Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 6

Dead Reckoning

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Feb 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Grodd wanted to turn the world into gorillas?! Supes, Bats, and Wondy were turned into gorillas. Hehe. :)

    Grodd's big plan was to turn everyone into a primate. That's a strange plan for a giant monkey with higher intellect.

    I loved the part when Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman were turned into gorillas. They were all... Well... They looked like the type of guy who lazily sits in front of the T.V. all day if you just look at their bodies. I can't get the horror out of my head! I'm kind of sad that they only stayed as gorillas for a few minutes. How sad.

    I'm already a monkey, but I do not want to be a gorilla.

    Bruce and Diana FOREVER! :)
  • Bizarro comes closer to his comic form.

    As any comic geek knows, Bizarro speaks in a backward fashion. He says hello when he leaves and goodbye when he arrives. Here, we finally see use of that in Lex Luthor and Bizarro speaking the opposite of their intentions to communicate. Something I always missed in Superman TAS continuity.

  • Luthor might have been scornful of Grodd's ultimate plan. But, then, Grodd didn't fill him in on all aspects of the plan. Did he?

    For example; in the comic book story, "JLApe" (which is what partly inspired this episode), it was revealed that Grodd can absorb the bio-energies of his fellow simians. So, if Grodd's masterplan--in the episode--had continued uninterrupted, the devolved Legion of Doom might have suddenly found themselves dying off. And, a result, Grodd might have also wound absorbing the collective powers and abilities of his "team-mates!"

    As for Tala's reference to Grodd letting her out of that "magic mirror?" Considering the episode that preceded this one, I can only assume that he recruited Mirror Master's help. Perhaps, as the price for helping the Rogues' Gallery escape from prison, so they could spoil the Flash Museum's opening ceremonies.

    I also liked Mark Hamill being cast as the voice of the Trickster. He originally portrayed the character on the 1990 live-action CBS series about the Flash. And, the laugh he used there is what led to him being used for the Joker's voice on the animated Bat-series starring Kevin Conroy!

    Guess it's just a classic case of things coming full circle.
  • A wonderful JLU episode. I Don't quite understand Grodd's big plan, or the Deadman character, but I like this episode anyway:o)

    This episode was really wonderful! I'm glad that this season of JLU has stayed on par with the Cadmus arc in terms of animation and writing. I'm also glad that new episodes are premiering on Cartoon Network now! But anyway, about this episode.

    "Dead Reckoning" is an all-around exciting episode. Things were kind of over my head concerning Deadman, The Master, and some weird energy thing named Rama Kushna or something. However, it didn't take away from the episode for me, though it might require suspension of disbelief from others like me who are unfamiliar with these characters.

    Kudos to Dwayne McDuffie, who kept the writing in this episode nice and sharp. One amusing part in this episode concerns Superman, who becomes possessed by Deadman in the beginning of the episode. However, I didn't really like the big reveal of Grodd's plan at the end to turn the human race into gorillas.

    The animation is very nice in this episode. It's great that the people behind this show have held up the standard of the Cadmus arc last season. A few parts could use tweaking, but they were barely noticeable.

    All in all, this is another wonderful installment of Season 5. The characterizations of the heroes and villains are all wonderful (except for Grodd and his plans of an earth full of gorilla-people). The ending was especially wonderful. (Without spoiling too much, one part involves Batman and a gun, and the other part involves a change of power in the Legion of Doom.) Keep up the good work, JLU!!!
  • Plot twists, surprises, lots of action, top shelf villians and a unique guest hero - all the ingredients that have made this series so enjoyable were present and accounted for in this episode. Sit back, relax and just enjoy it.

    There were only two minor flaws with this episode:

    1) There was plenty of room in this one to have more than just the big three involved in all the action (we did get a brief glimpse of Mr. Terrific in his new role).

    2) It was hard to believe that Grod's big score was to turn everyone into Apes. If this was the real purpose in forming the Legion of Doom, then Luthor should have shot the writers involved with making this sequence of episodes. However, I don't think this is the case and I do believe this is all going someplace else.

    Seeing both Devil Ray and Grod get blown away definitely gave this episode a deeper sense of gravity and finality than other mid-sequence episodes. Deadman's central role in this episode made the plot more unpredictable. The strong cast of supervillians made for lively action sequences that fit perfectly with the story line. It was fun to watch. I just hope that episodes like this just keep coming.

    There is no doubt that this episode marks a turning point in this ongoing Legion of Doom sequence. With Luthor in charge, we know new direction is in store for both the Legion and the League. Once again the writers of this series have piqued my interest as I look forward to the next new episode.
  • Dead man needs the assistance of the Justice League to save the souls of some monks and to avenge the death of his master.

