Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 13

Destroyer (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM May 13, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Rushed, Haphazard, Incomplete.

    Although, Justice League Unlimited was a tremendous show overall, you could literally see the stretch marks as the writers tried to cull together an ending with little time to work with. As the various characters are suiting up for the final battle, we were reminded of all the character development and unexplored characters that the series hinted at since its humble beginnings. And finally, another important aspect was left out of the finale. Where was Captain Marvel during the looming apocolypse? He was important enough to devote an entire episode too, but not so important that he was even referenced. Its clear to see that the series creators wanted so much much out of this endeavor. Ironically, its too bad Cartoon Network seems so intent on destroying quality animation.
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  • (spoilers) Nice ending to a great series

    ok to start of with the action of out of sight it was awsome, the fight between superman and darksied started off slow but took off near the end when superman finaliy let lose a ittle , just think it started with batman the Animated series to this just wow no other show like it, I have to say it ended the way it was supose too thres no other way to end a series like that , I will miss it, maybe we'll get a dvd release only movie oneday I hope... thankyou Justice League for 5 great years,
  • The Justice League Unlimited Finale lives up to it's expectations and more. In the final episode Darkseid is back and brings the army of Apokolips to attack Earth. Now it's up to the forces of good to stop him.

    So here's my review of the episode and it will contain spoilers. In the final episode, Darkseid is back thanks to Lex Luthor's negligence and has his sights set on earth, so the Justice League squad gears up for battle against this most devious foe. Basically in the series finale there is one major battle where like every major Justice League/Justice League Unlimited character gets to do something to try and stop the villain. Even Jon who we thought would not appear, helps Wonder Woman fight against the army of Apokolips. The episode also features a drawn out battle with Superman and Batman against Darkseid, although Superman is the one doing most of the fighting. So here are the aspects I liked about the episode, the one thing I really enjoyed was seeing all the Justice League members in a really big battle. I started to become a bit disappointed when they began focusing on characters like the Canary, Hawkeye or Question instead of the Flash (who brought humor into the show). The best part of the episode of course is seeing Superman go full strength against Darkseid and beat him to a pulp until he gets caught in one of Darkseid's traps of course. Then it's a different situation. Now here's the negatives of the episode, Green Lantern and the Flash only get like 2 lines in the finale. They are like the most interesting combo behind Superman and Batman. Also Batman gets a bit of a secondary role. However the ending where Lex Luthor and Darkseid disappear was pretty entertaining. Leaving the possibility of another animated movie in the near future. Overall it was a good end to Justice League, but in my opinion the First 2 seasons were much better then Unlimited.
  • I guess there is no better way to see them go out than to see them go all out... (SPOILERS AHEAD)

    Had I known this episode was the last of the series I think I would have savoured the moment a little more. Talk about a bittersweet episode - some really great moments and one-liners, but all of it leading up to the wrap up of a great little cartoon series.

    Of course, there's no other way I would have expected this to go than to have everyone finally team up - good and bad alike. And despite that predictability, I still wasn't disappointed.

    I do wish they had stetched this plot to at least one more episode. As far as I'm concerned, there was a lot of material covered in this two-parter, and I think a lot of it merited more attention. Like, the time travel guy, and maybe a little bit more about the anti-life equation. Don't get me wrong, I know there has to be closure, especially for the young ones out there, but a little bit more about Darkseid's fate would have been nice.

    Otherwise, a job well done all around. I look forward to seeing what Bruce Timm cooks up for his next project.
  • kind of sad that there will be no more justice league. SPOILER AHEAD

    really disappointed that this is the very last episode of the Justice League Unlimited. However, it was a great way to end it as a two way episode bringing Darkseid back. Anyways, Darkseid and his army fly in to take over Earth and the entire Justice League goes to fight them. They team up with the Legion of Doom and actually work pretty well together. Darkseid fights Superman and both get beaten pretty badly. However, Darkseid does eliminate Superman from the battle. Lex , with the help of the time guy, figures out a way to beat Darkseid and sacrifices himself to do so.

    great ending with Lex actually doing some good at the end. Jjon is back too which is awesome because he's actually stronger than Superman but the producers didn't want him to be the best.

    great ending.
  • Awww.. Series Finally!!

