Justice (2006)

Season 1 Episode 13

False Confession

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • A sister need Justice

    I was addicted to justice I been lookin for it everywhere & I'm not giving up I love all the Episodes I can't pick just one
  • Hard to handle, but still a great episode

    Good: 1.) The way Luther tore apart the detective and exposed him as an arrogant, singleminded, uncompromising individual who was willing to forge evidence to get what he wanted. 2.) Luther discrediting the kid without being a jerk. That kind of action is pretty difficult, and he did it well. 3.) The sympathetic defendent. 4.) The fact that they were willing to adress the fact that the father wasn't evil, but still at fault for neglecting his son. Few shows are willing to do this. The fact that the father refused to accept that it was his fault was also very well done.

    Bad: 1.) The defendent calling the father was just stupid. 2.) The way they derailed the DA into an arrogant jerk. Other then that, it was good.
  • There's one thing we had yet to see. Police forcing suspects to confess crimes.

    This episode is good to show how harmful a forced confession is. A kid's mother, who used to see the babysitter as a good person, refused to vouch for her character because of a forced confession. And still was so sure the babysitter used to beat her son that no matter how many times he said the babysitter didn't do it he was forced to confirm it. And it was pleasantly surprising how it was discovered the tape has been edited. I didn't see the watch thing coming. Too bad the late boy's father still believes the babysitter to be guilty. I hope this episode gets a sequel where Ron convinces the babysitter's parents to sue the police. It'd be interesting to have the TNT&G making the bad cops get what they deserve. This series made me understand the value of criminal defense attorneys who don't care if the defendant is guilty or not.
  • So this is the series finale?

    Why is this show cancelled? This is a great series! I didn't know this is the series finale, not until I check the internet and find out this series has been cancelled. What the hell is wrong?

    This is a great episode. The TNT&G lawyers try to defend an woman who had confessed that she killed a boy, but actually, she's innocent. She admitted she killed the body because she is fear, exhausted...Poor little girl...So great episode, great writing, great directing and great actress too! This is the first episode I had watch, and also the last episode I had watch, I wish this series return. This show didn't deserve to be cancelled.