    I am finally happy to see this show come back nad sad to hear that it is going to have a short run. I think that this a great show for all generations.
    I like that this show brings out a lot of charaters that you would not normally see.
    I thought that this was great episode. I think that the last few shows since there return have been great and cartoon would be remiss if they didn't bring back this show for another season.
    I would hope that cartoon network sees how great of a show this is and bring it back for more seasons.
  • Interesting they remind us that the great monk was Batman's long time trainor.

    I thought it was interesting how Batman took it hard that the great monk had passed. Since it you compare it to Batman Begins I am assuming he takes the role of either Liam Nissan or some other old Monk who trained him. I enjoyed it. It did reveal some good ole batman history. Any show that does that I have to enjoy. PS. Thats the most we see of Superman all season. And thats him being possessed by a dead man and then turned into half ape. Great appearance Clark.
  • JLU had begun to falter, but this brings it RIGHT back around for another swooping run that spans multiple age groups.

    ((Contained within are some slight spoilers for this episode!))

    I'd lost a lot of faith in JLU when this whole "Legion of Doom" thing, I wasn't sure I liked the whole "updated Superfriends" idea, especially after the season before was such a mindblower. This episode allayed many of my fears. Though the line between hero and villain is still thick, the episode seemed to not only be the death of two pivitol characters (not revealed in this review) but the death of the "stupid superploy" that has marred superhero cartoons (and comics) for so long. It also restored much of the maturity, but isn't resorting to alienation of children completely, though it should definately be watched with a parent, or at least older sibling. In any event, a fantastic, faith restoring episode. Also good to see Deadman (with the amazing ability to be dead!) finally making an appearance in the show.
  • JLU continues to bring back old and often forgotten characters.

    Watch out DC animation here comes Deadman. Deadman is an often forgotten character that has shown up in numerous guest spots. Aquaman and Batman have both seen his ghostly presence. DC animation is breathing new life into some characters that have been forgotten. It is a refreshing change to the characters that we are so familiar.
  • Much better episode this week than last week's crappy ep ...

    Episode #84 - Dead Reckoning - 2/18/06

    Much better episode this week than last week's crappy ep ... although most ppl would probably disagree. Then again, most ppl lack serious taste. Not saying it was great, just saying it was better than last week's pointless Flash focus.

    In this ep, Master Grodd's band of supervillains (including Luthor, Bizarro, Skull, etc.) cross over into a secluded region where an Oriental Monastery sits. They try to break in but are attacked by the guardians - its monks, who are more than a match ... until the bad guys start playing dirty.

    Once they reach the gate, the oldest and wisest of the monks, the Master, tries to stop them, but is unable to save his own life when pieces of the monastery are blasted off and come tumbling down, crushing him. In a fit of rage, Boston Brand, a spirit and ex-student of the Master, possesses one of the villains and attacks.

    However, they still get what they came for - some kind of glowing orb, which they use to capture the souls of all of the monks. After they leave, a godly force tells Deadman that he must get it back at any cost.

    Boston possesses Superman's body and explains the situation to Batman - who knew the Master well as his teacher. Bats, Supes, and Wonder travel to Gorilla City, a hidden city in Africa, where Grodd has attacked.

    Deadman is able to break the barrier surrounding it and the Justice League members (just the core three) battle the supervillain forces. Grodd, in the central control chamber, explains to Luthor his plan - to turn the entire human race into gorillas using the orb!

    After it is placed into the machine and activated, a surge of energy pours out, changing all of the humans - including Luthor, Bats, Supes, and Wonder, into big, ugly apes! However, the JL breaks in just in time and destroys the machine just after the villains escape.

    The orb is broken, and the souls of the monks are restored back at the monastery. However, one of the supervillains sneaks ups on the heroes and is about to fire at Wonder; Brand sees this and quickly inhabits Bats, then shoots and inadvertantly kills the villain.

    After Batman regains control of his body, he is shocked that "he" has just killed someone, and the godly spirit summons Brand for his mistake. When he returns to the monastery, he finds that the Master is also alive, and he tells him that the balance is ... well .. unbalanced, and that his work on this plane is not yet done.

    Back in the supervillains' lair, Luthor shocks everyone by pulling a gun on Grodd, deriding him for his plan of turning everyone into apes, and shoots him. He then takes control as the new leader of the evil alliance.
  • De-evolution!?!