    Too bad the series is done with this one.
    but this is a good episode... it makes up for the none plot developments of theentire 5th season... well... compared to the 4th season which IMO is the best season. but this episode CRAZY!!!

    he's back in action and crazy
    other than that

    Superman was crazy when he said that he's been holding back and then he owns darkseid... that was craaaaazy... i loved it.

    the ending was nice too.. batman lightens up and well a nice change.. just like how in the comics now.. batman has strangely lightened up too... but GREAT EPISODES.. one of the best
  • The Last of the League, and Conroy?

    Pretty enjoyable as an ending. Packed with good action, and interesting references! Galactus and Captain America? Holy universe mixing, Batman! (Anyone else see the recent FF comic where they were in the basement of the Baxter Building, and the Giant Penny and T-Rex from the Batcave are in the background?) Too bad they did not have time to wrap up more character stories with some detail, like Bruce and Diana, and GL and ... whomever!

    I would be very sad to think this was the end of 14 years of Kevin Conroy as Batman. I have not heard of plans to continue, other than "The Batman" which I'm pretty hot and cold on.
  • Darkseid takes revenge on the Justice League

    This is a nice wrap-up to the series. I would have preferred that it paired my two favorite baddies, Darkseid and Brainiac. (I've always thought Lex Luthor to be one of the least interesting, and most over-used, of the villains in the DC universe.) The display of raw power in the battle between Superman and Darkseid is fantastic, and the story is very well written. The only drawback is that, with so many villains and heroes in the mix and the half hour format, some of the characters barely get any screen-time. I like the fact that things aren't tied up neatly at the end. The adventure goes on....
  • I liked this episode. It was a great way to end the series.

    I Miss This Show. It was a great show, and th series finale was truly great. I enjoyed the part when Superman got to let loose and beat the stuffing outta Darkseid. It was cool to see how Lex Luthor got screwed. I enjoyed that part as well. I was wondering though, are there any plans to put it on DVD. I would buy the seasons. I think the show should be brought back for more seasons. This show, as well as Teen Titans both ended in remarkable similar ways. Both of the major evil groups had joined together,and they all had to call in reinforcements.
  • Apokolips goes to war with earth Darksied fights superman The justice league repel a global invasion

    A fantastic episode.
    The bad guys team up with the jlu.
    The league defends paris ,london ,china ,metropolis and others.

    The fight between darksied and superman is where this episodes at.
    They pound lumps out of each other, leveling builings matrix revolutions style.
    Batman gets his licks in aswell with bat grenades.
    Superman tells darksied that batman never quits as long as he has breath in his body.
    True ,bats is very stubborn

    Luthor appears at the end
    with the anti life equation
    and uses it to end darksied
    once and for all (we hope)

    And we get a closing scene of every jlu member
    running towards the camera.

    now i have a tall building to go leap
  • Quite an exciting episode!

    Man this was a real good episode plenty of action and other things to draw on. Batman was as tough as always and did his thing to take care of the bad guys. More and more villains just keep trying to show up and beat on Superman why do they even try he has a whole army of friends that have his back at any moment they need start joining the right side because there has got to be over a hundred super heros up in their station but that was a good idea to get an army of his own but theres no way that could work against superman.
  • this was a great episode.

    the episode was great everything about it was great it is the episode ever seen, the episode was very well written, the writers were really having some great ideas to come up with the great plot for this great episode, this maybe the last but it's most definatly not least, but the only question I have, where did lex and darkseid go, anyway it's a great great great great great episode.
  • The end of one of the most masterfully written shows on TV.

    I love JLU and the end of the show was bittersweet. Darkseid came back and they packed as much as they could into a small 30-minute time slot. I especially enjoyed the fight sequence between Darkseid and Superman, who proved in this episode why he is the leader of JLU. For the sake of balance, since Secret Origins, the series premiere, was in 3 30-minute increments, Destroyer, the season finale should have been given the same respect. The anti-climatic ending and the unresolved issues of two of my favorite characters, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern leave something to be desired. Hopefully they will fix this with a movie or something. All in all it has been a great series and I enjoyed watching it form start to finish.
  • I deducted one-tenth for a slight continuity discrepancy.

