Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 6

Dead Reckoning

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Feb 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

At a remote monastery, the Master speaks to the unseen figure of a ghost, Boston Brand. Brand about how he caught the man who killed him a year ago and he feels he's ready to pass on to "the next level." The Master reveals Brand's destiny is to avenge the monk's death. Outside, the Legion of Doom emerge through a mystical warp led by Lex Luthor and followed by robot troopers and dispose of the temple's guard.

The Legion burst into the monastery and the monks fight back but without effect. The Master confronts them but Devil Ray quickly dispatches him. The remaining monks leap forward, angered at the site of their leader, while the incorporeal Brand is unable to help the lead monk, who tells him not to waste his time and that they will meet again. Deadman enters the body of Rampage and takes her over, then smashes Devil Ray. Tala uses a spell to exorcise Deadman from Rampage and then they go to the monastery's statue and take the Heart of Nanda Parbat. A green floating essence leaves the remaining monks (who collapse) and enter the Heart. The Legion departs through a mystical warp while Deadman can only look on.

Back at Legion Headquarters, Tala gives the Heart to Grodd and Luthor demands that Grodd explain what he'll use it for. Grodd concedes they need to steal a field generator to meet the power demands. Rama Kushna, a god-like spirit, confronts Deadman at Nanda Parbat and tells him to confront the Heart to restore the monks to consciousness.

At the Watchtower, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are wrapping up their reports when Deadman enters Superman's body and asks the others to help him. Batman recognizes him from when he helped Brand solve his own murder. Deadman brings then up to speed on the theft of the Heart and the death of the Master, one of Batman's martial arts teachers. They piece together a description of the villain team and determine Grodd is responsible. Deadman gets a vision of Africa and they quickly conclude Grodd is heading for Gorilla City. They contact Solovar, who is already under attack. They beam down and send Deadman on ahead to shut down the field. He takes over the Atomic Skull and shuts down the field, and the three heroes enter while Grodd confronts Deadman and Tala mystically torments him.

Tala is unable to destroy him but banishes him from the field generator building. The League members are demolishing the assembled villains and Deadman enters Wonder Woman to take revenge on Devil Ray for killing the Master, but stops short of killing him. Grodd, Luthor, and Tala are working to install the Heart to power Grodd's mind-control device, but Grodd reveals that his true plan involves genetic manipulation. Grodd activates the signal to rewrite human DNA – a devolution ray that will turn every human on Earth into an ape.

The three Leaguers continue to hold their own when the ray activates and they are transformed into gorillas. Lex and Tala are similarly transformed and they teleport out. SuperGorilla manages to destroy the generator and they revert to normal. Devil Ray tries to kill Wonder Woman and Deadman jumps into Batman and shoots Devil Ray, knocking back him into a panel and electrocuting him. Batman is less than thrilled and before Deadman can apologize, Rama Kushna summons him and warns that the scales of karma are unbalanced but the monks' essences were set free and they are back to normal…including the Master. The Master warns that Deadman's work is not yet done.

At the Legion headquarters, a disgusted Lex Luthor takes control of the operation and shoots Grodd, while Tala fawns over him.



Deadman first appeared in Strange Adventures #207 (Sept. 1967). Circus aerialist Boston Brand wore a red costume and a white skull-mask when performing where he defied death every night. He was shot in mid-performance by an assassin, but he "awoke" as a spirit and informed by a goddess, Rama Kushna, that he would be allowed to seek out his assassin and gain vengeance for his own death. Brand sought out his killer, with the only clue being that the man had a hook for a hand. He eventually allied with Batman and found the killer was a member of the League of Assassins. Brand eventually avenged his own death but remains on the material plane as a supernatural guide and occasional superhero.

As a ghost, Deadman is permanently incorporeal and invisible to normal human perceptions, can fly, and travel to spiritual realms of existence. His primary "superpower" is that he can possess most sentient beings by merging with their bodies. When he does so he can completely control their actions and speak through them, and they have no memory of what happens during their possession. Brand retains his abilities as an acrobat/aerialist par excellent and can use those skills inside a host body. He can also use the superpowers of any host, although it often takes him time to gain experience. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe.


Rampage first appeared in Superman Vol. 2 #7 (July 1987). STAR scientist Kitty Faulkner was experimenting with extracting clean energy from sunlight when a short-circuiting device transformed her into a massive orange-skinned berserker. She fought Superman who managed to defeat her by absorbing her solar energy into himself. She later learned how to control her rampages and maintain her intelligence in her super-powered form, and occasionally acted as a hero. Rampage possesses enough strength to rival Superman, superhuman resistance to injury, and the ability to store and manipulate solar and other forms of energy. This is Rampage's first appearance in the WB animated universe.