    This episode started off pretty well. Deadman was finally introduced. Deadman is a different kind of hero, he's not affraid to kill anyone, but he unbalances the scale when he does kill.

    The hero's portrayal in this episode was quiet genaric. The master "dieing" was needed, but I thought Batman would be a little more vengful. I guess a darker Batman is out of the question, well he's getting old anyway. He's still my favorite hero!

    Grodd's plan was absolutely rediculous! reverse the human's evoultion? I think mind control would have been a little bit better. Plus, how many women has Grodd been with? I hope Grodd is gone for a while, as his plans seem to suck more and more. I think he's lost his edge.

    With Luthor now leader, I'm expecting some bigger changes. I also hope to see if he reunites with Braniac, or has he truely become insane? I would love to see Lex lose that stupid green suit and switch back to his injustice gang uniform. It was reminisent of the Super Friends Lex Luthor, and it would be fitting since Grodd's base looks like the Council of Doom's head quarters.

    This episode was ok, but silly.
  • go Lex

    over all it was a good episode, with some nice needed drama, I really feel bad for Batman, like the guy didn't have enough problems to deal with already

    but the ending is what truly bumped this episode from an 8 to a 9 for me. Lex is awesome and has finally taken his rightful place as leader of the Legion of Doom
  • Suprisingly sub par.

    Well this certainly wasn't the best they've done.
    After seeing Flash and Substance I am really suprised to see an episode like this one.

    I mean, There were some great elements for example the death of Devilray (The first stage of the Aquaman Embargo perhaps?) and the action sequences.
    But Batman's reaction to it did seem a little too calm. Seeing how in the classic BTAS episode "His Silicon Soul." The mere thought of him taking a life caused his robot duplicate to go completely nuts, you'd think ole Bats would've had a little more remorse...not to mention the fact it was done with a gun.

    I'm inclined to agree that Grodd's Plan did seem a little weak.
    Although knowing Grodd this is most likely isn't the last we've seen of him. Being the cold calculating genius he is this couldn't possibly be his master plan.

    Lex shoots him and takes over? It can't possibly be that easy.

    We saw the way Metallo's mind shorted out... you think that an evil mastermind like Grodd wouldn't have a fail safe on the minds of all the loners and crazed madmen he has in his employ?

    Also whatever became of the piece of Braniac he had in "I am Legion"? Lex wouldn't do a damn thing to Grodd until he had the piece in his hand. this act by Lex was completely out of character.

    The plot seemed real rushed in this one.
    This episode really did suffer from the half hour format.

    But with the bad comes good.

    Boston Brand A.K.A. Deadman.
    Great to finally see this DC character finally show up. And quite frankly quite suprising.
    Now if only we could've seen the Batman Deadman pairing that was mentioned early in the episode.
    Was this an episode of BTAS that was planned and never completed? or just a quick way to keep the story going? Again, the half hour format makes the plot really suffer.
    All in all it was a good episode but it certainly has a lot to answer for.

  • What can I say, for me is another episode of JLU, without surprises but very acceptable.

    Good episode, interesting script, but I don´t like this guy Phantom....
    I like (always) wonder woman, Batman when he felts bad when shoots to manta and all the enviroment of tibetan monastery and the monks figthing rememeber movie like hidden dragon.

    And we see here that (like in the movie Batman begins) Mats recognices that the monks deade was his arts marcial teacher
  • It had its good and bad aspects, for sure.

    Well! This wasn't quite the episode I was expecting. While I love the addition of Boston Brand, an interesting character I have had no past experience with, I found the plot a little strained.

    After watching this series for five years, I find myself likely to buy into ideas like a "heart" powered by the souls of mystic monks. And the ghost thing was believable enough. But am I really supposed to believe that the "super-amazing, dastardly-fiendish" plot of Gorilla Grodd's was to turn humanity into apes?!? Yeah. Right. Now you've lost me.

    This was like a flashback to the ridiculous plotlines of season one. Or better yet, the overblown stories seen in reruns of 'Justice Friends'! After all of the build-up?! Creating a super-army of evil-doers? Rigging their minds to fritz when questioned about the uber-secret plan? Gathering seemingly unrelated objects? AND blackmailing Luthor? Just so Grodd could build some dime-a-dozen doohickey that Superman tears apart in about two seconds?

    No. I refuse to believe that this is what was intended. It is my firm belief that Grodd is working in conjunction with perhaps Tala to bring about a darker purpose.

