Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 3

Chaos at the Earth's Core

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 24, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

A flying turtle monster is rampaging through Tokyo when S.T.R.I.P.E. and Stargirl move to intercept it. Stargirl is repelled n the initial attack while Green Lantern rescues the civilians. The Leaguers lure it into the harbor and atop a ship where Courtney disobeys orders and drops it onto the ship, where a gas trap goes off and takes out the monster. Supergirl arrives, much to Stargirl's displeasure, and is besieged by Supergirl fans from a local convention. Green Lantern is less then pleased about Stargirl's reckless behavior. The Leaguers head back via the North Pole when their Javelin is pulled through a rift, down into a tunnel, and into a tropical land. The Leaguers emerge and are unable to contact the Watchtower and figure out they're beneath the North Pole.

Lizard men riding dinosaurs attack and Supergirl discovers that her powers are substantially weakened. The other Leaguers attack and then are assaulted by more lizard men on pterodactyls and Stargirl eventually gets around to helping Supergirl. An even larger dinosaur shows up only to be taken out by a bearded figure who introduces himself as Travis Morgan, the Warlord of Shamballah, and that he's been waiting for them. Morgan briefs them on the fact they're in Skataris and they need champions – Morgan's daughter Jennifer magically summoned them. The Warlord warns them about Deimos, a wizard who the dinotroopers work for and is planning to take over Skataris. Deimos has recently gained high-tech weaponry, and is using it to defeat Skataris' people and acquire a "Great Stone" Deimos gets word of the Leaguers and it becomes clear that he is receiving advice…from Silver Banshee and Metallo, of the Legion of Doom.

Morgan introduces the Leaguers to Machiste, a local ruler, who reveals the Great Stone can kill…or cure. They reveal the Great Stone, which is a giant piece of…green kryptonite. Another of Morgan's allies arrive to reveal that Deimos is launching an attack on the monk's citadel.

The two sides join battle with the Leaguers providing much-needed support, and even Supergirl lends a sword hand despite her sporadic powers. A series of giant worms attack Morgan's troops and his daughter summons a mystic fire phoenix to destroy them, while Silver Banshee uses her soul-scream powers to decimate the troops. Green Lantern spots and gags her but is interrupted long enough for her to flee the battle. More of Deimos troops use a catapult to send metal boring-spiders into the citadel, creating an entrance for Deimos. Stargirl flies in and attacks Deimos, who blasts her with magic gauntlet. She fights and takes out Deimos' blasters but is grabbed by Metallo. While the Warlord fights Deimos, Metallo knocks out and attacks Supergirl, who is immune to his kryptonite heart. Even weakened, she uses Stargirl's cosmic rod to knock off one of Metallo's arms. She runs and he goes off her. Warlord and Deimos spar and the Warlord proves triumphant, but refuses to kill his opponent. Deimos lunges at him and goes over a cliff.

Supergirl grabs a blaster and opens fire on the pursuing Metallo, but runs out of ammo. He fires kryptonite blasts at her and knocks her onto the ramparts, where she grabs a sword. Snatching up a dagger, she manages to cut out his kryptonite power source, rendering him immobile. The kryptonite is slowly killing the immobilized Supergirl, but Stargirl comes to her aid.

Morgan announces his victory and decrees freedom for his people, while Green Lantern interrogates a depowered Metallo and offers him kryptonite in return for information. Metallo initially refuses to talk, but when he prepares to admit his connection to the Legion, a remote circuit blows out his systems so he can say nothing. Warlord needs the kryptonite and Green Lantern agrees after sealing the portal so the Legion can't get hold of it. Supergirl's powers are regained and her and Supergirl fly off as they reconcile their differences.


The Warlord

The Warlord first appeared in First Issue Special #8 (November 1975) and was created by Mike Grell. A 43-year old Air Force pilot who looks suspiciously like Green Arrow's father, Travis Morgan had to ditch his plane above the North Pole and ended up falling through a rift that took him to the mystical land of Skataris, located deep beneath the Earth's surface. This tropical realm was host to large numbers of people, both normal human/tribesmen types, and lizardmen, fish men, cat people, etc. Taking the name of Warlord, Morgan ended up fighting various evil sorcerers and wizards kings, linking up with scantily-dressed female barbarian Tara, and collecting various sidekicks like Machiste and his magic-wielding daughter Jennifer. His original series ran a surprisingly long 133 issues and is arguably the most popular of DC's sorcery/fantasy characters. He's appeared sporadically since his old series folded, once being mistaken for Green Arrow. The Warlord possesses no superhuman abilities but is a consummate swordsman, marksmanship, hand-to-hand fighter, leader of men, and all-around great guy. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe.


Deimos first appeared in The Warlord First Issue Special #8 (November 1975) and was created by Mike Grell. A heavy-hitting evil sorcerer with a widows' peak to die for, Warlord pitted himself against Deimos and made himself a continuing nemesis. Deimos proved to be Warlord's most enduring opponent, dying and resurrecting at least twice and taking Warlord's son and aging him into an adult to turn against his dad. Deimos is a skilled sorcerer and is able to operate the advanced technology that has found its way into Skataris.


Courtney Whitmore first appeared in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0 and got a taste for the superhero life when her mother remarried Pat Dugan, who was the World War II hero and temporally relocated Stripesy. She got hold of her stepfather's deceased partner's cosmic converter belt and used it to become a superhero. Calling herself the Star-Spangled Kid after her predecessor, Courtney originally used her powers to annoy her stepfather but soon became a hero in her own right. She joined the JSA and although was initially viewed as a mascot at best, she has since become a full member. She has also become the designated successor of the Golden Age Starman (after his son the superhero retired), and wields both the converter belt and Starmans' cosmic rod while now using the name Stargirl. Courtney is a skilled acrobat and competent fighter, but her converter belt and rod boost her strength, let her fly, fire energy beams, and short-circuit an opponent's neural system. This is her first significant appearance in the WB animated universe.


Pat Dugan first appeared in Action Comics #40 (Sept. 194) and was the World War II superhero known as Stripesy, partner to the original Star-Spangled Kid. A member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, he was lost in time and brought back to the late 20th century with the other Soldiers. A tinkerer and mechanic, Dugan retired as an active hero but aided the Justice Society in designing their plane, the Steel Eagle. Dugan remarried and his stepdaughter Cortuney stole the original Kid's cosmic converter belt. Drawn into superhero activities by Courtney, Dugan used his expertise to create a battle suit and returned to superheroing as S.T.R.I.P.E. Dugan is a skilled fighter for a man his age and a skilled mechanic, but his primary powers come from his armor, which gives him flight, armor, enhanced strength, and a wide range of offensive and defensive weapons which he constantly upgrades in preparation for missions. This is his first significant appearance in the WB animated universe.

Silver Banshee

Silver Banshee first appeared in Action Comics #495 (Dec. 1987). Siobhan McDougal was the daughter and first-born child of a Scotsman who was to undertake a magical ritual. Her brothers disrupted the ceremony and Siobhan was swept into limbo. She returned to Earth as the Silver Banshee, a demonic supernatural creature, but it appears the Banshee is a separate entity. After several battles with Superman and other heroes, the "Banshee" entity possessed a reporter, Artemisia, and went on another rampage. Silver Banshee possesses superhuman strength, speed, and invulnerability, but her greatest weapon is an unearthly wail which lets her kill any individual that she can see and identify. This is Silver Banshee's first appearance in the WB animated universe.
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