Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 12

Divided We Fall

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 16, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Lexiac attacks the justice league and tries to destroy the planet.

    The source of lexs super powers are revealed
    A nano virus version of brainiac has been slowly altering lex until it can put it`s self in a new body.

    In a classic case of missdirection
    Brainiacs skull shaped warship attacks the city .
    The league brings it down with a bump.
    And they soon realise brainiac was never in it.

    Lex and brainiac have absorbed the dark heart
    and build a machine to assimilate the whole planet`s information.

    A robotic version of the justice lords are also constructed to defeat the league
    but fortunately the flash has found the speed force

    Not for newbies but a classic bot of tellytainment
  • The infamous Cadmus story arc draws to an end with this perfect episode.

    Continuing directly from where the last episode left off, the Justice League finds itself in front of an amalgamated version of Lex Luthor and Brainiac. Brainiac reveals his true plan, and explains how he has managed to survive inside Luthor's body all this years. For those of you who want even more details, you must watch Superman: The Animated Series again (you got to love inter-series continuity).
    "Luthiac" attacks, and tries to digitize them and incorporate their essence, his one true goal in life. But thanks to J'onn they escape. After a battle with Luthiac's spaceship, the League discovers it was only a diversion and figure out where Luthiac is going: to reactivate the Dark Heart.
    An epic battle begins, as Luthiac "re-creates" the Justice Lords to battle the Justice League. But the real threat still is Luthiac, who is too powerful for the League to handle. After defeating six of the seven founding members of the Justice League, only Flash is left. He apparently decides to run away, but he returns from the other part of the world to hit Luthiac. He continues to run around the earth in seconds, continuing to hit Luthiac and breaking his armor. When he stops, he disappears, being called by the Speed Force. The others manage to pull him back out from the Speed Force, and Flash admits that he will never be able to go that fast ever again, without him dying.
    In the end, Superman and the other founding members attend a public meeting, where Superman declares he will decommission the Watchtower and disband the League. Green Arrow manages to make him change his mind, by reminding him that Earth will always need a Justice League. And that the Justice League will always need a Superman.
    A great end to a great story arc, which is definitely worth watching.
  • now, it's up to the original seven to defeat Luthor and Brainiac and their plot to control the world

    this is a ver fitting season finale. without the help of the league, superman, batman, wonder woman, green lantern, falsh, jonn and shayira will have to face the enemy all by themselves. it's nice to see the league fighting against their evil counterparts, the justice lords. one of the highlights of this episode was when flash defeats brainiac/luthor by going very fast. it shows how luthor did kill falsh and paved the way for superman to kill luthor. however, superman didn't succumb to the dark side, and the rise of the justice lords were prevented. nice plots twists and a very good ending.
  • Luthor and Brainiac merge into one superbeing. Crap. The Seven Founders suffer existencial angst and lose badly. Double crap. Flash pwns all. Yay! Then there is much sap and they live happily ever after. Yeah right, in this cartoon?

    What I really love so much about this episode is that it shows the full extent of Flash's growth since the pilot episode of Justice League. He isn't plagued by self-doubt like his teammates are during the fight against their doubles. He is perfectly confident in his place in the League, though he may not have been in the beginning. The ultimate sacrife he almost makes in the end when he tapped into the Speedforce to defeat Luthor/Brainiac is the highest point of the entire series. He reaches his full potential as a speedster and as a superhero in this moment. And when he disappears into the Speedforce it's like a blow to the chest. Your sitting there staring at the screen, thinking "He's gone?! He can't be gone!" Lo-and-behold, he isn't, and it's the biggest relief in the world. If it had been any other superhero who had died and come back you'd be like 'whatever,' but because it's the Flash your reaction is more like 'OMG yay!' Or at least that was my reaction, and I can't think of anybody who wouldn't be upset if Flash kicked the bucket. Fantastic episode. Just fantastic.
  • After a season of building up elements that date back to the Superman Animated cartoon, they finally resolve this, and boy do they do it in a big way!

    As a comic geek, I\'ve loved how the Dini/Timm team have taken some of our favorite comic characters, and given them a new life, and perhaps most importantly, done so in a way that feels like they are saying \"Sure we may go in different directions with characters, but we still respect them, and their history, and respect the fans who enjoy this\"

    In This epsiode, the cliffhanger shocker from the previous episode (That Luthor and Braniac have merged) leads to an inital fight with the Heroes and the new \"Luthiac\" amalgam. But this turns out to be a teaser, which in turn leads to a pivotal climactic confrontation. Knock down, drag out.

