Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 12

Alive! (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM May 06, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Lex Luthor searches for the remains of Brainiac in distant space using the Secret Society. What awaits them in the far reaches of space? And how will Grodd attempt to retake control of the Society?

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  • this episode was super great.

    who can't not love this episode, the whole plot was great, everything about it was great, one of the best episodes I've ever seen, the writers have very good plot's for every episode but win they made this one they made it amazing, the episode is great and i can't wait to watch win I buy it when the season comes out.
  • The End of a Era!

    When will we ever see this level of super hero on one tv show again, also the story lines were amazing they saved the best for last watching Superman show is true Power was great and Lex Luthor saved the world WOW!

    The series is a continuation of its predecessor, taking up soon after Justice League ended. It is sometimes considered to be the same series as the original; the first season of Justice League Unlimited is referred to by the producers as the third season of Justice League. However, seasons referred to below treat Justice League Unlimited as a separate series.

    It features a greatly-expanded League, in which the characters from the original series are joined by a number of superheroes (in the first episode, well over 50 characters appear), as well as a number of DC heroes who had made guest appearances in the first two seasons of Justice League.

    Also unlike Justice League, which primarily consisted of two- or three-part stories with only light continuity between them, Justice League Unlimited features ongoing story arcs, the first involving the building conflict between the league and a secret government agency known as Project Cadmus. This plot line heavily builds upon events that occurred during the second season of Justice League, and has affected the plotlines of most of its episodes. It was resolved in a four-part story at the end of the second season of Justice League Unlimited. The third season story arc focuses on the Legion of Doom as the main villains, a loose-knit organization formed to combat the increased superhero coordination of the first two seasons.

    Besides the addition of dozens of new League members, the show has changed format somewhat, though keeping the same Bruce Timm style artwork. The stories in the second and third seasons of Unlimited have, however, tended to align along a season-long story arc.

    Also, towards the end of the series, certain characters became off-limits to the show. Namely any character mainly associated with Batman (aside from Batman himself), and every Aquaman character. This was due to un-related animated series The Batman, and the pilot of a Smallville-like series for Aquaman which wasn\\\'t picked up. Many have seen the decisions to outlaw these characters odd, seeing as Smallville and Justice League Unlimited make use of several of Superman\\\'s supporting characters, namely Lex Luthor. However, this ruling would seem to apply to JLU\\\'s use of Lois Lane, as she did not have a speaking role once the character was added to the cast of Smallville. On the other hand, the sibling superheroes who are featured in the League, Hawk and Dove, are among the few Teen Titans who do not appear in the television series depiction of that superhero team. Conversely, Speedy was able to appear on JLU soon after Teen Titans ended, due to the length of the third season of JLU\\\'s production.

    Although he is featured prominently in the opening credits, and was one of the original members of the league in the previous Justice League series, the character of The Flash appears only fleetingly in the third season, though he has a more substantive role in the fourth and fifth seasons.

    Justice League Unlimited, similar to the second season of Justice League, is animated in widescreen. The show also features a new theme song. It was the last Dini/Timm show in production, although there are currently two other, nonrelated animated series set in the DC universe: The Batman and Legion of Super Heroes. The two-part series finale was aired in the UK on February 8 and February 18, 2006 and in the United States on May 6 and May 13, 2006. Paul Dini, writer for the show, announced on January 25, 2006 via a reply to a blog entry that the show had been cancelled.moreless
  • A tribute to the most dangerous villains in the Universe

    I was surprised to find that this episode was dedicated to the "bad guys", those characters without who the show just wouldn't be the same.

    The Legion of Doom is divided into two teams, one lead by Lex Luthor and the other by Grodd. The two groups fight with each other for supremacy.

    Luthor wins the fight and sends Grodd into space and tells Killer Frost to freeze the members of the Legion who confronted him and decided to follow Grodd.

    Finally, Lex is about to achieve his ultimate goal: the ressurection of Braniac, the living computer, who is going to help him become a god again.

    He is however warned by Metron, a time-traveller who already knows the outcome of Luthor's decision, that he shouldn't try to revive Braniac.

    Luthor refuses Metron's "friendly" advice and starts the ressurection of Braniac. However, he accidentally revives Darkseid, who destroys Luthor's ship and heads towards Earth to conquer it.moreless
  • Bad guy brawl!

    I LOVED this episode; Luthor's plotting, the supervillain battle, the end of Grodd, but I have a few problems with it.

