Just Shoot Me! - Season 3

NBC (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • 9/22/98
    Jack enlists Finch to stop off at his house and check up on his new nanny. However, Finch ends up having sex ("Twice!") with the nanny. But his joy may turn to embarrassment after he discovers Jack had a hidden camera installed in the room that they used. Meanwhile, Elliott neglects a favor Maya asked him to do, and Nina joins a cult.moreless
  • Steamed
    Episode 2
    Jack wants the tenants on the floor above Blush to move. Maya is taken in by Finch's lie that he wants them to move so he can build a free daycare center. The real reason: a steam room. Meanwhile, Nina meets with her former model roommate, who is now fat.
  • The Mask
    Episode 3
    Halloween is no treat for Maya when Finch gets her to wear an embarrassing costume to the office. Luckily, she meets her Prince Charming in an elevator. Meanwhile, Jack confesses to a dirty trick he played on a young impressionable Maya; and Elliott and Finch hatch a plan to find out if Nina's friend Binnie really exists. Finally, Finch claims he wasn't the least bit scared by Alfred Hitchcock's horror masterpiece Psycho, so Elliott sets out to prove he's lying.moreless
  • Funny Girl
    Episode 4
    Not impressed with Maya's lame attempt to play a prank on him, Finch claims that women just aren't as good at practical jokes as men are. To prove him wrong, Maya tries to convince Elliott he's being stalked, but it turns out the joke's on her—in a big way. Meanwhile, Jack fears that he's really beginning to look his age, so he decides to look into plastic surgery.moreless
  • 11/10/98
    Finch is convinced that a model likes him, only it turns out that she likes Maya instead. He sets out to create the ultimate male fantasy: watching two females go at it. Meanwhile, Elliott and Nina go overboard in their insults after Jack tells them that he just wants to be one of the guys.moreless
  • The Withholder
    Episode 6
    Finch returns from Jamaica after a failed attempt at romance with Courtney, who played him, as it turns out. Elliott steps in to try to prove what a friend he is to Finch by giving her a dose of her own medicine—getting her hooked on him and then telling her to kiss off. Meanwhile, Jack makes another bet with Donald Trump—whoever loses less weight has to wear a dress during their golf game.moreless
  • Puppetmaster
    Episode 7
    Maya's coworkers find it strange when she begins dating Steven, the host of a children's puppet show. As far as she's concerned, though, their relationship is going very well--until she suspects Steven is using the characters on his show to criticize her. Meanwhile, Nina decides to enter the entrepreneurial world, but her choice of investments--a nightclub that doesn't even have a name--is questionable indeed. Also, a heartfelt confession of Elliott's (he sometimes wishes he was a woman) during the guys' emotional viewing of Brian's Song comes back to haunt him.moreless
  • The List
    Episode 8
    Jack fears for his reputation when he falls to #100 on the Power 100 list, and Nina's idea to improve his standing by sending out a special collection of Blush covers to remind people how important the magazine has been backfires. Meanwhile, Finch meets idol Mark Hamill at Bartini's and annoys the hell out of him.moreless
  • 12/8/98
    Nina gets into a catfight with modeling rival Margo Langhorne, then becomes upset when Margo decides to retire from modeling. Jack is upset that Donald Trump has a sandwich named after him and gets Finch to attach his name to a park. Maya's new boyfriend enjoys taking his shirt off in public. And Elliott's wearing new shoes to please his girlfriend, but they only make him slip.moreless
  • 12/15/98
    Finch sneaks a look at the office Christmas presents and is disappointed when he discovers that it's not what he wanted. Meanwhile, Nina learns the true meaning of casual wear, Elliott protests the commercialization of the holiday, and Maya rags Jack about his selfishness.
  • Slow Donnie
    Episode 11
    Jack and Finch discover a pneumonic-message system in the wall. Meanwhile, Elliott invites Maya to his house for his 'slow' brother Donnie's birthday party, at which Donnie reveals a secret to Maya. A gift of a parakeet explodes into a living nightmare for Nina.
  • 1/12/99
    When Maya's first love, John Kenny, pops back into town she becomes as happy as she's ever been, as the two find their old spark back in full force. However, Jack is angry about the whole thing, as he still has not forgotten when he walked in on the two of them fooling around. Meanwhile, Finch uses a 'tough love' method to train a new intern, while Nina's television appearance is ruined when an old allergy acts up.moreless
  • Lies & Dolls
    Episode 13
    Maya becomes smitten with a United States Senator, but loses him to Nina through a series of deceptions on Nina's part. Meanwhile, when it is revealed that Elliott stole a Six Million Dollar Man doll as a kid, he becomes racked with guilt over it while Finch can only think of the potential collector's value of the item. Finally, Jack decides to see what life is like from his employees' point of view and moves his desk into the center of the office.moreless
  • Nina Sees Red (1)
    Episode 14
    Red Finch is visiting and Dennis is trying to avoid him because of his father's recent divorce. Elliott is excited about the possibility of working with his crush, Tyra Banks, but scares the hell out of her due to Jack's stun gun.
