Justice (2006)

Season 1 Episode 12

Christmas Party

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 22, 2006 on FOX

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  • this episode revolves around two stories.

    the first being an abandoned baby at the office christmas party,and the second is a person being charged for the murder of a cabby who proclaims his innocence.In the case of the abandoned baby, the issue deals with the baby being taken by an employee of the law firm,who feels the baby is being neglected by the mother of the child ,her next door neighbor.We learn that the mother is overwhelmed by being a single parent after a recent divorce. The firm offers to get her help and it's case closed. The second case of the cabby's homicide is more difficult to deal with. The prosecution has an eye witness to the crime,who suddenly wants to testify and see justice done.The defence cannot understand why this witness suddenly appears and wants to testify after a long period of time has gone by.It turns out that the witness is really a federally protected informant who will be testifying in other cases for the FBI. The FBI wants to see how he does on the stand and the informant really did witnees the alledged crime.The defense finds out about the witness's background, but before they can get the information in open court the D.A. withdraws the charges to protect the informant's identity for the upcoming trials and the defendant goes free.Later we see what really transpired was a tragic accident. The cabby and the defendant were arguing about the fare,when the cabby pulls out a gun. The fare flees and the cabby throws the gun out the door. The cocked gun hits the ground and goes off,fatally hitting the cabby in the head.