    1) What Luthor did to Goldface didn't seem like that much of threat,considering he was fighting later on.

    2)The bad guy battle was good, but it didn't really say much about their powers. Some of the villains just threw punches at each other.

    That said, I love this episode. Luthor really came prepared, with the means to take down Grodd and Tala on hand, and the way he finished off Grodd was pure classic Lex.

    The awesome cliffhanger left on the edge of my seat; I couldn't wait for more!moreless
  • An exciting, entertaining, explosive outing setting the stage for an awesome series finale.

    Wow. For an episode that features next to no actual Justice League members (and none of them actually speaking), I am impressed. At first I was concerned that we were just marking time in order to end on a cliffhanger, but the second half blew me away so much that... well... see for yourself.

    Lex was the unmistakable star of the piece, but Tala, Toyman and Grodd shone through as well. Grodd's death may well go down as one of the most shocking moments of the series!

    There were a few problems though. First off, did Goldface die at the beginning? If so, who was that fighting half way through the episode? Also, I didn't like how casually several key DCAU villains like Parasite were killed off towards the end. They went out with a whimper. Talk about disappointing.

    However, the conclusion was truly epic. Tala's sacrifice was painful to watch, because I had warmed to her thanks to episodes like this and "The Great Brain Robbery"; the return of Darkseid was a bit predictable, but the moment of actual payoff was fantastic. Seeing the end of the war on Apokolips was nice, but was it really necessary? I'm sure some people were confused by that sudden change of setting.

    All in all, outstanding. "Alive!" had me in heavy anticipation for "Destroyer", which is a doozy too. I'm just sad that such a great show is finally drawing to a close.moreless
Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside


Guest Star

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Brainiac/Weather Wizard (uncredited)

Guest Star

Bud Cort

Bud Cort


Guest Star

Powers Boothe

Powers Boothe

Gorilla Grodd

Recurring Role

Clancy Brown (I)

Clancy Brown (I)

Lex Luthor

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Luthor is seen outside of the Metro Tower for the first time, Evil Star is nowhere to be seen. Switch to the Justice League, then close-up on Lex. Evil Star suddenly appears behind Lex. Where did he come from?

    • When Weather Wizard and Killer Frost are welding the ship's panels together, they heat and cool the seams together very quickly. Any welder/metal worker knows that if you cool hot metal quickly with liquid or other methods, it becomes brittle and prone to cracking. To prevent this, hot metal needs to air dry.

    • When Lex jumped over the balcony, you briefly see him wearing his armored gloves, but then they vanish, and we don't see them again until he confronts Grodd.

    • When Lex approaches the vessel that Darkseid appears in, he appears to be no more than a few feet away from the vessel.In the following shot, he is several meters away from the vessel.

    • Trivia: The surviving Legion of Doom members with Lex Luthor at the end are Heat Wave, Toyman, Giganta, Cheetah, Atomic Skull, Evil Star, Bizarro, Star Sapphire, Sinestro, Killer Frost, and Volcana.

    • The number of Grodd and Luthor enforcers are split roughly in half between the sixty members, but when Frost freezes them, there's maybe ten that were on Grodd's side.

    • In the shot of the Legion at the end of the episode, the crack in Toyman's mask has disappeared. The crack then reappears in the next episode.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Lex: Well, Metron, I'll soon be able to handle anything the universe throws at me. I'm about to become a god.
      Metron: You don't know what a god is, or what you are unleashing.
      Lex: "Tampering with forces beyond my control," nice try. Look, if you want my power, make your move, otherwise you can get lost.
      Metron: You will regret your decision, we all will. (Metron disappears)

    • Metron: We exist between two ticks of the clock. In my travels through the myriad paths of infinity, I have seen the first and the last, but what you do today threatens the entire universe; past, present, and future.
      Luthor: I should hope it does.

    • Luthor: I've reconfigured Grodd's cloaking field into a hyper-spatial drive!
      Killer Frost: You're not serious?
      Luthor: Little bit.

    • Tala: I don't like to compete for Lex with a dead computer. I want you to be my man in charge, like before. So...baby...what do you want?
      Grodd: Why, only you, my dear. And Luthor's fat head on a plate.

    • Lex Luthor: Wrong! I saw enough of those stars to determine the explosion's coordinates. It should be a simple matter.
      Tala: You saw the wild goose again! Concentrate on us, baby! Space is too far! Together we can rule this world!

