Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 23

Comfort and Joy

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Dec 13, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • GL and Hawkgirl become closer, while Clark visits his parents and Martian Manhunter struggles to learn the meaning of Christmas. Things aren't so easy for the Flash when he has to try and find the most popular toy for the kids and it's all sold out.

    This is just a great episode and definitely one of my favorites from the TV series. I'd go as far as to say that this is probably the best superhero related Christmas episode I have ever seen. It has just the right mix of the Christmas spirit that you can't help but to get that warm fuzzy feeling on the inside after you see it. I can tell that I will be watching this episode over and over again. I already plan to watch it again later today, after I just watched it this morning. It's classic Christmas and classic Justice League.
  • Christmas episode!

    Summary: The Justice Leaguers go their separate ways to celebrate the holiday season. After saving a distant planet, the League returns in time for Christmas. Clark and J'onn visit Smallville for a Kent family Christmas, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl have a snowball fight and visit an alien bar while comparing holiday traditions, and the Flash and Ultra-Humanite have a season's fight and are forced to ally together to save orphans' toys.

    Thoughts: I'm such a sucker for these special holiday type episodes for every show. And that's the reason why I love this episode. Each Justice League member (besides Wonder Woman and Batman) do different things in the holiday season. My favorite part of this episode is what is included with J'onn in it. He lost his family, and his planet, and has nothing really to celebrate. And seeing him see what customs humans do was touching.

    The thing that really gets to me, is how we don't get to see Wonder Woman and Batman do anything. I mean the other Leaguers did fine in this episode, but this should've been a whole team episode.

    Either way, this goes down as one of the best holiday episodes ever seen on TV.
  • The one JL episode that lives fulltime on my DVR

    I loved this episode, because it was a loving tribute to the characters. The thing that makes Justice League such a special cartoon is not the animation, although it wouldn't be the same without such a fantastic animation team; it's not the voice acting, although it would fall through without such high-quality, dedicated actors; it's the fact that the writers take the time out from the great battles and exciting adventures to let the superheroes be human. This episode was a special one set aside just to celebrate that humanity, with J'onn, the least human of them all, as the central foil. Some days when I'm feel a little down, I watch this one to make me feel a little bit better about the world.
  • The lighter side of the Justice League

    This is my favorite episode of Justice League. It is nice to the Justice League have fun and not have to fight super villains that want to take over the world. My favorite part of Comfort and Joy is the Superman / J'onn J'onzz storyline. It was nice to see Superman act like a kid. We also learn that he believes in Santa Claus. The Flash looking for the toy sequence is funny because he finally says that fighting the Gorilla Grod was easier than finding the toy. There are probably several people who can relate to this while they were looking for the latest toy for their kids. In addition, we start to see the affection that Shayera Hol has for John Stewart. The whole snowball fight is funny with them taking it to the extreme of almost war-like. Then the fight in the bar ending with Shayera giving John a quick kiss. This episode brings to light the lighter side of the Justice League. It is comical to see the League act totally out of character and let themselves act like regular people rather than superheroes.
  • Justice League comes home for Christmas

    The christmas episode starts off with the league putting together a gravitational device together so a planet will not collide with another planet. The league puts it together and decide to go back to Earth. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl stay on the snowy planet to have a snowball fight afterward Hawkgirl takes him to a alien bar for her holiday where they get into a friendly bar fight. Clark and Jonn arrive at the Kents for Christmas. Clark and Jonn are welcome in the Kent house where they celebrate Chrismas with Clark's parents. Flash goes to the orphanage to find out what the kids want for chrismas. So Flash zips to each store in town to try to find a DJ Rubba Ducky but all of them are unfortunately sold out. So Flash runs to the producing plant of DJ Rubba Ducky so he can get one. Flash running to the orphanage finds the UltraHumanoid breaking an Art Museum. As Flash fights him he falls on the DJ Rubba Ducky breaking it. After Flash wakes up from a hit on his head the UltraHumanoid is working on the DJ Rubba Ducky fixing and improving it. Later, they both bring it to the orphanage where it tells Christmas Stories. Flash then takes him to jail where Flash puts an alluminum Christmas tree in UltraHumanoid's cell and he seems kind of happy. Batman doesn't appear in this episode he was on watchtower duty.
  • Christmas episode...

    I don't know what it is I just might be in the Christmas mood because this is my third review for a christmas episode today. We get to see how the Justice league spends their Christmas. J'onn spends his with superman at the farm. green lantern and hawk girl go to some space bar and have a great big bar brawl. The flash encounters the Ultra Humanite and he gives some kids at an orphanage a present. I would have really liked to see batman and Wonder Woman in this episode Especially batman. All in all this was a very great episode and the very first one parter of the series. later...
  • Paul Dini's return to the DCAU world!!!!

    This episode was a great episode and it was really nice to have it in the series.

    Paul Dini is Mr. Christmas, he came up with a great storyline and awesome dialouge, I don't think Dwayne Mcduffie could pull it off better than Paul did.

    The episode had some nice humor in it and it brought a smile to everyone's face.

    Christmas isn't just another day for anyone in the League... exept Batman.

    We learn how the superheroes spend their holidays and it really remined themselves that they are human (Emotionally), and they do spend time with their families (Most of them) For the holidays.

    Good work paul!
  • Very touching. good to see superman not wearing his gay costume.

    Good episode overall. Would have been a point higher if it had batman in it. and why did you take the cookies, Jon!! nothing much happened at all, but we get to see GL and HG becoming closer, a good build up for the next episode. Humanite's role was a bit corny, but touching nevertheless.