Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 12

Alive! (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM May 06, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • An exciting, entertaining, explosive outing setting the stage for an awesome series finale.

    Wow. For an episode that features next to no actual Justice League members (and none of them actually speaking), I am impressed. At first I was concerned that we were just marking time in order to end on a cliffhanger, but the second half blew me away so much that... well... see for yourself.

    Lex was the unmistakable star of the piece, but Tala, Toyman and Grodd shone through as well. Grodd's death may well go down as one of the most shocking moments of the series!

    There were a few problems though. First off, did Goldface die at the beginning? If so, who was that fighting half way through the episode? Also, I didn't like how casually several key DCAU villains like Parasite were killed off towards the end. They went out with a whimper. Talk about disappointing.

    However, the conclusion was truly epic. Tala's sacrifice was painful to watch, because I had warmed to her thanks to episodes like this and "The Great Brain Robbery"; the return of Darkseid was a bit predictable, but the moment of actual payoff was fantastic. Seeing the end of the war on Apokolips was nice, but was it really necessary? I'm sure some people were confused by that sudden change of setting.

    All in all, outstanding. "Alive!" had me in heavy anticipation for "Destroyer", which is a doozy too. I'm just sad that such a great show is finally drawing to a close.
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