  • Nina Sees Red (2)
    Episode 15
    Finch takes the news of the engagement quite badly. Not only is he concerned for his father's well-being, the prospect of having Nina as his stepmother terrifies him. Meanwhile, Elliott miraculously gets another chance with Tyra Banks, but once again, Jack accidentally screws things up for him.
  • Hostess to Murder
    Episode 16
    Maya's attempt to host a murder mystery party is plagued with problems. Elliott wants to ditch the party for an Armani gala being held on the same night, Nina shows up with Maya's old boyfriend Derek, Jack wants to wear Elliott's costume, Finch is trying to make time with the caterer (who is dressed as a large-bosomed French chambermaid), and gamemaster Larry is a down-on-his-luck actor who spends most of the party on the phone with his agent.moreless
  • Toy Story
    Episode 17
    As a prank, Finch switches the cards on two of Elliott's birthday gifts: those from Maya and Persky. As a result, Elliott believes that Persky has given him a really cool video game system, and Maya has given him a box of kinky sex toys. Meanwhile, when the racehorse Jack bought with Robert Goulet acts up before the big race, he enlists Nina's aid to calm it down.moreless
  • Miss Pretty
    Episode 18
    Maya decides that since the new Miss Pretty column is so good, she will do a column on Miss Pretty. Finch then informs her that the new Miss Pretty is actually a man, but Maya thinks that will make the article even better, and insists on meeting him. Meanwhile, Nina finds herself roped into an unwanted friendship with a woman she can't stand, and Elliott and Jack find themselves in hot water when they accidentally insult an Asian-American executive from an important advertisermoreless
  • Maya's Nude Photos
    Episode 19
    Maya's enrollment in a photography class causes problems on multiple levels between her and Elliott. Elliott takes an immediate dislike to Maya's teacher, Martin Spancer, when he insults Elliott's work for being too commercial. Then when he assigns Maya to do a nude self-portrait, Elliott claims that he only gave her the assignment so that he could see her naked body. Meanwhile, Finch becomes extremely jealous when Nina's new assistant Brad begins entertaining Jack with magic tricks.moreless
  • 5/4/99
    The nominations for the annual Femmy awards are in and Maya, Nina and Elliott are nominated, while Finch isn't even invited to the ceremony. Jack switched Maya's nominated article and nominated a picture of Elliott's that was actually taken by a chimpanzee.
  • Softball
    Episode 21
    The staff prepares for the annual softball game against the magazine Cosmo. Jack hires Steve Garvey, so that he can play on the team. Maya turns out to be a great pitcher but becomes too competitive.
  • 5/11/99
    Jack vows to get in shape after throwing his back out playing with Hannah and hires a personal trainer who used to be a Navy SEAL. Meanwhile, Finch and Maya collaborate on a screenplay, leaving Elliott out in the cold.
  • Nina's Choice
    Episode 23
    After yet another relationship goes sour, Nina realizes that her lack of romantic success is probably due to her tendency to make bad choices in men. Her resolve to start making good choices is tested almost immediately when her old boyfriend, Roy, breaks out of prison. Meanwhile, Jack, Finch, and Elliott engage in a series of wagers on how predictable each other's behavior is.moreless
  • Odd Couple, Part 1
    Episode 24
    Dennis proposes to a supermodel and by some miracle she actually accepts.
  • The Odd Couple (1)
    The Odd Couple (1)
    Episode 24
    Finch is very frustrated when an old nemesis, Barry, shows up one day to gloat over his success. Not only does Barry own a successful business, but he is also engaged to their high school homecoming queen. Finch agrees to a double date with Barry and his fiancée, and he wants desperately to show Barry up by scoring a better looking date. He finds his answer in the form of Adrienne, a gorgeous supermodel. Meanwhile, Jack makes plans to have his photo taken in front of a new painting in his office, but unfortunately, he doesn't realize that the painting depicts an obscene act.moreless
  • The Odd Couple (2)
    Episode 25
    Finch announces his engagement to Adrienne at the office, but it takes several minutes to make everyone believe it. When they finally do, though, it begins a heated argument between Maya and Elliott over whether Finch and Adrienne's love is for real.