    • Tala: By the slaughter of the innocent...by pestilence and plague...reveal the hidden unto me...there. You see? Just a rock. A worthless piece of...oh?

    • Tala: (picking up Brainiac piece) This is the real trouble here before us. It's pure wild goose chase! Look, I will prove it. I will show you what is in there!
      Luthor: Don't be stupid! This is science. What good is your sorcery? Unless you plan to turn stone to gold! Or maybe a frog!?
      Tala: Such ignorance! Transmutation is what you want to do!
      Luthor: Transmutation is... what are you waiting for? Do it!
      Tala: Okay!
      Luthor: Okay!

    • Darkseid: Only the slimmest of chances has allowed me to overcome my death at the hands of Superman. But let the universe howl in despair for I have returned.

    • Grodd: This mutiny was so easy. The secret society hates you.
      Luthor: Like they love you.

    • Tala: Darling! Grodd must have used mind control! (silence) Okay... maybe not. But baby, you don't ever doubt I love you, correct? I, I know I did something bad. I'm a sick person, you don't know what it's like to be me.

    • Tala: (to Luthor) Funny...you were never this much fun when we were together.

    • Grodd: Giganta...you're out of jail...how's your head?
      Giganta: Pretty good...considering you tried to fry my brain!

    • Tala: (saving Grodd from Giganta) Don't get crabby, Thunderthighs, Grodd is mine now.

    • Grodd: Come to gloat at me again? I'm not some monkey in a zoo throwing...
      Tala: Shhh...

    • Grodd: Why is my headquarters moving?

    • Luthor: (regarding Darkseid) We've got a little problem.

    • Darkseid: It seems I have you to thank for my resurrection. Though your world will suffer slowly, I grant you a quick death!

    • Toyman: Twinkle, twinkle, Brainiac, Tala's gonna bring you back!

    • Luthor: You'll be the mystic conduit that will siphon Brainiac's essence from the debris. I'll be able to reconstitute him from that energy. But I doubt you'll see it.
      Tala: You planned this all along. Even before I...
      Luthor: I'm a sick person too.

    • Luthor: Goodbye, Grodd. It could have gone the other way.
      Grodd: It really could have, couldn't it?
      Luthor: No, but why speak ill of the dead?

  • NOTES (7)

    • When Darkseid is resurrected by Lex Luthor, his musical motif from Superman: The Animated Series is played. In this show, the motif is more rock-oriented, in keeping with Justice League Unlimited music.

    • Among the minions of Darkseid that appear without dialogue or uncredited are: Kanto, Granny Goodness, Mantis the Power Parasite, Vermin Vunderbarr, and the Female Furies (Bernadeth, Stompa, Lasha, Mad Harriet).

    • Among the Legion of Doom members that appear without dialogue are Cheetah, Heat Wave, Sinestro, Evil Star, Major Disaster, Lady Lunar, Blockbuster, Silver Banshee, Shade, KGBeast, Volcana, Monocle, Bloodsport, Bizarro, Star Sapphire, Crowbar, Fastball, Dr. Cyber, Rampage, Parasite, Hellgrammite, Key, and Copperhead.

    • Clancy Brown, Juliet Landau, Powers Booth, Bud Cort, Jennifer Hale, Walter (Lex) Lang, and Michael Ironside reprise their roles as Lex Luthor, Tala, Gorilla Grodd, Toyman, Killer Frost/Giganta, Atomic Skull, and Darkseid. Corey Burton reprises his roles of Brainiac and the Weather Wizard but is uncredited. Various roles in the past that have been played by certain actors such as George Newbern and Ted Levine are uncredited here and almost certainly played by actors already cast so as to avoid extra salaries.

    • This episode first aired on YTV in Canada on April 26, 2006.

    • Absolutely no members of the League appear prominently in this episode or have dialogue. Leaguers that appear at the end without dialogue include: Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, Red Tornado, Atom-Smasher, Metamorpho, S.T.R.I.P.E., Dr. Fate and Orion.

    • This episode aired on Toonami UK on February 8, 2006.


    • Toyman: We're he-e-ere.
      Both the words and the way Toyman speaks them are virtually identical to the phrase spoken by Carol Ann in the Poltergeist films: "They're he-e-re."

    • Legion of Doom Redux
      At the start of the episode, the Legion retrofits their headquarters to make it space-flight ready, and flies with the help of large rockets underneath. The original Hall of Doom from the Challenge of the Superfriends show was also able to fly.

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