Justice (2006)

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 30, 2006 on FOX
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When Kevin O'Neil, a realtor to the stars, is accused of brutally murdering his beautiful wife Caitlin, he hires the firm of Trott, Nicholson, Tuller & Gaines. Spurred on by the court TV show, American Crime, the media have all but convicted him and are out for blood as is the prosecutor. But the lawyers at TNT&G use state-of-the-art forensic interpretation, jury consultants, mock juries, experts, and masterful media spin to defend Kevin. All techniques may be successful as long as the attorneys can cope with the new evidence that seems to keep turning up.moreless

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  • A great new show that I'll be watching all season long!

    Wow! Rarely is a pilot so intriguing, fresh, and well-written. This show is amazing. I’m usually pretty skeptical when it comes to new shows, but I’ll be tuning into Justice all season long. This is the first show that I’ve ever fallen in love with after only seeing one episode! It’s by far my favorite of this season’s new shows. I love the way that it shows the whole process, from beginning to end, including what actually happened. I can’t wait for more episodes of this show. I’m not a huge fan of the female lawyer, but I like the rest, especially the young and old guy.moreless
  • I'm interested

    Love all things Victor Garber so I had to watch. I like how fast pased it is. I also like how they show you what really happened at the end. Just so long as they keep the epiodes about the trials and cases and not the personal lives of the lawyers.
  • That there is a fine piece of television. She-ooot!

    I've always been a fan of Victor Garber. From Godspell, to Titanic to Fraiser to Alias, the list goes on. His talent can go without saying just by looking at the extensive and eclectic range of characters he has portrayed.

    Ron Trott is no exception.

    However, as good as Garber is in the role, ample credit must be given to his co-stars, directors, producers and writers for breathing new life into the waning crime drama genre.

    The pilot, involving a man accused of murdering his wife and dumping her body into a pool, was fastpaced, yet not overwhelming as they crammed an entire crime, trial and verdict into 40 minutes.

    At the show's close every week, is the truth. What actually happened to the victim. This was the one disappointment to me. The entire show is based on the defense spinning the events to fit their story but there was no spin. What TNT&G claimed to have happened, was what actually happened.

    No twists there. Maybe next time.moreless
  • The real reality of what happens in a trial.

    This is a wonderful show. It is a real look at the defense and prosecuting sides of law. It should serve as a wake up call to everyone in this country about the devaluing of our legal system which has turned into nothing but mere entertainment instead of the serious nature that it is. It is sad when folks believe television hype over getting to the truth. This show showcases how bad the problem is, with BOTH SIDES spinning and ignoring the truth. In the end it is not about the accused nor the victim or victims it is about winning, at all costs. And this show "Justice" shows it.moreless
  • More than I was waiting for with non stop law 'action'.

    This show is far more complete and good than most CSI episodes I have seen (and I've seen so much...). This pilot might seem a bit frenetic since there is a sense of continuous movement in the show, and not much analytical time or things like that. The budget might also be really impressive if they go on like that and most of the cast are playing their roles quite well.

    So here is another great show (yes it IS a show made to be enjoyable so I don't really care about the reality of it all) by our pal Jerry :)moreless
Tessa Munro

Tessa Munro


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Orby Dan Sanders

Orby Dan Sanders

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Laimarie Serrano


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Katherine La Nasa

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Aunjanue Ellis

Aunjanue Ellis

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Although the original show title, American Crime, was not used, it did not go to waste; it became the program Suzanne Fulcrum hosts within the show.

    • When defense witness Dr. Palermo is on the stand, Alden Tuller is clearly leading the witness, which cannot be done in direct examination. This especially makes no sense with an expert witness because the whole point of having an expert witness is to have him/her give an opinion and have it be recorded as fact for the jury not to have him/her agree with whatever the attorney says.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Ron Trott: Like I always say... If you've got the right lawyer with you, we've got the greatest legal system in the world.

    • Tom Nicholson: People think that jurors can be manipulated by the lawyers... TV. You know what? They can be.

