Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 6

Dead Reckoning

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Feb 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • A wonderful JLU episode. I Don't quite understand Grodd's big plan, or the Deadman character, but I like this episode anyway:o)

    This episode was really wonderful! I'm glad that this season of JLU has stayed on par with the Cadmus arc in terms of animation and writing. I'm also glad that new episodes are premiering on Cartoon Network now! But anyway, about this episode.

    "Dead Reckoning" is an all-around exciting episode. Things were kind of over my head concerning Deadman, The Master, and some weird energy thing named Rama Kushna or something. However, it didn't take away from the episode for me, though it might require suspension of disbelief from others like me who are unfamiliar with these characters.

    Kudos to Dwayne McDuffie, who kept the writing in this episode nice and sharp. One amusing part in this episode concerns Superman, who becomes possessed by Deadman in the beginning of the episode. However, I didn't really like the big reveal of Grodd's plan at the end to turn the human race into gorillas.

    The animation is very nice in this episode. It's great that the people behind this show have held up the standard of the Cadmus arc last season. A few parts could use tweaking, but they were barely noticeable.

    All in all, this is another wonderful installment of Season 5. The characterizations of the heroes and villains are all wonderful (except for Grodd and his plans of an earth full of gorilla-people). The ending was especially wonderful. (Without spoiling too much, one part involves Batman and a gun, and the other part involves a change of power in the Legion of Doom.) Keep up the good work, JLU!!!
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