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    This show was not only unique, but refreshing to watch. I have just rediscovered this show and could not quite understand how this could possibly be cancelled.

    The main characters were refreshing, the concept on the run of the mill crime dramas was phenomenal, to date this magic with the character interaction and take on crime has not been repeated. The element of surprise being at the very end. Watching this to the very last drop and could not get enough.

    Many have said there should be a second season, this is an understatement. Bring justice back, as justice should be alive and kicking to date.

    Too many tv shows are sidelined in order to give way to shows that are underserving and are later cancelled.

  • Perry Mason 2006

    Justice is a double edged show people need to watch. Just like Perry Mason this law firm handles the cases of the innocent. They also use tricks inside and outside of court as did Perry Mason.

    One edge will confirm for some viewers that defense attorneys do not serve justice. Unlike Perry Mason who made it clear justice was his first goal, this law firm doesn't require they believe the client didn't do it.

    The second edge is one we need today to bring back belief in others. So many shows take the approach people want to know the criminal gets what is coming to him. Why? People are so tired of crime they don't want to hear someone is innocent. They want someone held responsible and punished, cases closed, and to feel safe at home.

    Perry Mason found the responsible person for us, sometimes in an unbelievably easy confession. It was the 50s and 60s and we could have our cake and eat it, too. Fortunately, this show gives us an updated 2006 version of the eaten cake by letting us see the real event after the trial. This way the characters never know for sure what occurred but we know the truth.

    I would love to watch one or more trials pitting Jack McCoy .vs. Perry Mason or McCoy .vs. this law firm. Let us see them all at their best, the guilty are found, and the innocent go free.
  • need a second season!

    Justice is probably the best legal show I've ever seen and I definitely do not understand why they didn't make a second season. Each episode has a very interesting case and everything is explained with incredible rationality and clearness. While many others legal drama are based most of all on the human case of the episode or the relationships between the characters, Justice is focused on the legal procedure of the trail, it's like being behind the scenes of the court. More over the characters are well mixed and played in an amazing way. No surprises considering the cast (Victor Garber, Kerr Smith, Rebecca Mader and Eamonn Walker) and of course the great producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Excellent show.
  • Why didn't it have a second season?

    If series like The Practice and Boston Legal can last for so many seasons this one should be able to do the same. Hopefully Justice will get a second season. Or at least some of its characters will apear in another law themed series. Have you imagined Luther defending someone prosecuted by the Shark? They could even have a flashback of them in a court battle from when Luther was a prosecutor and the Shark was a defense attorney. I'd like to know what could destroy a series with such a great potential. Hooray for Justice and its great attorneys.
  • Amazing!

    This was a great tv show - Justice, a legal drama show about the world of high-profile celebrity attorneys. I have watched this a long time ago. I still miss it. It was a bad idea to cancel it. Justice only had thirteen episodes. Great cases. Great cast: Victor Garber, Kerr Smith, Rebecca Mader and Eamonn Walker. And produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. It would be great if we could have it again. Please, bring it back! Although short-lived, it's the best legal drama show ever! All the cases were so believable, the greatest was the end of each episode when it showed what really happened. Please, release it on dvd!
  • Martijn

    This was a great episode...i always watched on www.sidereel.com. This side isn't working properly anymore. Can any one of you guys tell me were to watch Justice or where I can buy the serie? Thanks,

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  • High profile lawyers for high profile customers. We-want-it-back.

    A High Profile Lawfirm for High Profile customers. Lead by Ron Trott (Victor Garber) the team of lawyers helps celebrities/rich customers getting through any legal problem they have, by mastering the art of manipulating the Medias, the Juries and even the prosecutors. Everyone in the team has his own specialty, we got the black guy that leads the investigations, while the blondie take care of forensics, while the young one deals and reassure customers while Ron Trott deals with the Media. To all this receipt add special effects worth a movie, catching stories and very good scripts and you will see that is a total mistery WHY they closed down this excellent show.
  • Why! Why did it go! Cool Personified.

    Justice was the 'it' law drama. Gaber thee 'Ron Trott' played the part flawlessly. The delivery of dialogue was smooth and articulate, a program so innovative it gripped you within seconds of the pilot. The team of four take on high profile cases and we delve deep into the world of the 'high price' lawyer. The set looking more like Garber's previous haunt, APO from alias, brought a new glamour to the genre of law. The story lines were brilliantly executed with the true events of the case being revealed at the end which left the viewer often stunned, the ultimate in twists. Justice whilst short lived, in my mind was an icon of television drama, despite its terrible title music, it is by far one of the best shows. A look of disapproval to who ever cancelled it.

