in their own way, Jack's irresponsibility as boss, Nina's self absorbed quality, Elliot's perfectionism and Finch's carefree attitude to name a few.

    Out of all the characters, Finch would probably be the funniest as his attitude towards Jack is brilliant. Kevin is also an original character with many great lines.

    Overall, seven seasons sounds about fitting for a show of this quality.
  • Pretty good sitcom - better than a lot

    OK its an American sitcom based in an office, There are several of these still around! What makes Just Shoot me stand out?

    Well that acting for one thing! Finch and Nina are my two of my favourite character and that has a lot to do with the actors performances!

    The show lasted for 7 seasons which definately an imressive thing becuase it seemed so simple. Based in a work place without any major gimmicks.

    It was consistently good till the end! When I first heard about the show I immediately thought the show wouldn't last, but it definately proved me wrong!
  • Another classic comedy by NBC

    This show was hysterical from seasons 1 to 5 but like with any show, the writing started to dwindle by the last 2 seasons. As always, new writers who knew nothing about the show, came in & made it into "The David Spade Show". Towards the end, if any of the other cast members had a storyline going, Spade was somehow worked in, didn't matter why he was there, he just was. Spade made the show less appealing to me, his character was best in small doses. Otherwise, a good show, another NBC classic.
  • I live in Britain and this has got to be the worst morning show on..........ever!! I mean who decided to pass this for comedy in the first place.

    How comedy is going downhill fast......seriuosly fast!! Its just so unoriginal, the characters are flat and stereotypical and one thing, it didnt make me laugh. NBC used to own comedies with Friends, Frasier and Cheers. They were worth the thirsday night comedy slot but NBC just dumps hideously created television in between these shows.
  • Better Than People Thought.

    Everyone rags on JSM, but really, it was a funny funny show. Not the most original idea, workplace comedy that is, but still funnier then most of the stuff on NBC back in 1997, or now for that matter...

    I wish people would have taken a chance on it back when it was on, because I think they would have been pleasantly surprised, and seeing how it is still in syndication, I think it would have lasted a season or two longer, but alas...like Newsradio, it went out before it should have.

    Don't bring it back, just watch it on TV.
  • Great underrated show. It can be really witty & always sarcastic thanks to David Spade. I love the characters too. Wendie Malick is awesome.

    I started watching the show because it reminded me of NewsRadio. It's not as good but I consider it one of the top 5 funniest sitcoms ever. I love the ensemble cast and the sarcasm. It always makes me laugh out loud. I tape all the episodes. I could just watch them all day. Also, I think Enrico Colantoni is sexy.
  • If stevo_tv has a brain then he would realise that this is a top notch show

    I loved this show the first episode i saw i thought it was a bit crappy i admit but i live in britan and i never get tired of watching this show i absoulte loved dennis fintch
    that character super sarcastic,super funny,super evil
    if i ever see this guy star in another new show i bet it will be as funny as this he wont let me down On a seperate note he has got a christmas show comming out so any news on this pm if you can be bothered to i wouldnt blame you if you didnt im out.
  • After great schooling, a successful career and a great life Mya Gallo is doing great until she is fired and forced to except a job from her father.

    A delightful mix of wit and stupidity. Just shoot me truely was must see TV in its time. David Spades conterpart Dennis finch i a hilarious pervy receptionist who collects porcellin cats. Wendi Malik is the whimisical Fashin editor who partys all night with her freind Binnie. Enrico Colantoni is the womanizing superstitious Photogropher who can not stop sleepingwith models. George Segal is the Oblivious Owner of Blush Magazine his rivalry with Donald Trump and his horrible parenting skills are fun to watch and Laura am Giamocho is the sarcastic realist Mya Gallo headwritterto the magazine. together their wit and wisdom is must see TV.
  • Well truthfully no one does know I watch it....but dude it's hilariously funny

    I like this show. I really, honestly, can't tell you why other than it's extreme funniness I like it. But well I do. A lot. I think it's funny...and ahahaha. I haven't watched it in a while unfortunately. But I do intend to go back to watching the reruns whenever I have time. Ahhh the comforts of watching old, sitcoms.....No idea, how awesome the feeling is. Seriously. But I really can't think of anything else more to write so I'm gonna try to end this as best as I can. This show is funny, and Enrico is awesome as always.
  • David Spade made this hilarious!

    A simple show about life in a Fashion Magazine office. Origionaly it was meant for the girl that played Maya's show but David Spade took that over with his perverted sarcastic Secratary Dennis Finch who is one of my favorite TV characters ever. But sadly it sucked in the last seasons.
  • That's one of the best comedy show's I've ever watched

    And i don't think that David Spade is more funnier then the others. Every one of then has it's charm. This show is not apreciated i think. But it's very very good and one of the funniest comedies ever with Friends and Married with children. I think that a lot of people are going to agree with me. Just shoot me was just going better every season. The characters are great so the actors. Just if one of them was missing it wasn't going to be the same. I really miss it. All comedy shows are off air and there is not interesting in the moment. So pitty.
  • No brain cells were lossed during the viewing of this show, though none were gained either!