    Just like in the WB series finale of SUPERMAN: TAS, the writers seemed to have forgotten that Highfather Izaya had put Earth under his planet's protection. So, why didn't the New Genesisians protect Earth during the Superman-led invasion? To say nothing of the Thanagarian invasion!

    As I recall, Orion gave Superman a pretty good run for his money, when it came to the mistaken-identity slugfest they engaged in, the first time they met. So, what happened? Did a brainwashed Kal-El prove too much for him, during Apokoliptian Invasion #2? And, if so, did that lead to a revocation of Izaya's Treaty of Protection?

    Even if that were the case,, you'd think that Mr. and Mrs. Miracle (Scott and Barda Free) would've used their Mother Boxes to call New Genesis for help during this third invasion!

    That long-winded nitpick aside, I thought the rest of this episode was a great way for the series to come to an end. Thank you, Warner Brothers, for all my viewing pleasure.
  • One of the rare comic/cartoon shows that stayed true to the source material and built upon it seamlessly. Without out a doubt the greatest episode. You want a JL movie script? Steal this episode word for word and expand from there!

    This was easily the best episode, best written, big surprises throughout all the way to the very end.
    Although I too have a problem with Supes, "I was pulling punches foo, let me show ya sumthin".
    Dont get me wrong it was the coolest action sequence Ive ever seen from the big S, easily.
    But, did he not give his all when he was fighting Darksied inside Brainiac's asteroid base thing? Or the other times he fought him, like after he recovered from getting brain washed an leading Apokolip's armies? They should have shown the punches from supes to be so much that they ripped large chunks of atmosphere temporarily off the planet, making some of the other superhero's stop their fighting cause they briefly couldnt breath or something like that. So we at least get a believable, tangible reason for Supes holding back all these years. And maybe the reason he can stop holding back now is because it took him this many years to master his powers fully enough to do it without killing everyone around him and on the planet.
    Personally I would have liked if Darkseid would have toss the anti-equation aside laughing that his new powers go far beyond that now, but then supes would break free of the agony matrix thing, crush the kryptonite dagger, get all pissed off and say something like, "warm up's over" with a horrified expression on Darkseid's face. Then show batman a good distance away and suddenly a giant explosion leveling most the city and batman watching a fiery meteor flying with ridiculous speed into space. Then Flash would pop up,"What the heck is/was that?" and Batman would reply,"Unless I miss my guess, thats whats left of Darkseid".
    And to add more credibility to the full power scenario at the end of the episode, Batman an Superman would have a private discussion. Batman would get really pissed at Superman for not using his full power sooner, all those other times the league almost lost. Even question why they need a league if he is that powerful, like "Is this supermans version of the cub scouts? Charity work?" but then Superman would let him know why he didnt use it sooner.
  • A great episode one of the greatest season finales of the show. That epsiode was good way to end the show.

    The episode had a lot of action and drama. I've watched this show for a minute and I think Lex Luthor and Darkside were great villans to end the show. Although I think the leave of Martian Manhunter(earlier in the season) and his return at the end was pointless. The episode would have been better if it had ended with an hour long episode. The fight between Darkside and Superman was to quick and it looked to easy compared to other times Superman has fought Darkside. Although Superman said he was tired of not using all of his power to fight because he didn't want to hurt anyone.
  • Or should I say, with a heavy heart, "exactly why I watched this series".

    The best episode of the entire series (in my opinion, at least) starts with Luthor and the other members of the Legion of Doom that survived, coming to the Justice League for help.
    Superman agrees to let the Legion join the fight, seeing that they are going to need all the help they can get to defat Darkseid.
    All over the Earth, dozens of Parademons attack, but find members of the Justice League ready for them. The ultimate fight occurs in Metropolis, on top of the Daily Planet building, where Superman, Batman and Luthor await for Darkseid to appear.
    Superman fights Darkseid again, this time determined to destroy him once and for ever. Superman finally admits he has never before shown anyone his true strength, and after a superb speech, punches Darkseid all over the city. However, Darkseid tricks Superman and entraps him inside the Agony Matrix.
    Meanwhile, Luthor confronts Metron and tells him to show him how to defeat Darkseid.
    When all seems lost and Darkseid approaches a fallen Superman, while holding a Kryptonite dagger, Luthor returns and gives Darkseid the only thing he ever wanted: the Anti-Life Equation. Darkseid touches it and both he and Luthor dissappear in a flash of light.
    The fight is over, and the members of the Justice League have won; Earth is saved. The seventh founding member has returned, after missing from the last few episodes, and together with all the other heroes, run down the stairs of the Metro Tower towards a new adventure, an adventure we unfortunatelly might never see.