    I LOVE this show. i was hooked from the pilot

    Then i learnt it had been cancelled ! i hit the roof !

    Well the 4 lawyers kick serious ass in court ! and showing you how the person died/got killed is awesome. Don't get me wrong its LIKE csi. But its actually better !! !! !! !! !!

    Kerr smith and Rebecca Mader are to me the best but over all there GREAT !

    100 % INNOCENT is what this show is ! It shouldnt have been cancelled, one of Fox's stupider descions. Considering they pic up crap shows... King of the Hill for instance !
  • Needed improvement, but it still remains one of my favorite short lived TV shows

    I loved this show for many reasons. I love Victor Garber. He's a great actor and does a terrific job playing the role of a determined defense attorney. I loved the story lines and how fast paced this show is. From the beginning, each episode left you on the edge of your seat wanting more. The cinematography and the way the camera zooms in on things is similar to CSI - flashy, effective and stylish. I must admit, this show did need some fine tuning. We knew nothing about the character's personal lives. The show was too case-centric and the way TNT&G won the case was usually by finding a small piece of evidence or a uncovering a cover up, for example in the first episode the umbrella which if the man beat his wife to death would have blood spatter on it was missing from the crime scene. I also noticed some flirting between Tom & Alden...if this show had been picked up for a full season I bet they would have became a couple or at least continued flirting.

    Too bad this was picked up by Fox, network most notorious for canceling shows within the first few episodes. With some fine tuning, it could have been great.
  • Trust those Bruckheimer folks to teach an old format yet another new trick, which is why you should stick with Justice - even through those moments when you're trying to put your finger on just when or where you've seen it all before.

    Trust those Bruckheimer folks to teach an old format yet another new trick. Currently TV's hottest production house, Jerry Bruckheimer's team uses high-gloss sheen and technological shimmer to reinvent the old-style mystery procedural, reinvigorating TV in the process. The results are on display in Without a Trace, Cold Case, Close to Home and the CSI trilogy - all extremely well-cast, impeccably produced, crisply written and wildly successful. True, outside of The Amazing Race, the team's efforts to expand beyond the criminal law format have largely come a cropper, as witnessed by the fast demise of last season's Just Legal, E-Ring and Modern Men. But no one is better at what Bruckheimer does best, which is why you should stick with Justice - even through those moments when you're trying to put your finger on just when or where you've seen it all before. Though standard-issue in most respects, this case-of-the-week drama about a high-power L.A. defense firm does have three distinguishing traits. The first is a promised postscript that will show us whether justice was indeed served at trial. The second is a media focus that turns an imaginary cable news show, American Crime, into its own character.

    The third, and most crucial to the show's entertainment value, is Victor Garber, pulling out all the stops as Ron Trott, the legal master of media spin (and the emotional polar opposite of Alias' locked-down Jack Bristow). As the wildly egotistical, humorously volatile Trott, Garber is clearly the show's best asset - and the producers just as clearly realize that the asset is best used in limited doses.

    Trott is the public face of the firm, but he doesn't actually try the cases; juries hate him. ("A little bit of Ron goes a long way.") Instead, the firm's lead litigator is Tom Nicholson (Kerr Smith), "the All-American face of not guilty." In support are Luther Graves (Eamonn Walker), who's in charge of research, and Alden Tuller (Rebecca Mader), who handles the expert testimony. For his opening case, Trott's team comes to the aid of a man accused of clubbing his wife to death. The fast-paced pilot rockets through the case, starting at the crime scene and then jumping from office to Crime set to courtroom, before landing back at the scene of the crime for the truth-telling finale. In its attempt to make us think we're lingering behind the scenes, the show relies heavily on procedural revelations, from lessons on how to meet the press to tips on adjusting your courtroom desk. (Inch it toward the jury.) The show is also awash in Bruckheimer's trademark visual flourishes, though some of them are beginning to suffer from overexposure. Changing Luther's outfits in mid-stride to indicate the passing of time is a fun touch, but too much of the swooping camera work (like, say, the shot from underneath the elevator) comes off as wasted filler.

    Still, the larger problem with was Justice it that allowed the plot to bury the characters. The prosecutors barely exist as individuals, and with the exception of Trott, the defense attorneys fare little better. Smith, in particular, had better step up his game before the "All-American Face" gets dismissed as little more than a pretty face. Those, however, are problems for another day. For now, you get Garber, a tricky case, and that Bruckheimer glow. And for now, that will do Justice just fine.
  • They need to bring Justice back!