    Flash fans, who have been (Like myself) disappointed in \"the world\'s fastest Man\" less than plentiful appearances (possibly due to the rumored time issues that Flash voice actor Micheal Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor from Smallville) had with scheduling) are rewarded with not only Flash providing a few quips, and decent screen time, he turns out to be a most pivotal character in the final battle, and we even get to see a small nod to the Comic Flash\'s power source, the speed force.

    You need to watch the episodes that lead up to this to truley enjoy this masterpiece, but once you get here, you\'ll find its well worth it.
  • "SUPER Flash"!

    In the second last episode of JLU season 4, we saw near the ending a fight with Flash vs. Brainiac. According me that episode is one of the coolest, because you are really seeing Flash in action, when he fought Brainiac. Because when Flash ran, he turned himself into some sort of "human flash", because he was going so fast. And when he did that, he kicked Brianiac's BUT!!! :D I've bin thinking since Flash defeated Brainiac, is he actually now the most powerfully strongest member of the JL, because he killed Brainiac, which Superman didn't could, and we all know that Superman is the strongest member of the league, so... But all I wanted to say is that I love the episode, and I can watch it over and over again, without getting tired of it. :P
  • A Series Classic and should not be missed.

    This was an amazing episode. I find myself watching this episode over and over again. To realy appriciate the greatness of this episoe you have to have watched this entire series. There are aspects from Dark Heart, Better World, Flashpoint, and Panic in the Sky just to name a few. I also love how the Flash turned out to be the hero who saved the day in the end. This episode comes as close to perfection for a superhero show finale as you can come. The Luher/Brainiac villan is the perfect super villan for the JLU to be facing in their real season finale.

    Hats off to the justice League writing team... this was great
    the whole CADMUS thing was a good plotline
    I loved how the whole season was connected on this one underlying theme that lead up to this conclusion which was great.... this was the best season of Justice League, even better than the final season, which i already watched.
    The way Flash beats Lex-iac (Lex+Braniac=Lexiac)was crazy!!!
    kinda like how he almost beat the Anti-Monitor in the Crisis of Infinite Earths.. but this was just as cool.
    but i can't describe how satisfied i was with this season and this episode

    Just the whole thing was just great...
    honestly , i stopped watching justice league because in the 3rd season, there was not much of a underlying plot, just episode after episode, but not goal... but season 4 was what hoooked me back, I man am i satisfied!
  • The best.....

    This was by far the best episode ever! Although they (The 7) wanted to end the League in what was thought to be the best for the earth, in their view, it wasn't. Flash was the real hero in this episode. He show he can be as dark as Batman and as serious as John.

    LOVE IT!
  • Amazing conclusion to a great story arc.

    This is why animation done well is often so much better than live action drama. It just isnt possible to do the stuff we saw in "Divided" with real actors and sets. I just loved every single minute of it. In particular I liked the fight between the League and the copies. That was just done perfectly...even, I one case, closing up a relationship that had been left hanging to an extent.

    But the best part of the entire think was Flash as the hero. IMO he was never used enough in either the original JL or JLU. He could be such an interesting character but almost always seems to mearly be used as comic relief. It was nice to see him be the big hero for once. I also though it was really touching to see the bond between Flash and Hawkgirl come out again...they really are like Big sister and little brother.
  • Perfect. The best episode of a great series.

    There are plenty of reasons why Justice League Unlimited is as good as it is. There's the great writing, the wonderful animation, and the amazing voice cast. But this episode, perhaps more than any other, shows that the whole is even greater than the not-inconsiderable sum of the parts. There's just an indefinable something lurking between the frames. This isn't simply a great cartoon, or a great superhero story, it's simply a great show, and a good reminder to fans young and old that no matter if you're as powerful as Superman, we're stronger when we work together.

    The climax, as the most unlikely source saves the day, is nothing short of breathtaking.
  • The "Unofficial" Finale of Season 4 of Justice League...And what a finish!

    Words can not fully describe this episode of JLU...So I'll try my best.This review contains ALOT of spoilers.There's no way around it...

    ...you have been warned.

    Concluding the "Cadmus" Story arc of this season,a resurrected Brainiac pops out of Lex Luthor and explains his return to the Original Seven.They all attack and "Lexiac"(As I'll call him in this review)retreats into the sewers.The Lex half convines the Brainiac half to team up so "Brainiac can evolve beyond his original program".They break into the storage area containing the broken Dark Heart Nanomachines from the previous season,and Lexiac "powers up".

    The Seven battle Lexiac(and some NanoVersions of the Justice Lords) but the last member still left staying is...The Flash!This is where,thanks to some great animation effects,Flash really shows how powerful he is.As Lexiac holds down Flash to kill him(mirroring the events that caused the Alternate Superman to kill President Luthor during "A Better World" in Season 2)Flash breaks free and runs at Light Speed(!) straight into Lexiac.This causes Flash to tap into the Speed Force.He rips out the Brainiac parts of Lex and suddenly,Flash disappears!Lex mocks how he really DID killed the Flash in the end,Superman gets POed and is about to fry him with his Heat Vision when the Man of Steel tells him "he's not the one who kills President Luthor".

