Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 12

Alive! (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM May 06, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Wonderful, but a bit confusing.

    The 3rd season of JLU definitely has not lived up to par of the 2nd season and the Cadmus leadup, but this episode makes up for much of it.

    Lex Luthor was the most impressive of the entire bunch. The show really portrays how much of a calculator he is and his truly superior intellect. The man is one of the most analytical thinkers in the DC universe and is on par with Bruce Wayne in that department (which is why I personally loved it when the two of them would battle wits as a super-hero and supervillain whom are \"normal.\")

    I agree about the comment of Parasite and others suddenly dying so easily at the hands of Killer Frost. Grodd\'s death was expected.

    Apparantly Darkseid was supposed to have been merged with Braniac from what I read, which is why I didn\'t understand why he didnt have Braniac\'s symbol all over him prominently? They should have talked in a combined voice as Luthor and Braniac did when they were joined.

    Also, I was also confused how Luthor and the Legion survived? Didn\'t Darkseid kill them off when he said \"I will grant you a quick death?\" We saw the ship explode so how the heck did they get back to Earth to warn Superman and the League?

    The over-arching storyline was not as good as Season 2, but this finale looks like it will make up for most of it. I would have liked to see AMAZO come back and take a crack at Darkseid. I dont know why he just got written off the show after the revival of Grundy and return of Shayera Hol. Would also be more epic if they brought the entire Green Lantern Corps to Earth too. I wonder if this is the \"Appocalypse of \'09\" Terry McGinnis mentions in \'Epilogue?\'

    I still think there was plenty of potential for another season of JLU. One storyline would be if the Gordanians had actually set their sights on Earth and sent their armada to conquer it. It would have been fun to see a possible JLU/Thannagarian team up where Shayyera Hol helps liberate Thannagar, thus redeeming herself in the eyes of her people. That is only theory though and though we are sad to see such an epic anthology of storyline starting from Batman:The Animated Series finally come to an end, we are glad they are ending on a high note.
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