    Justice was a great show! I loved it soo much. The show was a little unoriginal but out of all the lawyer [like] shows I've seen, Justice was the best out of all of them! There was something about it that made it better than a lot of those shows. I was really upset when it was taken off air until now. There is a petition to bring it back!
    GO to www.petitiononline.com/justice0/. If you like Justice you ought to go & sign up. There's like 1200 signatures already! Well, if justice isn't put back on air, I hope one day fox will regret what they did, taking justice off the air.
  • What's wrong with this show??? NOTHING!!!

    why they cancel this show???? i really don't understand!!! the team is great... the case make more sense than Boston Legal - I like Boston Legal too, btw - especially the roller coaster case... this show is not a 'passing by' show... you have to pay attention to the show, just like you watch one of those criminal show... this show needs more time before put an axe on their neck... we need a smart and yet outrages and snob lawyer like Ron... and the way they solve the case... through media... very very interesting... and i think thats what happen in nowadays... BRING IT BACK!!!
  • Justice shows trials for murder. The law firm TNT & G defends the ones that have been accused. This law firm was founded by Ron Trott, the other attorneys are Alden Tuller, Tom Nicholson, and Luther Graves.

    Justice shows trials for murder. The law firm TNT & G defends the ones that have been accused. This law firm was founded by Ron Trott, the other attorneys are Alden Tuller, Tom Nicholson, and Luther Graves. They're all passionate lawyers.
    Ron Trott is always interested in the media and the money, and he says how they are trying the cases. Most of the times Alden investgates other possible causes of death. Tom is an emotive person, they say he wins because of his innocent face. And at last Luther, before he became a defendant lawyer he was from the DA (the accusant part).
    Together they do their best to win the trials and return innocent people their lives.
  • an inspiring show

    I just got hooked on this show and made a marathon of watching all the episodes, much to my surprise and dismay ... the show was cancelled.
    Hoping that FOX will deem it necessary to bring it back as most people I know love this show....the others who haven't seen it yet, will love this show as well.
    The episodes are riveting and exciting, so much fun to watch, especially after a hard day's work. When you watch this show, you get to believe again in humanity. Though, it is ficitonal, it inspires me and makes me hope and believe in people again.
  • i think they should have not taken this show off fox it was better then some of the shows.

    i think they should have not taken this show off fox it was better then some of the shows. you guys did all this work for nothing if you are going to take it off the air please bring it back it is a very good show. i like all of the episodes but when one tree hill came on i stop watching it in friday was wwe so i miss it i really love the show in i will di any thing to get it back on the air. just make it a saturday show because i have nothing on tv then or thursday at 8 ok.
  • Nice, but not very much.

    Everything about "Justice" is entertaining! There is just enough drama to care! And there are many twists and turns to keep you interested in the cases that are being handled by Victor Garber's team! I like the way each episode is set up! First you have the case,the trial and the verdict and then you get to see the actual crime! This certainly gives the show an edge! Because there is a big difference what really happened and what is being said in court! And sometimes that could mean a surprise ending! I also like it that Victor Garber and his partners work like a team! Everyone has his own specialty and expertise! All the actors perform well! Victor Garber (loved him in "Alias") stands out and shows how versatile he is as an actor! "Justice" looks good and uses a lot of special effects to make it more interesting! The show gives a more glamorous perspective of law which could give a wrong impression of how law works in real life! Generally speaking it does provide insight of the American Justice system concerning the the jury! (Cases can be won if the lawyer manages to convince jury members by giving good speeches and performances even when the facts are conflicting to the matter!) Overall "Justice" is an excellent drama that wrongfully got canceled!
  • Great tv series. Episode 12th is the best! Bring it back, please. Rememeber - Poland is waiting!

    Great tv series. Episode 12th is the best! Bring it back, please. Rememeber - Poland is waiting! Great tv series. Episode 12th is the best! Bring it back, please. Rememeber - Poland is waiting! Great tv series. Episode 12th is the best! Bring it back, please. Rememeber - Poland is waiting! Great tv series. Episode 12th is the best! Bring it back, please. Rememeber - Poland is waiting! Great tv series. Episode 12th is the best! Bring it back, please. Rememeber - Poland is waiting! Great tv series. Episode 12th is the best! Bring it back, please. Rememeber - Poland is waiting!
  • Justice is the new TV show in the spirit of CSI, Law and order and other investigation TV show- all in one. I was unsure if this would be any good, but it turned out to be much better than I thought it would ever be.

