Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 11

Ancient History

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Apr 29, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Green Lantern sets the Ion Drive down during his fight with The Gentleman Ghost, but in the next scene it's gone.

    • How did the Shadow Thief get Green Lantern to Midway City faster than Vixen and Shayera could fly there via Javelin? He's never displayed any ability to teleport and even his new origin doesn't explain how he pulled it off.

    • During the fight scene in John's apartment, Vixen dives past John and into the Shadow Thief. He gets up and throws her back the way she came, past John again. But then they cut to a shot of Vixen in the foreground and John and a couch are now between her and the Shadow Thief.

    • As Shadow Thief is approaching Vixen's apartment, Vixen enters the elevator which is perpendicular to the front door of her apartment. We see her running perpendicular to the door, about to tackle Shadow Thief from the right side, but a second later we see a view of her crashing through the front door, tackling Shadow Thief. Her tackle of Shadow Thief should have caused her and him to go sailing past the door, not through the door and into the apartment.

  • Quotes

    • Shadow Thief: For decades their ever-growing empire was a utopia. But nothing lasts forever. At least, nothing good.

    • Hawkman: You always were good with that thing.
      Shayera: Just hit him!
      Hawkman: Right!

    • Vixen: You can kiss, you can schlep. I think men are just wonderful.
      Green Lantern: I'll miss you.
      Vixen: You'd better.

    • Gentleman Ghost: Next time, Green Lantern, I'll do you proper!
      Green Lantern: Quiet down in there.

    • Gentleman Ghost: I like it. Very imaginative. But your ring is useless against me, Lantern.
      Green Lantern: Then why are you running from it?

    • Shayera: And why does it always have to be about the guys, anyway?
      Vixen: Honey, it's always about the boys.

    • Green Lantern (about Hawkman) He's an obsessed fan-boy with wings and an axe!

    • Vixen: Well, I'm surprised you haven't made your move before. now.
      Shayera: I'm still trying to figure out the right Earth protocol for this situation. It's not like I can assassinate you in your asleep, or poison your water...I miss Thanagar.

    • Shayera: And he said I was next?
      Vixen: Unless you know any other "Thanagarian harpies"?

    • (after Ashari cuts a flower off of a tree with a knife)
      Shayera: You didn't have to do that. I can fly.
      Ashari: When we're together, so can I.

    • Shayera: Don't say you don't love me...
      Green Lantern: I'll never say that.

    • Vixen: You might want to ease up there. Most guys don't go for the ripped, bulky look.
      Shayera: Just trying to maintain my girlish figure. (looks at her chest) My girlish, girlish figure...

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Ashari: The land of Kahndaq has been freed from Ahk-ton's rule...
      Ahk-ton was an ancient Egyptian villain featured in the JSA "Savage Times" storyline. He harnessed the power of the orb of Ra to become an elemental monster, similar in appearance to Metamorpho.

    • Shadow Thief: Blackest night beats brightest day!
      Shadow Thief refers to the first line of the Green Lantern oath - "In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night..." - when he defeats John Stewart.

    • Ashari: As tribute, Teth-Adam sends one hundred of the finest stallions on Earth.
      In the comics, Teth-Adam is the given name of Captain Marvel's (sometimes) evil reflection, Black Adam. Originally appearing in The Marvel Family #1 (1945), it was revealed that in ancient Egypt ,Teth-Adam was granted miraculous powers by the wizard Shazam. After Teth-Adam used his powers for selfish reasons, Shazam rechristened him "Black Adam" and exiled him 500 light years from Earth. By the time that Black Adam had flown back to earth, Shazam had given the young boy Billy Batson the ability to transform into the heroic Captain Marvel.

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