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Earth's seven greatest heroes unite against the threat of an alien invasion and decide to remain together to defend Earth against attacking aliens, sorcerers, super-villains, and any other threat that might arise. Among their number are the Martian Manhunter, last survivor of Mars; Superman, the super-powered last survivor of the planet Krypton; Batman, the Dark Knight Detective; Green Lantern, wielder of an alien Power Ring; The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive; Hawkgirl, Winged Wonder and policewoman from the planet Thanagar, and Wonder Woman, Princess of the Amazons. Starting with the third season, the show was retitled "Justice League Unlimited" and now the core members, under the guidance of the Martian Manhunter, command teams of specialist heroes brought together to deal with specific crises they are best suited to handling.

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  • Susan Eisenberg

    Susan Eisenberg

    Wonder Woman/Diana

    Michael Rosenbaum

    Michael Rosenbaum

    Flash/Wally West (Seasons 1-2, 4+)

    Phil LaMarr

    Phil LaMarr

    Green Lantern/John Stewart

    George Newbern

    George Newbern

    Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El

    Carl Lumbly

    Carl Lumbly

    Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz

    Kevin Conroy

    Kevin Conroy

    Batman/Bruce Wayne

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    Fan Reviews (318)

    • Bruce Timm's climax!

      I love Bruce Timm's work with the DC animation universe. Batmas TAS and Superman TAS were fantastic in capturing what both those heroes were about, with Gotham being dark and sinister while Metropolis was bright and colorful. They still remain as the most as the most faithful adaptations to the mythology of these characters and show a great understanding into who they are and how they would interact with the world around them. Having said that, when viewed in this day and age, they seem to be leading up to this show, like how the individual Marvel superhero movies led up to The Avengers. The dynamic and relationship between the characters are masterfully done and their personalities are captured so well that this has to be the best way to be introduced to the DC universe ever. While there ARE a few elements that I could have done without, such as liberties taken for the obvious reason of increasing the diversity in the group, such as John Stewart as the Green Lantern and the replacement of Aquaman with Hawkgirl. I don't have a problem with diversifying a group but it has to be an improvement on what it was replacing and in this aspect, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who don't think of Hal Jordan as the best Lantern. As for Aquaman, there still is no extensive work on one of the founders of the Justice League who often gets sidelined, probably due to the perception that he would be as popular with audiences as other characters. Personally, I find him to be far more interesting than Shayera, who seemed to be shoehorned in here to appease the more feminist viewers. Regardless, this is great show, even with its limited shortcomings, and should be viewed by people who not only love comic books but are fans of action cartoons in general.moreless
    • Awesome.

      This show was awesome, I loved the badass theme song, which made this cartoon epic. Not only that, but the maturity, sophistication and class of the characters. The plot was great and the characters bonded well. If only Batman was shown in more episodes, it would have been epicer but hey, he's only a part-timer. Anyways, a great cartoon, I loved watching this as a kid.
    • Top 10 Best Show By Cartoon Network

      Wow this show really amazed me i loved almost every episode of the show this was great Batman and Super really tied together in this show who ever made this Thank you so much I miss watching action super hero shows on Cartoon Network I know they have Young Justice but that only comes on 2 times every weekend at the same time Saturday And Sunday 10 am very early i wish that show had the time this had but yep overall Justice League Unlimited was great I loved it and I still watch the episodes to this Day.moreless
    • Best show ever

      It has more superheroes than u can imagine with very cool superpowers

      it unites all the all time favorite superheroes.

      Stories are pretty cool

      animation is also great n nice work on costumes
    • Started for years, ended in the right time.

      One of the great superhero action shows, Justice League, is a legend. All of DC's villains and heroes are in here. This is somewhat dark in it's plot, that's what I like in this show, most of the times, unpredictable. A must for superhero lovers.
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