    Justice is the new TV show that hasn't had much pre-buzz, if you would compare with most popular TV shows of today... and I believe it is neither as popular as the most popular TV shows- but whatever, it is really a great TV show. This TV show shows a real talent to build the thrill, and this definitely belongs the most well-interesting edited TV shows. The way it is edited makes it more interesting than the way it is told, to be honest. However, without the big stars of this TV show, it wouldnt have been any good. Kerr smith is a real talent which lifts the show to higher skies than it would have reached otherwise. If you like CSI, or the TV shows that are experimenting new kinds of filming styles at the same time as it has interesting plots, this is a TV show you should check out... if you havent already done it yet.
  • A really great crime drama that Fox didnt give a chance.

    Usaully when I say a show dosent get a chance I say its becuase its bad and it didnt get the audiecence for a good reason but for Justice, Fox didnt give it a chance that it diserved. It proberly was because a show like Til Death Fox ordered more then the barganed for and hoping its after American Idol will reivive that. Did Justice get that chace? the answer is no, Fox played Justice in the beginning of the season where American Idol wasnt on yet so there was nothing that could have been done. Jerry Brukheimer was the Executive Producer who has been behind many of CBS shows like all three CSIs, Cold Case, quite a few others that I cant think of. The point is Justice has more potental then most of Fox shows.

    Oh my review. This is a great show that I loved and what I loved about it is the good acting such as Victor Garber, Kerr Smith, Rebecca Mader, and Eamonn Walker who are the regular stars. Jutice had a great story and sometimes they win and sometimes they lose. This show was great and diserved atleast a second season.
  • A clever twist to a legal show.

    This show shouldn't have been cut off the air. This was a great show with strong plots, good characters. This is Network Execs making bad decisions.

    A show like this had the potential for so many more. FOX should have taken a page from history and learned from other shows like Married with Children, Stargate SG1 for example.

    Married with Children, was FOX first brain child sitcom and they had just started their network. By the 3rd season, this sitcom was hot.

    Stargate SG1 was also one of these shows that didn't care about ratings, etc... and today it's one of the MOST selling shows on DVD and as a re-run. It also spawned Stargate Atlantis, another strong hit.

    Nowadays, you can't expect shows to compete against shows for timeslot. It's pretty much a TV on demand kinda world. Had FOX played their cards right and nurture this show, this would have been another BONES or House. Oh well.. it was at least a good 12 episodes...
  • A wonderful new twist in revealing crime scene information.

    Me and my colleagues miss this show! We love the the concept of learning about the case from the general public's view -- not knowing the "true" story. Not knowing the actual story until the verdict has been passed down is a unique idea and a great suspense builder. I teach business and personal law and was able to get students to watch the episodes and use them as conversation starters for classroom discussion. Now, sadly, we can only refer to old episodes. If the reviews on this site are any indication of its overall popularity it would be nice if the network would reconsider its comeback.
  • Why have you cancelled "JUSTICE"? It was one of the good shows!

    It is hard to find an entertaining show on TV these days. It is sad that you have decided to cancel the show "Justice". It took me a few months to start watching it, but when I did, I was hooked! I may not have been able to see every episode, but my DVR caught the ones I missed. I wish you would re-consider your decision on this show. It may not have been true to the legal profession all the time, but it was nice to see an Attorney who really worked for their client instead of doing minimum effort and still charging outragious fees. It is truly hard to find good TV now days. I only watch about a handful of shows and this was one of them. I am sorry to see it go!
  • Bruckheimer proves his continuing ability to innovate.

