Justice League Unlimited

Season 3 Episode 10

Dark Heart

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Dec 11, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Who would you be Superman, Batman, Green Lantern or The Atom?

    If I was to ask you “which superhero would you want be and why” who would you say? Batman because of his detective skills and cool cape, Superman with so many powers, or even Green Lantern and his ring? I’m beating not many of you would consider The Atom, the hero that shrinks. Up until this episode neither would I. But if you had the power to shrink down to such a size so that you could fit between Wonder Woman’s breasts, what man would turn that down.

    As for the rest of the episode, it was pretty much crap. Just a bunch of battle scenes that seemed pointless. The only thing we learn is that the Watch Tower has an independence day type weapon and that the US government doesn’t like. Doesn’t take an idiot to see that will come up in a future episode. I’ll give it a rating of 4 because of John C. McGinley as The Atom.
  • An entertaining episode, that is more significant for the ongoing storylines (THe military not trusting the JLU), but not without its entertainment value.

    This was a fine episode. Not Spectacular, as some of the other ones in this series are, but it does what it sets out to do. The viewer gets to see just how large the League is growing, some of the members really get to cut loose (THis is an issue for some fans likely, since somebody probably has a favorite hero that just never gets the screen time, due to the large ensemble that supports the main characters), and we see the seeds for humans, and the military not trusting the JLU, due to the power they command, further nurtured.
    This is actually an ongoing storyline that has its roots in the Previous Superman Cartoon, and while touched in Justice League, never really explored until Justice League Unlimited (Where it builds in Seasaon 1, climaxes in Season 2, and still exists in Season 3 ) (I\'m using the onld season listing...where Justice League was 2 seasons, and Justice League Unlimited is 3 season, not just seasons 3, 4 and 5.
  • The War of the World

    This episode moves right into things - couple spots alien structure, one of them gets eaten/consumed (presumably), the Justice League show up, and hordes of robot creatures emerge and plan to swarm the Earth. That's the first three minutes. Then call in a specialist hero to save the day, throw in lots of battle shots, and wrap it up with a vague hint of government conspiracy.

    This episode seemed a waste of Warren Ellis' considerable talents. For a guy who has written Global Authority and was selling it to the WB (unsuccessfully), this vaguely Stargate-ish tale of replicating mechanical invaders seemed imminently disposable. Hopefully they didn't pay him more then scale as a "name" writer, because all he did was what the staff writers have demonstrated they can handle.

    Presumably Ellis is a fan of the Atom and/or the concept of a "scientific superhero." The Atom gets a good amount of screen time and saves the day, and gets a bit more personality as the curious-to-distraction professor type. It seems a little dumb for him to start talking instead of acting sometime, but most heroes and all villains seem to do this in the comics anyway - at least the Atom has a reason here.

    Of the "main team," the emphasis is once more on the trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. The Flash is absent once more and Green Lantern is reduced to non-dialogue status. J'onn hangs out in the tower - it's still not clear why. You'd think being able to telepathically link the team would be useful and he needs the distance and isolation to do so, but he never does this (even though he does regularly in the comics).

    We get to see maybe 90% of the League newbies here and a few of them (Vigilante, Dr. Light, Atom-Smasher) get a few cool moments. Oh, that's the cowboy on the motorcycle, the Asian woman in black-and-white, and the giant-sized guy, for those just reading this review after having stumbled across this episode and have no idea who these relatively obscure heroes are.

    Generally it's another extended "spot the hero" cameo episode, though, like "Initiation"> and "Greatest Story..."

    And wow, this episode had a lot of black-and-white. Dr. Light in her black-and-white episode had the perfect camouflage...

    And finally we get another glimpse of the government conspiracy. Considering some of the Leaguers are weapons of mass destruction, the government's concern over an artificial one seems a little strained. Also, why did the League keep it secret and/or not check it in with the various governments? They seem to have worldwide UN-like operating status - why would they keep this secret? But presumably this'll tie in with the whole government-conspiracy story arc.

    Overall, there were some neat moments of characterization and a very little bit of overall advancement, but mostly this one was entertaining but forgettable.
  • Nano-tech robots are invading Nevada and its up to the Justice League to stop them. As they continue destroying these machines the machines rebuild themselves.

    This episode starts out with two hikers climbing messas in Nevada. When one of them mysteriously dissapears on the messa right next to a Nana war machine the millitary gets involved, and so does the Justice League. Its the military's job to evacuate the three nearest cities, while the Justice League try to defeat this menace.

    The machine produces different defense systems like little machanical spiders and large mechanical tigers. When the Justice League destroys one it rebuilds itself! In this episode it shows many smaller characters such as, Huntress, Booster Gold, Golden Knight, Vixen, Atom Smasher, and The Atom.

