Just the Ten of Us

ABC (ended 1990)


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  • Season 1
    • Move It or Lose It

      Leaving the "Growing Pains" of their prior home behind after Coach Lubbock was let go of his job, the Lubbock clan cross the country to Eureka, California, where Graham's accepting a coaching job at St Auggie's Academy -- but the family's in for some surprises. First, the Coach learns that the university is an all-boys school – which his daughters will have to attend. Then they arrive at their new run-down home, and find it "looks like something out of Nightmare on Elm Street." But the biggest surprise is that Graham only got the job because his former student, Duane Johnson, works on the faculty, and has been corresponding with his wife Elizabeth behind his back. Embarrassed, and unsure of their new home, Coach is ready to head back to New York, job or not.

    • First Day At School
      The first day at school is culture shock for everyone, particularly the girls, who are fawned after by the entire student body. But the young men soon back away from the girls when JR tries to impress two guys by revealing that Coach Lubbock killed a kid in New York "just to watch him die."moreless
    • The Birthday Gift
      For his birthday, Graham receives an unsigned brown-paper-wrapped shoebox containing $1,233, but is reluctant to keep it. He suspects that it came from friends who wanted to help with the moving expenses – unaware that Cindy had raffled herself off for a date with the young men of St. Auggies.
    • Close Encounters
      Close Encounters
      Episode 4
      While the coach is away, the girls will play! Graham and Elizabeth go on a camping trip, leaving eldest daughter Marie in charge. But Marie has trouble controlling Cindy and Wendy – who invite over a bunch of guys.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3