Just Shoot Me! - Season 2

NBC (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • War and Sleaze
    Episode 25
    Maya senses trouble when Nina proposes a double date for the two of them. She is proven right when her date, after throwing his back out in her apartment, is revealed to be a United States Congressman - and a married one. Meanwhile, a friendly game of paintball causes a major office tiff when a fear-crazed Finch shoots Jack a few seconds into battle.moreless
  • Eve of Destruction
    Episode 24
    Maya's mother visits the magazine and promptly becomes embroiled in a battle for a painting with Jack. Meanwhile, a new efficiency expert "hired" by Jack turns out to merely be Jack's golf caddy.
  • Rescue Me
    Episode 23
    An office blood drive turns into a storytelling session, as Finch, Elliott, and Nina relate to queasy donor Maya and nurse Tisha the tales of how Jack rescued them from rather desperate situations.
  • The Emperor
    Episode 22
    Maya and Finch attend designer Oskar Milos' fashion show using Nina's tickets, but a drunken Maya makes some caustic remarks to a newspaper reporter. Meanwhile, Jack helps Elliott with his new girlfriend.
  • Amblushed
    Episode 21
    When Jack sends Maya in his place to an NYU forum on Women in the Media, she sees it as an opportunity to speak up for the viewpoints that Blush often tends to push by the wayside. Meanwhile, Nina attempts to stage a comeback by posing in head-to-toe gold body paint for Elliott, but her constant sniping at the photo shoot annoys Elliott so much that he pretends to be out of the solvent required to remove the paint.moreless
  • Jack's Old Partner
    Episode 20
    While writing his memoirs, Jack suddenly contracts a horrible case of writer's block. He then realizes why; he has come to the place in his memoirs where he fired his old partner, Herb, just before Blush took off. Meanwhile, Nina's problems with an IRS audit seem to be over when the female auditor takes a liking to Elliott, but in fact, they're just beginning.moreless
  • Bravefinch
    Episode 19
    Finch's complaints about doing petty errands bring an unexpected response from Jack--he hires a personal assistant, Kenny. Meanwhile, Nina's attempts to quit smoking backfires in multiple ways.
  • The Kiss
    Episode 18
    In order to help Elliott get a great deal on an apartment, Maya agrees to pose with him as a married couple. Meanwhile, when Jack discovers Finch has been renting out his parking space, it leads the two into a battle over trust.
  • Nina's Bikini
    Episode 17
    It's a day to celebrate for Nina- her famous bikini is about to be put on display in the Model Cafe, a sort of Hard Rock Cafe for supermodels. Her mood turns from celebration to despair, however, when she finds out exactly where in the cafe it is being displayed. Meanwhile, Jack has Elliott take boudoir photos of him as an anniversary present for his wife, but neither model nor photographer is without reservations.moreless
  • College or Collagen
    Episode 16
    Mentoring seems to be going really well for Maya- her protégé; Karey is doing fabulously in her first year of college. However, Karey is now at a crossroads wondering what to do with her life. Maya tries to push her to stay in school and make the most of her college years, but she hits an obstacle in the form of Nina, who wants Karey to put her natural talents to use as a model. Meanwhile, Jack and Finch have an illicit "fling" with each other- as bridge partners.moreless
  • Nina in the Cantina
    Episode 15
    When Maya scores an interview with legendary rocker Nick Hewitt, a flood of memories is triggered for Nina of the affair they had 25 years ago. Meanwhile, Elliott's extreme jealousy of Annie Liebowitz is exploited everywhere he turns, while Finch tries desperately to get rid of an ugly handmade vase given to him by Jack.moreless
  • The Walk
    Episode 14
    What starts out as a normal, everyday office meeting turns into a huge enigma when the easygoing Jack suddenly loses his temper for no apparent reason and refuses to talk about it. The gang takes it upon themselves to discover the reason for his outburst, but with every lead they follow, the mystery just gets deeper and deeper. While this is going on, Finch tries to attract a pretty coworker by following Elliott's advice and playing hard to get.moreless
  • Pass the Salt
    Episode 13
    A surprise visit from his fireman father leaves Finch puzzled, since the two had always been emotionally distant from one another. When Red Finch suggests that he and his son spend some quality time together, Finch can only surmise that his father is either dying or having an affair. Meanwhile, Maya invites Jack to her apartment to dinner in order to convince him that the neighborhood she lives in is not as bad as he thinks.moreless
  • 1/20/98
    When Maya develops a crush on a writer she works with, she isn't quite sure how to handle the situation. Believing he likes her, but is too shy to ask her out, Maya takes some tips from Nina on how to lead him on. Meanwhile, Elliott tries to live down his humiliation when he discovers his girlfriend is a spokesperson for a brand of hemorrhoid cream.moreless
  • Sewer!