    This is one of the best Justice League episodes ever with all out super war going on through out the world Superman finally unleashing his full power and Batman showing why he doesn't need Super powers to be one of the finest superheroes. This show should never have been cancelled.
  • It is a pity that we will not have any more episodes of this wonderful show. One of the most attractive characteristics in the show is how political the comments of the characteres are.

    It is a pity that we will not have any more episodes of this wonderful show. One of the most attractive characteristics in the show is how political the comments of the characteres are.
    One big question that I have is why Super Girl was part of this episode, didn\'t she choose to stay in the future in the episode \"Far from Home\"? And if she came back from the future for this fight, why she didn\'t bring some of the powerful super friends from the future with her?
    I will really miss to watch new episodes of this wonderful show.
    Thank you to the creators, writers, producers and everybody involved in this wonderful project!
  • Destroyer - Best episode ever...at least in the top 3

    The action was tremendous. If this was the series finale then I wish the episode was at least 60 minutes long. It was off the hook. The legion and the league hooking up to save the world. I\'ve been wondering what happened to the martian manhunter. It was great to see him back in action. If only I could quickly change my body from overweight to slender like Jonn did. It would\'ve been nice to see more episodes with Darkseid. The fight between him and superman was okay. I don\'t quite understand the ending between Luthor and Darkseid. I don\'t understand what Luthor had that was so important for Darkseid. Anyway, I enjoyed this episode. Luckily, I was able to record most of the recent episodes...just in case no new episodes are made.

  • This episode is, well how should I describe it... GREAT!

    This episode is one of the best episodes I have ever seen, perfect for being the series finale of Justice League Unlimited and I think that is one of the best episodes ever, personally because I like Superman very much thanks to its interpretation in Smallville as Clark Kent with Tom Welling, well, the thing is that I think that this episode is one of the best episodes I have ever watch in my life of Justice League, and I think that is perfect for ending the series of Justice League, it is just a great episode.
  • In the series finale, it's all out war against Darkseid and the Justice League. It's a knock out episode with nonstop action.

    Oh, this episode was so cool! The action in it was great, kept you goued to ever second. The fight with Darkseid, classic. The way Superman went all out, was the best! Too bad it's ending, this was a great series. Since it has to go, this episode is a great way to end it. And the end scene, very nicely done.
  • Justice League ends on a rather different note than I had hoped.

    First off, let me say that this was a pretty good episode in and of it's own, but this is the series finale and so I must treat it as such.

    I have to tell you that as a series finale, this really didn't wrap much up at all, in fact it left more loose ends than the original series finale did (Epilogue) which weren't very many at all.

    Okay, bringing Darksied back was pretty well done, but I preferred Brainiac/Lex being the final villain in "Divided We Fall."

    As a matter of fact, the ending wasn't even much of an ending at all. We find that Darksied might still be alive after all that was done. (making the last five minutes of the show almost pointless) There was no reconciliation between John and Shayera whatsoever. And Superman stating that he has to constantly hold back when does anything was okay, but it opened a plethora of plotholes and various "why didn't you do this kind of thing sooner?" kinds of things.

    There were some redeeming elements in this episode (which I will not post, because I don't want to spoil too much) But all in all, I think "Divided We Fall" and "Epilogue" made a better series finale.
  • Woah! Darkseid came back with a vengence.

    To start things off, Luthor informs the JL that Darkseid is back and that he took Braniac away from him. I was wondering why Darkseid looked a little on the techno side. I guess his will was stronger than Braniac's virus like computer program.

