Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 12

A Better World (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Nov 01, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Justice League go head to head with the Justice Lords.

    This episode embodies what is so great about the original Justice League series. By now all of the characters are well developed, both in personality and in relationships. I like the whole Batman vs. Batman scene in the Batcave, again justifying their reasons for taking over.

    The only thing I didn't like about it was that several questions went unanswered.

    1. What happened to the Justice Lords after their defeat?
    2. What did they think the Justice Leaguers were going to think about their changes? I mean, Batman said that someday you'll thank us for this. Did they think they could convince the League that they were right?
    3. Basically they are the same characters as the League. Why would they kill their own counterparts? They had the same goals, just different means of obtaining them.

    That being said, I still think this was one of the best JL episodes that was made. I also love the way Timm retconned the creation of Cadmus as a result of these episodes.
  • The Justice League escapes from their imprisonment and organize a plan to return to their own dimension and defeat their counterparts.

    The Justice League escapes from their imprisonment and organize a plan to return to their own dimension and defeat their counterparts. “A Better World” is certainly one of the best episodes of the series. The story is very intricate and well structured. The writers have definitely put a lot of effort in this episode. The episode clearly shows the advantages and drawbacks of a society where safety and order are placed well above democracy. Seeing the sunny alternate Arkham and its lobotomized inmates including the Joker and Poison Ivy was quite surprising. The episode features some great dialogue, terrific action, cool twists and an interesting morale dilemma. The characters are used admirably but its Batman, Flash and Superman whom really standout in this episode. The psychological battle between Batman and AU Batman was excellent. Flash uses his quick wit to get the best of AU Batman and AU Superman. Superman reveals that he has the same urges of his counterpart but proves to have these feelings in check by picking up an American flag. The battle between the Justice League and the Justice Lords was very amusing. In order to defeat their counterparts, the Justice League had to cross some lines like offering Lex Luthor a full pardon for his help. The episode ends with the newly pardoned Lex Luthor interested in a career in politics.
  • How a single event can change things.

    A key situation in future justice league unlimited shows. A good episode you can see what would happen if the justice league decided to take over. I think they went a little to far there. Seeing them go up against themselves was awsome. It shows the waht if factor. what if superman and the rest of the justice league resorted to killing. The episode shows how with the loss of 1 character the justice league went rouge excellent to see that superman resorted to using a enemy to stop all of it. They knew that eventually they would have to cross a line.
  • awesome

    this episode is freaking awesome.man i loved it when they kicked everybodys butt.especially when they did that thing with the other thingy.shimity shimity shwing shwing shwing. god i am so bored i am only wiritng this stupid comment so that i can read the freaking summary of this episode cuz it says i have to be at least a level 2 member or something stupid like that.i cant remember.all i know is that this stupid site is forcing me too register and write good stuff sbout this stupid website.man the're dumb.i wish i was a rich girl wa wa wa.okep a hundred words already baby !
  • great episode.

    A great action filled episode of Justice League. It is one of my all time favorite episodes. it gave great character developement on Superman and all the League members. What happened to the Lords? What would happen if the League did go rouge? The episode left you with those questions. The highlight of the episode was when Flash discovered that the reason they went rouge was cause he died. That was one of my favorite parts. Flash and Batman are my favorite heroes. Not every lord went rouge. Batman changed his mind at the end of the episode. One other highlight was the fight and the League and Luthor's partnership. Great episode.