    Thankfully,Flash doesn't die and the episode ends with Superman telling the all the heroes he's disbanding the League.Green Arrow(The voice of reason)tells him they shouldn't just give up and how they ALL saved the world.The crowd applaudes and Superman tells them all he changes his mind,but this time around,they're going to do it right.

    This is the perfect example of what a Animated Series can produce.Excellent animation,deep characters,great music,well balanced drama/action/comdey,...well Outstanding everything!I give this episode my highest recommendation!

  • Everything I love about this show is displayed in this episode.

    "Divided We Fall" is the conclusion to the 4-part story of JLU. It's up to the original 7 members to stop Brainiac and his latest threat... fusing himself with Lex Luthor.

    The action, the drama, the intriguing story, THE FIGHTS... it's all here. Even more, it's all handled so well. It's great that the writers know these characters so well; the comic fans don't feel cheated and the non-comic readers get to see what these characters are all about.

    I've been reading comics for over 20 years and I'm seriously thinking about dropping comics and sticking strictly to the animated series. My only question is, what's next?!

  • After an epic battle against Brainiac, the original seven members are forced to make a tough decision that could change the future of the Justice League and rest of the world.

    Absolutely Amazing. "Divided We Fall" puts the season as the must-see comic book animated spectacle of the year. The series started with seven heroes and this season ends with the original seven founding members kicking some serious butt. The action and animation is top-notch. The fight scenes between the League against the Justice Lords clones and Brainiac's attack ship were truly unforgetable. The story is breezy but delivers some great thrills and some memorable moments. Flash goes to the limit to save the day and Superman looks ready to take down Luthor for good. The ending felt uneven but still very enjoyable. There are some fun moments and good dialogue in this episode. Loved the whole Green Lantern and Shayera changing rivals.
  • When all hope is lost there's someone who will save the day: The Flash¡¡¡¡¡¡

    We feel it we sense it, we all thought pretty much alike, For in this episode we are left to wonder If Luthor and Brainiac are going to win, BUT there's someone who can stop him someone with attitude, someone with speed, for he ran faster than the speed of light, and reached a point in which he defeated Luthor, For all that's good is represented, run Mr Wally, run like you've never run before, and reach the barrier to the speed force, and save all humanity.
    It's the best episode of the series and it proves that Flash is the most important character.
    For he shall run faster than the light itself¡
  • The culmination of the exciting Cadmus/Luthor cycle

    I enjoyed the whole cycle with Cadmus, leading up to this dramatic conclusion. The bit with Luthor and Brainiac joining was a little bizarre, but it provided for an epic battle. Flash going (near) light-speed to save the day was amazing. It was great to see the original seven back together.
  • Probably my all-time favourite of the new series thus-far!

    This was a phenomenal episode! The writers combined so much goodness into one epic adventure! The best aspect was Flash's victory over Luthor/Brainiac and his journey to the other side. After some serious lack of Wally in previous seasons, it was fantastic to see him shine. This only gives me hope for the new season! Definitely worth the wait.
  • A dramatic and powerful end to a wonderful fourth season. But a critical cliffhanger moment was wasted that was full of storytelling potential, and probably for external reasons. Plus Season Five side notes and wishes.

    The scene with the original 7 facing their Justice Lords counterparts and confronting their doubts and fears was amazing. The Flash speed force thing came out of nowhere and the fight with Braniac was spectacular. Just when you thought Braniac would kill the weakest link, Flash goes faster than he's ever gone before, and you can see it!! The freaking kinetic energy is pulsing all around him!! The horizon is changing each second!!

    BUT.....when Flash disappeared, I was thinking this is a perfect cliffhanger to leave the season on. Season Five would have so much more urgency as the JLU would have to try to find the Flash lost in the speed force. If it didn't trail into Season Five then at least a cliffhanger for the final episode where the JLU could try and tie up loose ends to their climactic battle and the damage to their reputation as heroes. They could in the process see their legacy and why its necessary for them to still exist as heroes, and decide to ultimately stay together. A future prophecy or glimpse of some great future battle or enemy could have been thrown in there (possibly brought back by the Flash), that would propel the fifth season towards that moment of doom. (like in Morrison’s run of JLA with “Mageddon”) That would have been a great season ender and cliffhanger.

    BUT Timm and Co. missed that opportunity. I wonder if "Epilogue" can hold its own. As much as some people hate cliffhangers, I love the thrill that you get with a cliffhanger and the expectation, speculation, and anticipation that builds till the next season.