    They try and hold off the nanobots Superman goes to recruit Ray Palmer (Atom) to help because he is an expert on nano technology.He shrinks himself and enters the war machine. He tries to smash the controls but cant, they are to powerful to crush. Then The Atom plugs an artery giving the Dark Heart inside controlling a heart attack. In the end the war machine exploded and the Justice League saved the day again.
  • this is a great episode.

    this episode is about nano-tech robot aleins that can take over an entire planet are trying to take over earth but the justice league are going to stop them, but the nano-tech robot aliens are the size of rabbit's and every time you destroy one two more form, but the only way they can stop them is with the atoms help, this is a great episode.
  • all heroes unite to stop an alien robot from unleashing chaos in our world. but it's up to the Atom for the mission to succeed.

    this is one of the episodes when almost all of the JLU is involved. i like this episode because of that. we can see everyone involved, including the ones who were considered as the mediocre or the non-powerful (Shining Knight, Vigilante), and we also see former heroes who were not appreciated get in the act and actually help (Booster Gold). here we also see a development of a conflict that will be later used as grounds for the disband of the JLU (the power of their sattelit station). this is where the real story of the Justice League Unlimited starts.
  • An end of the world scenario with the whole JLU involved. Though witty and exciting at parts, the whole story falls apart under its own logical contradictions, and the heroes’ response to the threat is not realistic or believable. Thumbs down!

    An action-packed full team running interference fighting the huge space menace's minions while the specialist saves the day episode. Some witty lines and moments, but the story is filled with so many glaring holes that it becomes unenjoyable.

    I can deal with generally powering down the big heroes [Superman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, etc.] in order to pull out a good story with characterization.

    But this episode was driven completely by a big premise, a plot concept, a huge intergalactic threat that continually replicates that the heroes can't shut down. The writers even take time to throw some pseudo-scientific explanation in there to explain it all.

    Fine, power down Martian Manhunter, as they have been doing for the whole season, because with intangibility, telepathy, etc., he's too powerful.

    Fine, Power down the Flash, who could have run the Atom to the Heart easier than anyone, because super-speed reaching the speed of light is also a big story-breaker.

    Fine, generally power down Superman, so that he's not so invulnerable, and so strong.

    That's all right. All of these elements have already been established in past JLU eps.

    But, Green Lantern could have put an energy dome around the thing, or at least the trench. At least sweep away or contain his fair share of the spiders. We've seen him do it before in previous eps, he's there on the field, so its weird that he can't do it now without any attempt at an explanation.

    Also, Ray Palmer is gabbing away about the thing's history to Batman while the heroes are on the brink of dying? When Palmer is cut off from Batman he asks about it? What does he need to be talking to Batman for? He's the only one who can stop the damn thing!!! And yet he doesn't immediately do so.

    Also, the Atom talks about needing to reprogram it at a molecular level so that it can't replicate again. Then he goes about trying to smash it, and then squeeze one of the six arteries going to it, and instead of this global weapon compensating, instead explodes gushing liquid everywhere? What happened to reprogramming?

    Furthermore, the Atom talks about how we can't let even a single molecule of the thing get out because it can start the cycle again. And they proceed not to incinerate or "reprogram" it, but have it explode liquid and leave the cleaning duties to the army? the hell?

    Too many glaring inconsistencies and problems with the premise and plot which is what this episode centered on for it to be considered very good. If it was focused on character development or revelation then I would be more lenient on its glaring contradictions, but this episode rended its own established logic to shreds. Definitely falls apart in the heroes’ lack of a realistic response to another end of the world scenario. [The Return was handled better]
  • This is a showcase of the superhero community. A generous amount of action, serious crisis coupled with some light hearted dialogues, and great lines delivered by the characters. A fun episode to watch.

    This episode contains great action and great dialogues. My favorite guest star of the whole series has to be Professor Palmer.

    Palmer has a great sense of humor. I love the opening scene of him and the light banter between him and his assistant, Katie. And he takes everything in stride; the way he took out the 'serpent', and is seemingly unfazed when Superman asks for his help.

    It also helps that he is voiced by John C. McGinley, who plays Dr. Cox on Scrubs.

    There are great character moments for most of the heroes as they try to slow the machines' march toward the nearby towns, and from there, the rest of the world. The JL drew a line and by god, nothing will cross it. It's great to see the heroes use their powers in an all out fight here.

    Beside the action, there are numerous little humorous bits sprinkled throughout the episode, as is the standard with this show. I -love- how calm Batman remains as he plunges toward the ground, his voice level as he calls for backup. At the last second, Superman drops by and the Bats resumes the mission as if nothing happened.

    Of course, there is a potential crisis here and the seriousness of the situation is not lost. There are a few grim moments (the implication of using -people- as raw material to make more machines is creepy) and some tense scenes as the battle rages on.

    Overall, it is a great showcase of our heroes using their skills in tackling this enemy, be it powers or brains, or both, and the characters delivered quite a few good lines. The introduction of The Atom is the highlight for me.