    Episode 11
    Maya tries to compete with her old college roommate's globetrotting journalistic ventures by spending a night in a sewer in hope of getting her first hard-hitting news story in a year. Meanwhile, Nina and Finch throw a wild surprise party for Jack.
  • Elliott the Geek
    Episode 10
    When his favorite high school teacher dies, Elliott at sees the memorial service as an opportunity to flaunt his flashy career and his glamorous lifestyle in his old classmates' faces. Meanwhile, Jack trains Finch in the art of being influential around the office.
  • 12/16/97
    At Maya's urging, the gang agrees to forego the usual gift-giving tradition and pool their money into a donation for someone less fortunate than they are. The recipient turns out to be night custodian Jesus Santos, whom Maya meets while working late one night. Things become extremely awkward when Jesus decides what to spend the money. Meanwhile, Finch conspires to get Elliott to let him tag along on his trip to the Caribbean for a Christmas photo shoot with five gorgeous models.moreless
  • Sweet Charity
    Episode 1
    In hopes of making a difference at the magazine, Maya suggests that everyone get involved with the charity she's supporting. Convinced that it would make for good publicity, Jack orders the staff to help with a book drive and to pitch in as reading volunteers. But while disappointed in the efforts of the staff, Maya is most upset when her father fails to show up as promised. Chastised by Maya, Jack promises to do anything she wants to help the charity. When Maya doesn't believe him, Jack quickly writes the foundation a check for $50,000. However, his generosity backfires when the foundation chooses Jack, and not Maya, to honor as their Humanitarian of the Year. After watching her father being photographed for the foundation's newsletter with supermodel Amber Smith, Maya is madder than ever about having her efforts overlooked. Yet, when asked to deliver a testimonial to her father's generosity at the awards banquet, Maya declines to use the opportunity to even the score. However, after learning that Amber Smith is being honored, too, Maya explodes in anger at the banquet's hosts, unaware that they've named the award after her.moreless
  • Twice Burned
    Episode 7
    Jack desperately wants to get his daughter Hannah a spot in the prestigious Woodbridge School, but there's one slight problem. The Gallo name isn't exactly a hallowed one there since former student Maya once burned down a wing of it. When the headmaster blames Jack's failure to take an interest in Maya's life for the incident, he has his hands full trying to right two wrongs - one to the school and one to Maya. Meanwhile, Elliott and Nina bond when they discover both are fans of blues musician Cholera Joe Hopper.moreless
  • 11/18/97
    Maya's fantasy piece about a dinner with Woody Allen brings notice from a lot of people--including Woody Allen himself, supposedly. The man who shows up at Maya's office the next day is not Woody Allen, but he presents himself as such, and actually seems to believe he is. Maya finds herself playing along with the charade until their relationship and her life turn into her favorite movie, Annie Hall. Meanwhile, a mix-up over eyedrops causes Jack to temporarily lose his sight.moreless
  • King Lear Jet
    Episode 5
    Jack has two tickets to a London performance of King Lear, but when he is forced to cancel his plans, he is forced to decide who to give the tickets to- the suck-ups Nina and Elliott, who just want the vacation on his private jet, or true Shakespeare die-hard Maya. The adventure that follows parallels the play. Nina and Elliott get the tickets, but their endless conniving against each other proves to be their undoing, while only Maya stays true to her father.moreless
  • La Cage
    Episode 4
    At first, Elliott's attempts to warn Finch about dating his ex-girlfriend, supermodel Nikki Elston, seem like just jealousy. However, there's more than a grain of truth in his warnings- Nikki is a true nutcase who delights in putting men through hell. One of her favorite stunts is locking them on a perch in a giant birdcage. Meanwhile, Nina's attempts to get a raise from Jack are subverted by the discovery of the truth about her use of the company's expense accounts.moreless
  • Old Boyfriends
    Episode 3
    Jack has a slight problem with Maya's new boyfriend- he's the same age as Jack. When he voices his disapproval to Maya, she accuses him of being hypocritical, since he married someone her age. Both parties are left with a personal dilemma. Jack wonders if he is in fact being hypocritical, and Maya wonders if she may be dating the man to get back at Jack. Meanwhile, Nina's flirtation with a window washer proves hazardous to his health.moreless
  • The Assistant
    Episode 2
    Maya's new assistant, Cindy, is certainly eager, but also incompetent, and Maya's work suffers because of it. Meanwhile, Finch and Elliott sabotage Nina's radio appearance by giving her a phony Word-a-Day calendar.
  • The Experiment
    Episode 1
    Determined to prove that good-looking people have an unfair advantage in the job market, Maya concocts an experiment. She'll send two people to interview for the same job- one is unattractive but perfect for the job; the second has the brains of a stegosaurus but is gorgeous. She soon falls victim to the very prejudice she is trying to fight when she and the good-looking guy start dating. Also, Nina begs for the chance to participate in an office prank on Finch while Jack struggles with the complicated assembly instructions to his baby daughter's dollhouse.moreless