    Batman, Superman, and Luthor charge to Darkseid's flying fortress while the rest of the League has to deal with Darkseid's forces. I do have a complaint about Darkseid's forces. Why didn't use his elite forces such as the Female Furies? They should have been Darkseid's personal guard waiting for Superman. I guess the writers saw that if Darkseid sent all of his forces against earth then there would be no hope of the Justice League winning.

    The battle with Superman and Darkseid was one of the most enjoyable I've ever seen. Superman didn't hold back anything in this battle! Had Darkseid hadn't surprised Superman with that electric rope thing, I forgot what it was called, then Superman would have probably killed Darkseid in cold blood. That itself is an interesting concept of Superman killing someone in cold blood.

    Imagine Lex Luthor saving the day by showing Darkseid the anit-life equation. A rather odd ending but I guess it would have done for now. Darkseid having that kryptonite blade was kind of awesome though.

    In a slightly comical ending, Batman suggests that the villains are given a five minute head start to get away. The most surprising part of this for me was Giganta kissing the Flash! Overall this was a very good episode!
  • Too bad it's ending.

    This was a great episode. The writer's pulled out all the plugs on this one. If you are a Superman fan this episode is for you. He "unleashes" all his potential, and that is all i'll say on that. This episode closes out well showing all the characters in the series, old and new. All i have to say is that you won't be dissapointed, until the end when you know it is all over. Hopefully they will realize their mistake and bring the show back. Two thumbs up for the episode from me. And a thousand thumbs up for the show/series.
  • I miss the justice leuge it was a great finale for this show its sad that they cancelled this show 6 month's ago sadly.

    it's a great finale the Justice Leuge team up with the Leigon of Doom to defeat Darkseid but at the end Lex Luthor sacrifices himself to deafet Darkseid great finale it's sad to see this show end after 4 years I miss the Justice Leuge A good finale I miss this show I wish Cartoon Network could make more episodes but I think this show might go downhill if it was renewed just like with Dexter's Labrotary and Family Guy but this is action not comedy so no it wouldnt end of review.
  • An all out war has been brought to Earth in the Form of Darkseid. Now, to save the planet, the remaining villians have asked the Justice League Core 6 (MM still MIA) and the Unlimited members to help them contain Darkseid! An all out war with has begun!

    Amazing and Sad at the same time. This episode showed why the series was Great. Bringing back the Core 7 for a final war. This is the biggest War Earth has faced since the Thanagarian Invasion of Season 2. Now, with the Unlimited League, Earth is able to save itself. The return of MM in this episode was a big unexpected twist, and a nice way to tie up that loose end from earlier in the season. My biggest complaint about this episode is that in some events of it, it seemed rushed. This episode would have done better as a 2 parter of just the battle, making the whole thing a 3 part finale. Unfortunatly that did not happen, but at least we did get this much. I was happy with the many twsits and turns, and in the end every one remaining true to their character (especially Batman and the comment about a gun).
  • Darkseid wants vengeance. Nuff said.

    Now, I didn't really watch much of Superman or Batman TAS's, so I didn't really grow up on Timm/Dini. However, I still love and appreciate what they did with JLU. This was a fitting end to the greatest superhero show ever. Darkseid was the ultimate threat to the universe, Lex saved the world, Superman cut lose and J'onn J'onzz finally returned to the ranks of the League. Plus, we got to see some villains do some real fighting. We haven't seen stuff like that since last week. Well, this was the end of an era. May the next superhero show be at least half as good as Justice League Unlimited.
  • Superman's punch - DAMN!

    Well, it's all over and I feel like a best friend's moved on. This episode was a nice nod to the whole series and the ending was staged very nicely. Notice how although the last heroes to come down the stairs were the original core of the League, the last shot was of Batman's chest emblem - simply because he was the first character to be animated by the production team!

    All that aside, that punch was jaw-dropping! To see Supes let go with a punch so powerful it appeared to warp reality, send Darkseid through several buildings, then piledriving him into the ground was fantastic. That being said, nothing will ever top their first major fight in Supes' series Legacy episode - that one still reigns supreme!

    On to Supergirl and the Legion!!
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