    My ideas? It's linked to Superman destroying the machine. Did anyone else catch the focus on him being electrocuted, and then passing out? My only hope is that Grodd infected Supes somehow. As well, I doubt a bulletwound from Luthor is going to keep the gorilla down. We'll see more later, I'm sure.

    The high point of the episode was the Batman/Devilray escapade. Not only was the murder of a villain by a superhero a great aspect for this show, Bruce's reaction was indicitive of a further development. With the promise of more from Deadman, I doubt we've seen the last of this idea, either.
  • Generally a good episode, but Grodd's ultimate plan didn't seem too ultimate in the end.

    WARNING, spoilers

    Lex and the rest of the super villains steal "a mystic totem" from a bunch of monks in order to complete Grodd's device to execute his ultimate plan. When they steal the device, they also steal the monks souls, which are connected to it. Deadman's job was to protect the master of the monks and now he must get back the mystic object and the monks souls attached to it.

    Deadman goes to the watch tower and posesses Superman and asks Batman and Wonder Woman for help. He identifies the villains he saw steal the object with the Justice League's computer database of villains. They deduce that the seemingly random villains working together must have a leader and based on John's last mental encounter with Giganta, they conclude that Grodd is the leader. Deadman also tells them that he is receiving images of Africa from the souls of the monks, which to the Justice League can mean only one thing...Gorilla City.

    When they get there, they send Deadman in to disable the forcefield and let the rest of them in. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman fight many of the villains working with Grodd in Gorilla City and eventually work their way to Grodd and Lex. Now we finally get to see that Grodd's ultimate plan was to turn all humans into apes. This plan seemed to be developing over the past few episodes, yet when it was finally put into action, all it took was Superman easily destroying the machine (as an ape), to stop anything from happening. Grodd sounded soo confident that his plan would succeed, announcing "It's too late!" when him and the other villains saw Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman and left in a portal. So why did they just leave? I would expect someone as smart as Grodd to protect a machine executing his master plan a little bit better.

    So much time was spent making preparations for this and it all just fell apart in the end. Grodd seems to have changed since the Justice League episodes "Secret Society (parts 1 and 2)". He definetly had things under better control back then.

    Lex takes over Grodd's league of villains at the end and vows to come up with a better plan.
  • A good arc-progressing episode, albeit one with a big hole near the end.

    Possible spoilers therein.

    It was really good to see some progression on the major arc of the season, especially after the unreasonably long hiatus. This was a good episode, but there was one key element that was poorly done, and as such this up scores below par.

    Before that the good: Deadman's return and interactions, esp with Batman were interesting, and hopefully there will be ebougn time to see some ramifications of this.

    I liked the bit with the Supes and WW trying to get Bats to let his hair down. JLU truly excels in these character interaction type moments.

    The bad: I won't reveal it here, but oh god the master plan. *That* was Grodds plan?


    Luthor was right to do what he did. Hopefully he's been reading up on the Evil Overlord list better than Grodd did.
  • Lex Luthor and a group of villains attacks a school of monks to steal a mystical object. However, Deadman witnesses everything and enlists the League to help. Discovering that Grodd has taken the Legion to Gorilla City, the group defeats Grodds master pla

    Here we go. Another episode aired foreign. When will Cartoon Network learn? Anyway, surprisingly, unlike Flash and Substance, this was an excellent episode. A fine example of how an all out fighting episode should be done, with a little plot flow.

    Nice to actually learn of that giant yellow ladies name finally (Rampage) and awesome to see Tala returned from her entrapment in the mirror. Of course at the end, it looks like Grodd recruited some extra muscle to the Legion with alot of unknown characters and a few known ones (Sinestro, Livewire, Tskuri, etc.)

    Of course this episode probably marks the last time we ever see of Devil Ray. Poor little man gets shot...by Batman? You read right folks. Batman picks up a gun and blasts Devil Ray into nothing but a smoldering pile of dust...thankfully, he was possessed by Deadman. But still..you'd expect to see him react more dramatically instaed of just storming out.

    Time for some negs. The voice work bothered me...alot. Wonder Womans and Talas were WAY off. Wonder Womans was too light and squeaky sounding, while Talss didn't have that accent nailed down like she did in the Balance, which we all loved so much.

    "Are you going to tell me? Or just keep torturing me!"

    Of course Tala has some other problems in this episode like being attracted to a gorilla. Thankfully that didn't last long...being that Lex Luthor did like Grodds master plan. Turning humans into apes? THATS the plan? Luthor, you'd better have something up your sleeve...

    Anyway, great fighting episode. It seemed to go WAY too quickly though for some reason. Oh yeah..Deadman. He was good.