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IMPORTANT:HTML Tags Will Be Stripped. Please Start Using XHTML Tags in Submits

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    One of the many consequences of the latest system upgrade is that, apparently, html tags (the i- and b-tags) have been disabled from all submissions. What this means for you, the intrepid submitter, is that you must use xhtml tags (the em- and strong-tags, respectively) to comply with the site's formatting guidelines. Additionally, if you are editing an existing blurb that has html tags in it, you need to replace them with the corresponding xhtml tags or the submission comes through as unformatted in the editor's queue.

    There will be a short honeymoon period where I will fix tags in the queue as everyone gets used to the new way of doing things and what, for some, will be unfamiliar tagging territory. Afterward, I will begin denying for no formatting. The honeymoon does not include typos and quotes that do not adhere to the broadcast. These are still up for rejection.

    Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions, and check out the following threads in the User to User Help forum:


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