    Every city has its law firm that serves as the lightning rod for the notorious cases-- the ones that lead the 11:00 news. The articulate spokesman for the defendant wronged by the press gets to be a well-known celebrity of sorts. This is Ron Trott, and even though his name is on the letterhead, you get the idea that he doesn't do much courtroom work. No, his job is to spin the press for his client, thus preparing the minds of the jury pool to favor his client well in advance of any trial that ultimately might take place. He designs the strategy for utilizing the vast resources of his firm that go well beyond the reach of a typical law practice. And he's the one who will maneuver circumstances that will bring the best result to the client and the firm, not necessarily in that order. There are several things that I have liked about this show that, although not all truly innovative, are at least a break from what is typically portrayed on legal-themed shows in the 21st century. One is the return of the civil suit as a theme. Not since "L.A. Law" has a prime-time series included anything other than criminal court cases on a regular basis. "Justice" also has given us more than a glimpse into the process of jury selection; and the regular use of a mock jury is something never before portrayed on network TV. The constant monitoring of the TV tabloids is a realistic and entertaining feature. (Can you imagine Jack McCoy doing this?) Another feature that I really like is the tagline of every show that depicts what really happened to the victim. Too often an episode of one of the "Law and Order" stable doesn't even tell the outcome of the trial! The characters are well-written and well-portrayed. I like that the firm includes both a former prosecutor and a former police detective, who encounter the expected level of animosity when meeting former associates; and the unspoken topic is how much more money they are now making. Victor Garber is a great choice to play Ron Trott -- distinguished-looking, well-spoken, and just classy enough not to be only thought of as sleazy. The choice of Warren Zevon's "Lawyers, Guns, and Money" as a theme song was perfect. It epitomizes what is the theme of the show as stated by Trott: "With the right lawyer, we have the greatest legal system in the world."
  • Weekly fix. I looked forward to it every week.

    I look forward to my weekly fix. Diverse group of people from different backgrounds come together to voice different opinions and come up with a final solution. I don't think any of the episodes were far off from reality. Interesting to see how the mind of the legal system work. Whether we agree with it or not, you are innocent until proven guilty. I really appreciate how they bounced different scenarios off each other, work together as a team to come up with the final decision. I have Justice set on my DVR to record every episode and each week I check the TV guide to see if it has returned. Please bring it back!!!
  • Wonderfully Crafted, Marvelous, Appealing

    Yet another one of the "Bring it Back" shows. This Jerry Bruckheimer production was innovative, rapid-paced, and wonderfully crafted. The premier of the show was in the summer. The show premiered to only 8.6 million viewers. (Apparently not enough viewership to feed the network) It was a Wednesday night show, didn't run against anything, but the time slot was 8PM. Summertime? Long days? 8pm slot? How many people did they really think would be sitting in front of their teles? Then those asinine Execs decide to put it up against Heroes!!!. (can we say ... DUH?) Anyway, back to the actual review. This show followed a group of Lawyers from the beginning of a trial through the end of the trial and THEN we got to see the actual crime. This was interesting, because it allowed you to make your own deductions about the client's innocence or guilt. Fun, fun, fun!! (I'm horrible at who-done-its, I rarely get it right) This aspect gave the show additional appeal as one felt as though they were interacting with the program. The writing was witty, the sarcastic comments well-timed. Victor Garber was marvelous. Kerr Smith was astounding. The whole cast was terrifically appealing. I thought it was a wonderful program and I'm saddened to see it go by the wayside.
  • Justice

    I wish this show had more then one season one more then 12 episodes on most lawyer show the D.A. are the people who you see the eyes threw and the defence are just a buch of jerk to get a guity person out of what he or she did the show is the oppiest and is told threw the eyes of the defence so now every one is not guity and the D.A is try to put a innsente person behind bars as evey one wants the winner to be the one the their seeing it from their point of veiw also Ron Trott remains me of those lawyers who you do not like when the story is at the point of veiw of the D.A.
  • One of the best legal dramas on television

    Victor Garber is great as Ron Trott the ego-driven, do whatever it takes to win lawyer who you hate with a passion, but love to see triumph. Kerr Smith playing the role of Tom Nicholson which I think he does an excellent job. I did not like the acting he done on Dawson's Creek.
    Rebecca Mader as Alden Tuller is a great match for actress and character. I had watched Eammon Walker on Oz and really liked him then but love his character on Justice Luther Graves. I really wish they would give this show another shot because I would gladly stay home on Saturday night to watch it. Looks like tv.com viewers like it pretty well so that says alot.
  • I love this show and its' characters are especially great. The story lines are creative and I would like to see it renewed.

    Justice is one of the few shows I looked forward to watching every week. The acting is superb, the story lines creative, and everything about it was fantastic. I will hate to see it disappear.....I especially liked to ending where they show you what actually took place and whether or not the defendent in the storyline was actually guilty or innocent. The actors and actresses were people I have always enjoyed watching on television. It is rare these days to find such a high quality program and by bouncing it around and not giving it much promotion, the station has allowed it to die. If they don't pick it up again, I hope that one of the cable channels will as they have done in the past. It was great.
  • Why do all the good shows get canceled?

    I loved this show. It was great to see what really happened at the end. I am getting bored with all the law stuff where you already know what happened in the beginning. This was a refreshing show, cool special effects at the brainstorming, excellent cast.... Please bring it back.
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