Justice League of America

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Dec 28, 1997 on CBS
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In this abortive pilot for a series, weather research assistant Tori Olfasdotter is working at the Enos Meteorological Institute when the sinister Weatherman threatens New Metro. The heroes of the Justice League manage to thwart his disastrous weather attacks, but Tori is the one who discovers that someone at the Institute is the Weatherman... and an accident leaves Tori with the power to generate extreme cold.


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    Matthew Settle

    Matthew Settle

    Guy Gardner/Green Lantern

    Kimberly Oja

    Kimberly Oja

    Tori Olafsdotter/Ice

    John Kassir

    John Kassir

    Ray Palmer/The Atom

    Michelle Hurd

    Michelle Hurd

    B.B. DaCosta/Fire

    Kenny Johnston

    Kenny Johnston

    Barry Allen/The Flash

    David Krumholtz

    David Krumholtz

    Martin Walters

    Guest Star

    Elisa Donovan

    Elisa Donovan


    Guest Star

    Ron Pearson

    Ron Pearson

    Dr. Arliss Hopke

    Guest Star

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      • Interviewer: So, Tori, tell us what happened.
        Tori: Oh, I don't know. I, hmmm, I guess I don't have very much confidence in myself, and you know, and I'm obviously never thinking I could become a--a superhero.

      • Tori: You know, sir, I--I'm not even sure I should come. You're much better at that sort of thing. Me on the other hand...
        Dr. Eno: You're an attractive, intelligent researcher who's going to knock them dead.
        Tori: Well, I think that's your department. Uh, the knock them dead part, not the attractive... well, no, I'm not saying that you're not attractive, it's just... you know what I mean.
        Dr. Eno: Umm-hmm.

      • Guy: I felt so bad about leaving you at the opera the other night. I went out and bought the CD and learned your favorite part.
        Cheryl: Oh, Guy...
        Guy: Cheryl, I'm going to be there for you more often, I promise. (signal device goes off) Starting real soon.

      • B.B.: How old are you?
        Martin: 22.
        B.B.: In dog years?
        Martin: Does it matter? I've heard you're only as old as you feel.
        B.B.: Uh-huh.
        Martin: Right now, I'm feeling pretty old.
        B.B.: Yeah, that makes two of us.

      • B.B.: Tell me you did not go with the sorry bunny.
        Guy: It worked on you.
        B.B.: No, I let you think it worked on me. I let you think a lot of things.

      • B.B.: Martin, look, it's awfully nice to have a fan but you don't even know me, or anything about me. And trust me, if you did, you probably wouldn't be interested.
        Martin: Well, I do know that you're between boyfriends now, and sometimes you get lonely. And you're looking for someone, that perfect soulmate, and your standards are so high that you wonder if you're ever going to find him.
        B.B.: How do you know that?
        Martin: Oh, I don't know it, I'm just hoping that's the case.

      • Guy: Every time I--I get to the point where I might be able to commit to a woman, something happens and takes that opportunity away. And they don't understand, and it's very hard for me to get through to them that I have obligations, ya know, and I--I have to save people. But, you know, how do you tell them that?

      • Cheryl: Software salesman don't have emergencies, Guy.
        Guy: That's a very common misconception.

      • Guy: Don't worry about me.
        B.B.: Well, somebody should. You know, I heard your girlfriend only likes you in a mask. Sounds like some kind of fruity nightmare.
        Guy: She'll come around, they all do.
        B.B.: Uh-huh. Well, that sound in the bathroom will be me retching.

      • Tori: I had a date and, uh, you know, I'm generally just pretty nervous on a first date anyway. And, uh, it doesn't help to, you know, be turning things into ice whenever you have an emotional thing. You get to the door and, uh, he goes to kiss me. And he's coming in and I'm getting more and more nervous, and, uh, his lips touch mine and they freeze to mine and, you know, we're frozen together at the door there. And, uh. of course I have to calm down before we can unfreeze and, oh, it was just a whole thing, and pfft.

      • Ray: She's more than just a pretty girl, Guy. Guy. Girl. Girl Guy. Whatever.

      • Guy: I owe you one.
        B.B.: Yeah, well, I couldn't stand seeing her make you squirm. That's my job.

      • Ray: Sometimes I would get big again, but part of me would stay small. It was like your foot being asleep, only it would be tiny, you know. And my vocal chords wouldn't respond at first. I--I'd get big and--and (high-pitched squeak) my voice would still be like this. I'd be speaking really high, you know? Got a little bit of a cold, you know? (back to normal) But, it didn't, you know, people didn't understand, thank God. Most people wouldn't even believe.

      • Ray: At least you got your day job.
        Barry: Yeah, well, fighting for truth, justice, and the American way isn't helping my bank account, you know?

      • Ray: How did you find me?
        Tori: Oh, well, not many science teachers named Ray Palmer. Of course, not many science teachers breaking into high-security research facilities, either.

      • J'onn: Your first alien, I presume?
        Tori: I met Leonard Nimoy once.

      • Atom: Remember why you got into science?
        Tori: Oh, some misplaced ideal about bettering mankind.
        Atom: Me, too. In all that time and all those laboratories, I don't think I actually made a difference. But since joining the Justice League, I've saved hundreds of lives. Now, if that isn't bettering mankind, I don't know what is.

      • Tori: Once I froze him in an ice cube and put him in my friend's drink. That was fun. Remember that?
        Ray: Yeah.
        Tori: Yeah.
        Ray: And then I got big right when they were going to take a sip.
        Tori: Yeah...
        Ray: Raaahr! That was pretty funny.
        Tori: That was a good one.

      • Flash: What's gotten into her?
        Green Lantern: Like I'd know?
        Flash: You went out with her, didn't you?
        Green Lantern: Twice. She never clued me in on a damn thing. That's why I broke up with her.
        Atom: I thought she broke up with you.

      • Tori: We all need our heroes in our lives. Sometime we find them in the most unlikely places.

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