Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 11

A Better World (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Nov 01, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • Alternate Superman: There are at least six different ways I could stop you right now.
      Alternate Luthor: But they all involve deadly force, don't they? And you don't do that. No, you need me. You wouldn't be much of a hero without a villain. And you do love being a hero, don't you? The cheering children, the swooning women, oh you love it so much it's made you my most reliable accomplice.
      Alternate Superman: Accomplice? What are you...
      Alternate Luthor: You could of crushed me any time you wanted. But it wasn't the law or the will of the people that stopped you. It was your ego. Being a hero was too important to you. You're as much responsible for this as I am. So go ahead, fix it somehow, put me on trial, lock me up, but I'll beat it. And then we'll start the whole thing all over again...

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