Justice League Unlimited

Season 3 Episode 10

Dark Heart

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Dec 11, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • An end of the world scenario with the whole JLU involved. Though witty and exciting at parts, the whole story falls apart under its own logical contradictions, and the heroes’ response to the threat is not realistic or believable. Thumbs down!

    An action-packed full team running interference fighting the huge space menace's minions while the specialist saves the day episode. Some witty lines and moments, but the story is filled with so many glaring holes that it becomes unenjoyable.

    I can deal with generally powering down the big heroes [Superman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, etc.] in order to pull out a good story with characterization.

    But this episode was driven completely by a big premise, a plot concept, a huge intergalactic threat that continually replicates that the heroes can't shut down. The writers even take time to throw some pseudo-scientific explanation in there to explain it all.

    Fine, power down Martian Manhunter, as they have been doing for the whole season, because with intangibility, telepathy, etc., he's too powerful.

    Fine, Power down the Flash, who could have run the Atom to the Heart easier than anyone, because super-speed reaching the speed of light is also a big story-breaker.

    Fine, generally power down Superman, so that he's not so invulnerable, and so strong.

    That's all right. All of these elements have already been established in past JLU eps.

    But, Green Lantern could have put an energy dome around the thing, or at least the trench. At least sweep away or contain his fair share of the spiders. We've seen him do it before in previous eps, he's there on the field, so its weird that he can't do it now without any attempt at an explanation.

    Also, Ray Palmer is gabbing away about the thing's history to Batman while the heroes are on the brink of dying? When Palmer is cut off from Batman he asks about it? What does he need to be talking to Batman for? He's the only one who can stop the damn thing!!! And yet he doesn't immediately do so.

    Also, the Atom talks about needing to reprogram it at a molecular level so that it can't replicate again. Then he goes about trying to smash it, and then squeeze one of the six arteries going to it, and instead of this global weapon compensating, instead explodes gushing liquid everywhere? What happened to reprogramming?

    Furthermore, the Atom talks about how we can't let even a single molecule of the thing get out because it can start the cycle again. And they proceed not to incinerate or "reprogram" it, but have it explode liquid and leave the cleaning duties to the army? the hell?

    Too many glaring inconsistencies and problems with the premise and plot which is what this episode centered on for it to be considered very good. If it was focused on character development or revelation then I would be more lenient on its glaring contradictions, but this episode rended its own established logic to shreds. Definitely falls apart in the heroes’ lack of a realistic response to another end of the world scenario. [The Return was handled better]