Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 20

A Knight of Shadows (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 20, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • Not just a kid's show anymore

    Starting with a substantive flashback on the eve of Camelot's fall, and a revised origin for Jason Blood/the Demon, this episode doesn't slow down for much of anything. Batman and Jason Blood join forces and from there the Justice League become smoothly integrated into the episode. The Demon is...well, a Demon, and his interplay with the team members is interesting - even Batman seems to defer to him. This ain't the Superfriends anymore.

    The Mordred/Morgaine interplay is amusing, although Morgaine's powers never really get defined. Still, she's a formidable threat for the League members assembled. Best characterization overall: J'onn J'onzz, who gets some welcome backstory on his Martian origins, and Wonder Woman, who thankfully becomes a bit more mature.

    Overall, a excellent entry into the show - one of the best of the series.
  • With the help of the demon Etrigan, the Justice League tries to prevent the evil soceress Morgaine Le Fey from getting the Philosopher\'s Stone.

    This episode introduces a new villian, Morgaine Le Fey. She is from the ancient time of Camelot. The episode begins showing a flashback of when, with the help of Jason Blood, Morgaine destroyed Camelot. However, she betrayed him once she conquered Camelot. To punish Jason for the fall of Camelot,Merlin transformed him into the demon Etrigan.

    Back in present time, Morgaine is looking for the Philosopher\'s Stone. With it she can resurrect Camelot and place her son Morjrid on the throne.

    Jason Blood (who can transform into Etrigan at will)is trying to prevent Morgaine from getting the stone. He crosses paths with Batman, and he calls in the Flash, Wonder Woman, and Martain Manhunter to help.

    When Martian Manhunter tries to locate Morgaine with his psychic powers, she puts an illusion in his head, making him think he is back on Mars. Etrigan pulls him out of it, but even after it, as Etrigan puts it, \"He has been tainted by that witch.\"

    So, as Morgaine and her son search for the stone, the League tries to find it first. The League splits up, because they find out that either of two certain people must have it.

    Morgaine figures this out too, and has a small battle with Batman, Martian Manhunter, and Etrigan. She distracts Martian Manhunter with another illusion, and attacks Batman, who gets severly injured.

    Etrigan knows what Morgaine has done to J\'onn, and is angry. He says,\"Admit it martian, you LET her get away.\"

    To be continued.
  • A good episode...

    This episode, the first of a two part of story arc, introduces the viewer, via flashback, to the characters of Morgaine Le Fey and the person who would come to be known as Etrigan the Demon. This kind of background information is rarely seen in most animated series but is very much welcome in this show.

    The plot quickly moves along to show Morgaine's plan to use an ancient artifact in her scheme for world conquest. When the Justice League tries to interfere with her plans, they discover that she is a formidable opponent with J'onn J'onzz, in particular, suffering at her hands. The alien superhero appears in a daze for much of the episode even when he is directly confronted by Morgaine and her some Modred. Denied the item that she sought, the seemingly immortal duo disappears from view at episode's end leaving Etrigan to rail about where J'onn's loyalty lies.

    A nifty episode that gives us background information on the relationship between two seemingly dissimilar people as well as a brief glimpse into J'onn J'onzz's past.