    • Tom Nicholson: The jury will not like it.
      Ron Trott: Here's what the jury doesn't like: Kevin. And it's because of the DA's reenactment. That thing was a blood bath. It made me want to convict him myself.

    • (after practicing in front of a mock jury)
      Alden Tuller: We tried our case using the accident theory six times.
      Ron Trott: Yeah, and so?
      Alden Tuller: O-for-six. We lost every time.
      Tom Nicholson: That's okay. I only gotta win once with a real jury... Right?

    • Ron Trott: Does he look like an Hispanic woman?
      Kevin O'Neil: What?
      Tom Nicholson: (explaining) Picking a jury is kinda politically incorrect.

    • Suzanne Fulcrum: Today our guest is Ron Trott, founder of the defense firm TNT&G, an all-star line-up of top trial lawyers and pretty good-sized egos. Right, Ron?
      Ron Trott: Trial lawyers, TV hosts, we all got big egos. Right, Suzanne?
      Suzanne Fulcrum: (smiling) Not as big as yours, Ron.

    • Ron Trott: How could you not know [Caitlin] was banging another guy, Tom?
      Tom Nicholson: Kevin didn't tell me. Maybe he didn't know.
      Ron Trott: Didn't know? Your wife's banging another guy, you know. Trust me.

    • Ron Trott: You gave, "no comment" to The New York Times?
      Tom Nicholson: I'd rather spend my time trying cases than hanging out with reporters.

    • Luther Graves: Be careful. Don't miss anything, because if you miss anything, it could cost our client everything.

    • Tom Nicholson: Hey, I'm not afraid to go with accident if it's the truth.
      Luther Graves: 'Accident' is what my daughter says when she gets caught hitting my son, "Sorry, daddy, that was an accident."

    • Ron Trott: As for the press... your neighbors, talk to no one, trust no one. Assume they all want to sell your story to the tabloids, or the D.A., because they do.

    • Kevin O'Neil: I can't go back to jail. Okay. I can't. They're animals in there. I never appreciated being free before.
      Ron Trott: You're not free. Your jail has just gotten bigger.

    • Ron Trott: (to Kevin) Look. You're the defendant in a high-profile murder case. We don't get to trial for months, which means you're going to be under a microscope and analyzed 24 hours a day until then. You know why? Entertainment. Right now your guilt or innocence is determined by a 60-second video bite on CNN.

    • Ron Trott: Kevin O'Neil is 100% innocent. Listen to me. Not 'not' guilty. Innocent!

    • Ron Trott: (to the press) I'm outraged and disgusted that the DA continues to persecute my client. Trials are supposed to be conducted in courtrooms before juries. This is trial by TV.

    • Kevin O'Neil: What if the police see us?
      Tom Nicholson: They better not. The minute you go over that wall, they're going to say you're a fugitive. Look, don't worry about it. You're only a fugitive if we don't turn you in.

    • Luther Graves: (discussing Kevin with Tom and Ron) I'm not saying run him to Mexico. I'm saying surrender him to face the charges.
      Tom Nicholson: Yeah, they see us and this becomes a high-speed chase prime time. We will not get a fair jury.
      Ron Trott: So don't drive fast.

    • Tom Nicholson: (to Kevin) It's Friday. They arrest you now, they can hold you all weekend without bail.
      Ron Trott: Monday. After you spend two nights in jail and you look like crap, they perp-walk you into court. Nothing says 'guilty' to potential jurors like a mugshot and an orange jumpsuit.

    • Kevin O'Neil: (about Suzanne) She keeps saying I did it like it's true. Why is she doing that?
      Ron Trott: Because it's her act. It's what gets her ratings and you're a great news hook, Kevin.

    • (Suzanne Fulcrum is talking about Kevin O'Neil on TV)
      Ron Trott: That's right, sweetheart. Keep it up. The meter's running. We're suing you for defamation now.

    • Operator: 9-1-1. What's your emergency?
      Man: It's my wife. She's not breathing!
      Operator: Does she have a pulse?
      Man: No... and.. there's all this blood.
      Operator: Sir, what is your name?
      Man: Kevin... Kevin O'Neil... Please, help me!

  • NOTES (5)