Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 12

Alive! (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM May 06, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The Society look on as Lex works on some new experiment to recover Brainiac. Tala goes in and looks on as Lex's experiment fails yet again. Tala asserts transmutation is necessary and Lex reluctantly agrees. Tala casts a spell and shows Brainiac the point at which Brainiac was previously defeated (in "Twilight"). Tala can't maintain the psychic connection but there's enough for Lex to determine where the explosion's coordinates occurred. He dismisses Tala's concerns and works to regain the power of Brainiac.

Later, the Legion goes to work to carry out Lex's plan to rebuild the headquarters. Lex then addresses the assembled villains of the Secret Society and promises them ultimate power. Some of the villains are skeptical but Lex activates a remote-control attack on Goldface to demonstrate his power over them all. He then activates the base's engines and the Legion HQ lifts off into space and then enters hyperspace. Grodd realizes something is up and Tala comes in to offer him freedom in return for his love.

Toyman navigates the ship toward Lex's destination when Grodd breaks into the command center with his villains gathered behind him. Grodd opens fire and Lex makes a run for it, and is saved when Bizarro knocks him aside. The villains choose sides as combat breaks out throughout the ship. Grodd's villains team up to bring down Bizarro while Giganta grabs her former lover, until Tala takes her down.

Tala corners Lex but he uses a mystic amulet to turn her powers back against her. He then moves to help his fellow villains but Grodd continues his pursuit. Lex finally turns to fight, using a pair of power gauntlets to negate Grodd's energy weapon. They fight hand-to-hand but Lex is physically outclassed. Grodd uses his mental abilities but Lex has anticipated that and uses a device to trigger a backlash, forcing Grodd to obey his commands and bow to him. Then Lex commands him to walk into the airlock and sends him off into space without a suit.

Grodd's turncoats are brought under control and Killer Frost displays her loyalty by freezing her former comrades. Tala begs for forgiveness and Lex promises she still has a role to play. He straps her into a mechanism and plans to use her as a conduit to reassemble Brainiac. Lex gives the order but time freezes and the New Genesis deity known as Metron appears to warn Lex not to pursue his path. He departs and time begins, and they activate the conduit. The villains look on as something forms out of the energy…Darkseid, merged with Brainiac. Darkseid promises them a quick death out of gratitude and destroys the headquarters.

As Darkseid's former forces square off in civil war on Apokolips, their lord and master returns and they all bow before him. Darkseid plans to search for the Anti-Life Equation but first plans to make Superman suffer by destroying his adopted world. But first he heads for New Genesis to make sure no one can interfere. At the Watchtower, Superman and the other heroes are called outside where they find…Lex and the villains waiting for them. Lex notes that "We have a little problem."
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