Justice League Unlimited

Season 3 Episode 10

Dark Heart

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Dec 11, 2004 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In Nevada, a woman and her boyfriend Billy are climbing a mesa to view half the state. Billy goes ahead and when she reaches the top, her boyfriend is gone and an alien structure covers the top of the mesa. Small mechanical spiders crawl over and attack her. The United States Army is informed of this and rescues the woman before she is killed. The army does what it can but their weapons are useless against the alien threat. The League is called in and Batman determines the aliens consume matter and reproduce then spread further. Batman uses a ice-bomb to freeze the structure but the League itself fails to stop the escaping aliens.

Martian Manhunter transfers all power to a weapon inside the Watchtower. The Watchtower creates a trench around the aliens, buying time to evacuate a nearby town. Superman discovers that someone will need to get into the alien structure and destroy the dark heart that is pumping it. Superman travels to Boston to get The Atom who is recovering a rogue nanite. Superman tells him that he must shrink down to microscopic and destroy the Dark Heart. The two of them travel back to Nevada and Superman hands The Atom to Wonder Woman, who will take him to the structure. The other League members attempt to hold off the aliens, giving Wonder Woman and The Atom some space. They finally arrive at the structure and The Atom shrinks down and goes inside it. He accessesits memory and determines its a programmed war machine that never was told its war is over. He finds the Dark Heart and attempts to destroy it by just punching it but that fails. He realizes that perhaps interrupting the bloodflow through the heart will stop the operation and it works just as the League is overrun. The Structure terminally ruptures, the drones shut down, and the Atom is able to make it out alive.

The Army takes the structure away, possibly for use against the League now they're aware the superheroes have an orbital weapon in the Watchtower.


General Eiling General Wade Eiling first appeared in Captain Atom Vol. 3 #1 (March 1987) as one of the chief manipulators in the Captain Atom project. (see "Initiation" for the Captain Atom analysis.) Through his career he has been forced to deal with metahumans on several occasions from helping the newly formed Justice League fight the Appelexian aliens, to working with Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad, to helping Captain Atom, Maxwell Lord and Amanda during the Invasion! event. Dying of cancer and obsessed with power, Eiling eventually had his brain transplanted into the body of one of the few foes the League never managed to outright defeat - the perpetually-regenerating super-strong Shaggy Man. Shaving his entire body and dubbing himself simply "The General" (and looking not a little like Marvel's Hulk), Eiling joined up with Lex Luthor in the second incarnation of the Injustice Gang and has appeared sporadically since then fighting various heroes. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe.