Just the Ten of Us

ABC (ended 1990)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Slaughter House Ten
      Graham and J.R. go to the store for groceries and come back with a cow. When the girls learn that Graham's bought it to slaughter, they resort to drastic measures -- getting the cow pregnant.
    • Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em
      When Graham finds a cigarette in the basement, he drills the kids to find out who it belonged to. He immediately suspects Wendy. . .but he never suspects it could have been Sherrie's. . .
    • Heartbreaker
      Episode 21
      When a patron at Danny's drops dead at Marie's feet during her solo, she blames herself for killing him. It makes matters worse when Marie learns that this man who she never knew left her all his worldly possessions. After being confused about the direction of her life is headed, Marie determines that her purpose in life is "to please men. . ."moreless
    • Ratboy Lives
      Ratboy Lives
      Episode 20
      JR, feeling that he's being overshadowed by his sisters, tries to make his mark by spray-painting "Ratboy Lives" on the side of the gym.
    • Cindy Breaks a Date
      Cindy resists the advances of a guy she's dating -- by breaking his arm.
    • False Impressions
      False Impressions
      Episode 18
      Connie ends up wearing a costume to the Medieval Ball that enhances her cleavage. When she gets asked out on a date, she ponders if the guy wants to date her -- or if he only liked her for her padding.
    • Snow Job (2)
      Snow Job (2)
      Episode 17
      To recap, the girls snuck off to the beach with Gavin Doosler, instead of partaking in the annual ski trip. Marie was told that Gavin was dying, and Gavin was told that Marie had a crush on him. So when the two realize that neither has the same intentions for their trip, they decide to pay back the three deceitful sisters -- they pretend to be in love. Back at home, Graham and Elizabeth freak out after Sister Ethel tells them that the girls never arrived. (Part Two of Two)moreless
    • Snow Job (1)
      Snow Job (1)
      Episode 16
      Gavin Doosler is depressed that he can't go on the annual ski trip -- instead he'll be spending his break at his parents beach house in the Virgin Islands. When the girls get wind of this, of course they want to go to comfort him -- too bad his parents say the three of them "are too sleazy to hang out with." But since his parents love Marie, Wendy tells him that Marie has a crush on him. Marie, who was excited about the ski trip, is told that Gavin is dying. So the four girls head off in their winter attire (except Cindy, who foolishly leaves the house in her beach clothes) and they and Gavin are off on a private plane to the beach. Things are going well at first, until the clueless Sister Ethel reveals that the girls never arrived. (Part One of Two)moreless
    • Perfect Date
      Perfect Date
      Episode 15
      Graham sets Wendy up on a date with a scout leader. Wendy retaliates by trying to unleash the animal inside of him.
    • Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      Episode 14
      Connie gets a crush on her poetry teacher. So she's ecstatic when he invites her to a poetry festival -- unbeknownst to her, to babysit.
    • Comedy Tonight
      Comedy Tonight
      Episode 13
      St. Auggie's holds a variety show and the Lubbock clan participate. The Lubbock Babes do their usual performance, JR and Sherrie do a magic show, and Graham does a comedy routine. . .despite his stage fright.
    • Highway to Heaven
      Highway to Heaven
      Episode 12
      Marie and Elizabeth travel to a convent for a two-week trial, but on the way Elizabeth begins to suspect Marie's only doing it to please her.
    • Skateboard
      Episode 11
      JR is embarrassed by the homemade skateboard that he gets for his birthday. He makes up an elaborate lie to get rid of it. When the coach discovers what he's done, his feelings are hurt.
    • St. Augie's Blues (2)
      Connie tries to make up for the havoc she has caused, but only makes things worse for her dad. Father Hargis tries to broker a truce between parents and teachers, but it takes an apology from Connie to fix the situation.
    • St. Augie's Blues (1)
      The teachers of St. Auggies want a raise. Father Hargis fights, but in the end, agrees. In order to do so, he has to raise tuition. When Connie writes the story for the newspaper, the parents reaction leads to disastrous consequences.
    • Dangerous Liaison
      After a show, a tall-dark-and-handsome stranger buys Wendy a beer and the two go for a joyride. The joy, however, quickly turns to despair when the guy stops at a convenience store -- and robs it. The surveillance tape shows that Wendy didn't have anything to do with the actual robbery, but she doesn't understand why her actions were wrong. So, Graham and Elizabeth spend the entire night trying to get through to Wendy that she made bad decisions that had an effect on the outcome of the evening. All the while, Wendy contends that she's innocent.moreless
    • That Championship Season
      Murphy, the quarterback for the championship game, fails a history test because he won't do the work. Others in the school encourage the coach to ignore the situation. In the end, Coach has to decide which is more important winning or his self-respect.
    • A Couple of Swells
      Graham and Cindy decide to go on a diet together -- and Elizabeth makes sure they both stick to it.
    • Simple Gifts
      Simple Gifts
      Episode 5
      Elizabeth takes on the task of the St. Auggie's choir. She forces her girls to audition, but Cindy, Wendy and Connie do their best to sabotage their chances of making the choir.
    • Risky Business
      Risky Business
      Episode 4
      J.R. and Sherrie get in a fight in the closet under the staircase and break all of Elizabeth's china. In order to replace the broken dishes, the pair take to selling candy bars, which they are supposed to be selling for school -- but they up the prices.
    • Who Cut the Cheese?
      When the family is offered free food from the government, Graham doesn't want to accept charity. So unbeknownst to everyone but Connie, Graham takes a job working at Burger Barn – under supervisor Gavin Doosler.
    • Quarterback Sneak
      The coach's hopes of a winning season center on his quarterback. Unfortunately, the young man's football game depends on his love life. When Wendy pays attention to him, he does well. So, the Coach allows Wendy to date the quarterback on a school night and break some long-standing rules.
    • Betrayal
      Episode 1

      Wendy and Cindy go out on a double-date. But Cindy's date, Cort, is more interested in Wendy than the girl on his arm. Cort breaks a date to go to an Oingo Boingo concert with Cindy and takes Wendy instead. Marie realizes what's going on, so she coaxes Cindy into giving Wendy a taste of her own medicine by going out with Wendy's boyfriend, Blitz.

  • Season 2
  • Season 1