Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 11

Ancient History

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Apr 29, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Over the city, the Gentleman Ghost is trying to escape when Green Lantern tries to catch him. The Ghost has Green Lantern on the ropes when Hawkman manages to capture him with a Nth metal net. John is not enthused about Hawkman's help and departs…unaware that the Shadow Thief is watching them.

At the Watchtower in Metropolis, Shayera and Vixen are exercising and sparring over Vixen's involvement with John Stewart. John comes in and agrees to a date later but is distracted. He discusses Carter Hall with Shayera and is concerned she might be in danger, but Shayera isn't worried. Vixen is off on a photo shoot but as she leaves Shadow Thief moves into the apartment and Vixen spots him. She moves to attack and they burst into John's apartment. He manages to defeat John and escape with him, vowing he'll go after Shayera next.

Vixen and Shayera go to the Midway City Museum where Carter Hall works and find the door open. They investigate and find John bound and unconscious. The Shadow Thief greets them and attacks Shayera while Vixen tries to free John. The Shadow Thief knocks out Shayera and then disposes of Vixen as well. He prepares to administer the coup de grace when Hawkman attacks. Hawkgirl regains consciousness and comes to Hawkman's aid, but the Thief takes out both of them.

They all wake up to find the Shadow Thief has retrieved the Absorbacron and hidden Vixen away. He then binds them all together to the Absorbacron. They all receive memories of how two Thanagarians were stranded in Egypt in the past and were revered as gods. The Shadow Thief reveals how Shayera wanted to have a child but Katar is reluctant until he has brought Thanagarian peace and stability to the entire Earth. They're interrupted by the arrival of Ashari, their greatest general. Ashari takes Shayera out riding and at an oasis it becomes clear they're lovers but they're both reluctant to betray Katar. They're unaware that the high priest Hath-Set is watching them. He goes to Katar and turns him against Shayera and Ashari, but Katar is reluctant to accept his claims.

Later Ashari and Shayera are together in the garden and Katar sees them together and wishes they were dead. That night Katar finds the two of them together dead, poisoned. Hath-Set shows up to take credit for following Katar's wishes. Katar tells Hath-Set to get out and then takes the poison himself. He falls down dead, holding Shayera's hand.

Back in the present, the Shadow Thief reveals he is the dark half of Katar. When Carter touched the Absorbacron he "freed" the Shadow Thief to do everything he wanted. Now the Thief gives Shayera to Hawkman but advises Carter to kill John, the incarnation of Ashari. Carter takes the axe and prepares to strike…then frees John, who frees Shayera. The Shadow Thief snaps Green Lantern's wrist but he creates a splint and goes to find Vixen while the Hawks battle the Thief. Carter grabs the Thief who is absorbed back into his body. Carter accepts they weren't meant for each other and he departs.

At the Watchtower, Shayera and John meet after confirming that Vixen will be okay. John admits that when he traveled into the future he met their son, Warhawk, but he plans to stay with Vixen. Shayera goes to Batman and asks him to tell them about her son.



Hath-Set first appeared in Flash Comics #1 (Jan. 1940). He was an evil Egyptian priest of Setekh that murdered Prince Khufu and Princess Chay-Ara, setting off a curse that caused the three of them to become locked in a circle of reincarnation - birth, death, and rebirth - over and over down through the centuries. Always Hath-Set was destined to kill the two lovers. During World War II Hath-Set fought against the couple as Dr. Anton Hastor. In the last half of the 20th century Hath-Set was reborn as Jane Rock and used their son Hector as part of his scheme of revenge. Since then Hath-Set has learned how to take on spirit form and can possess the body of any of his descendents. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe.

The Gentleman Ghost

The Gentleman Ghost first appeared in Flash Comics Vol. 1 #88 (Oct. 1947). By his own account, James "Gentleman Jim" Craddock was an early 19th century English highwayman who was hung for his crimes but swore vengeance. Pre-Crisis, he was transferred into the 20th century where he battled the Golden Age Hawkman. Being a ghost, he continued to pursue crime and battle the Silver Age Hawkman and Batman. It is unclear whether Craddock was a human crook using gimmicks to pass himself off as a ghost, or a real supernatural being. Post-Crisis it has been established that he is a real ghost and that he bound to the reincarnated spirits of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Post-Crisis the Gentleman Ghost is a literal ghost – he is typically immaterial and untouchable, but can manifest briefly to attack his opponents. He can generate any number of ghost-like spiritual manifestations such as fog and lights, and utilizes ghostly weapons appropriate to his original profession as a highwayman. This is the Gentleman Ghost's first appearance in the WB animated universe.