    Just shoot me wasn't as bad as that sentiment, but it did have campy, tongue in cheek moments that often fell flat. I'm sure the shows' surprisingly longer run is in part do to the many guest appearances by models dressed in scantily clad lingerie. But for all of us who weren't interested in the pretty faces that pranced around Blush magazines HQ's, there were a few bright spots. Dennis Finch, aka David Spade definitely made this show pop as much as possible. His maniacal little schemes and perverted, yet harmless attempts to 'get the girl' were quite funny. The character of Nina did her part too as an over-the-hill model who hasn't gotten the memo yet that she's yesterday's news. The rest of the cast is simply predictable, as well as most of the storylines, which kind of painted this show into a corner.
  • This was one of the best shows on tv.

    This is one of the funniest shows that I have ever seen.I really do think that it was greatly underappreciated.In my opinion,it is just as hilarious as the more popular comedies like Friends and Will & Grace.I love this show just as much as those 2 shows.All of the characters had their own certain charm and comedy to add.I also think that people really should have given this show more of a chance and that way it might have lasted a few more hilarious seasons.I don't think that people really been really fair to this show and if they would have been,the popularity of it would have probably shot up.
  • My favorite sitcom of all time!

    This was by far my all-time favorite sitcom series of all time and it is truly a very underrated show. I just purchased the season 1 & 2 DVDs of this show and I am really hoping that they come out with the rest of the DVD seasons for sale very soon. I can't wait! The cast of "Just Shoot Me!" is fabulous and hilarious! All the actors are worthy of being nominated for an award and they all work brilliantly together. This show always keeps me laughing and it is one of the few shows that I really love.
  • Just shoot me is a funny show about an office, with a bit out of the ordinary employees.

    Just shoot me is a really funny show. My favorite is Dennis. he was so funny. I liked most of the things he did they were a bit weird, which in turn made it pretty funny. I also like Nina she is constantly drinking and never eats. I remember once Jack and Dennis had a celebratory drink and Nina walked in and said. "oh it's noon already??!!" I thought that was so funny. I thought Elliot and maya made a good couple and it was terrible when he proposed and then he totally freaked out that wasn't right. I felt so bad for Maya. Jack is funny at points, He was not my favorite character. I liked the show and the things they did in the magazine place. It was funny and I had a good time watching it.
  • just the show i need to watch to help me get up in the morning!

    Just Shoot Me is an amazing program. I watch it every morning and it always puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day! Each character is unique and they are funny in their own particular way. I always laugh whilst watching this, and i would love to work in an office like that. Especially if it meant that i could have a boss like Jack. Laid back and full of humor just the way a perfect boss is! Just Shoot me keeps me sane when getting up early in the morning, and i don't know how i would manage without it!
  • This is my show!!!!

    The first season was horrific except for the pilot episode

    But as the show progress, it got better and better.

    I'm mad that I had to watch this great show on latenight syndication and the fact I missed every episode on NBC!!!!

    I love this show a lot!!!

    I watch it right after Becker(that's a good show, too.)

    In fact, this show even inspired me to make my own TV show!

    So, this is a diamond hit so do not miss an episode of this classic!!!

    In fact, it was good it should be considered to be a NBC Classic among with Seinfeld, Will & Grace, and Cosby!!

    So when you see this on your TV, watch it!!!!
  • Great

    Just Shoot Me is a new kind of comedy sitcom. Its' unusual kind of focus focuses on 5 people who work at a magazine company called Blush. The boss, Jack Galo, is a rich funny man who is friends with all of his employees. His daughter, Maya Galo, is a very sweet funny woman who is the magazine article writer. Elliot DiMauro, the photographer, is a funny guy also. Nina Van Horn, an ex-model, is a crazy hilarious person who attracts the show towards her. And lastly, Dennis Finch, Jack's assistant, is a quirky oddball. Just Shoot Me is absolute great show!!
  • Just Shoot Me was an ultra funny comedy about a magazine company's work force. David Spade, as Dennis Finch, and George Segal, as Jack Gallo, made a great comedy pair as employee and boss. They received great support from the rest of the cast.

    Just Shoot Me was an ultra funny comedy about a magazine company's work force. David Spade, as Dennis Finch, and George Segal, as Jack Gallo, made a great comedy pair as employee and boss. They received great support from the rest of the cast. The five original characters of Jack, Dennis, Nina, Elliott, and Mya were a great match. The show never strayed from it's comedy theme as many others have. It was always funny! It contained a good bit of sexual innuendo and some great looking models. My wife and I always liked to watch this show. A very good show!
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