    That moment when Flash disappeared as a result of saving the day, was a critical moment that I think Timm and co. messed up with. It had echoes of a great past Flash storyline in the comics, where he ran so fast in a crucial battle that he disappeared and was bounced all over the timestream, only to get back because of the people he loved. That was a great storyline, that truly tested Wally West’s character, and they could have done that in some way in the JLU animated series.

    But I may be asking for a lot. Like the ending says, Timm and Co. are only human. But on second thought I don’t think so. It's not asking for a lot. Whether they got back Flash or not in that instant didn't seem necessary plot-wise, and I think a bit of more prolonged tragedy (at least until they found him) would have been more dramatic and poignant, and also more of a reason why Superman would have wanted to disband the league after the fight.

    So great fight scenes and wrap-up, but a critical moment was wasted, which could have led into a great cliffhanger with immense storytelling possibilities for the next season.

    P.S. I’ve been doing some research and found that Timm and Co. weren’t sure if they would be picked up next season, so that is probably why they dropped the ball on the cliffhangers, because they wouldn’t be sure that they would be able to resolve it for the fans, so they quickly closed off the cliffhangers.

    P.P.S. Furthermore, the interesting and complex tension building between the superhero's methods, Cadmus, and the government seemed to have degenerated into a simple superhero brawl to resolve it all. There should have been more threads left dangling as a result of the heroes' actions, instead of the pat Lois and Clark final scene.

    But...again, it seems that Timm and Co. weren't sure if they were going to be picked up again, and I guess they wanted to resolve it for the fans.

    Side notes about the next season:

    1. Hopefully Season Five continues with the repercussions, character-driven and intrigue style that had been used this past season, instead of the one-note villian and back to status quo style that had been the previous norm.

    2. I hope that they pare the league down to about 10-15 main characters, with a rotating specialist like in the Morrison comic era. That seems doable, and guest stars could come and go, while maintaining a sense of team dynamics and character continuity.

    3. I liked the tonal notes of Kingdom Come at the end, with Superman dealing with the superheroes committing hubris and that they needed to reconnect with the people of Earth in order to best serve them.

    But Green Arrow’s speech seemed too pat and convenient, I think that ending would have led...again into a good cliffhanger and roll over conflict into the next season where Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman would attempt to reform the league (after the world starts to go in the crapper without them). But again, it’s probably because Timm and Co. wasn’t sure they would be picked up again for a new season.

    3. I hope they don't resurrect the JLU Cave or the old old International leagues and embassies, hopefully Timm and co. carve their own creative, fresh ideas on both the design of the new headquarters and how the JLU can reconnect with humanity.
  • OK, Justice league fight together again (the seven firsts) against Barniac and Lex Luthor. They have to stop´em before they destroy the earth and all the universe.

    More than a review i want to give my opinion.
    Here´s the thing: Lex appears again now with Barniac, they want to destroy the earth and the universe(ok, that is a little used, but it works), the justice league is weak so the seven firsts have to stop them(i like this, i haven´t saw them fighting together in a long time). The feature of the justice lords was awesome and i also like that mr. Macduffie gave Flash an important job(I mean, Flash hardly appears in the third season).
    If you haven´t see this episode i don´t want to tell you the end, but this episode is one of the best. You now Im in Guatemala and i haven´t seen all the 4th season, but i stay awake at 12:00 am to see this, now i have to wait every Saturday to watch a neww episode, still... I don´t regret.
    My score is: 10,000
    My description in one word: WOW!!!!!!!
    If someone want to talk with me my e-mail is: mblg3@todito.com (in english or spanish).
  • A great music piece and action all combined to give this episode a 10!

    This was the best episode i have seen from the Justice League crew yet! It had the action, the plot, and best of all the great music to go with it! It had everyting a episode should have. Hope to see more episodes like this one from the JLU crew.
  • Brainiac has finally revealed himself, living in the body of Lex Luthor for years, influencing his decisions, as the Justice League prepares to battle not one, but 2 of the world's greatest villians in one entity. Oh...and the Flash is the ****!

    This was an awesome episode! The music was great. The story leading up to this point was great. Even the angles, from the JL falling from the tower, to Lex/Brainiac looking slowly from one direction to another wondering where the Flash is gonna strike next. And the Flash...don't even get me started on that. He showed us why he's the fastest man alive. I had to do some research on the speed force. The Flash is the only one who has tapped into it. Great episode! One episode left. Can't wait for next season!
  • A horrible conclusion to a wonderful arc story.

    Justice League Unlimited had so much promise. After a mediocre first season that fell well short of the heights of Justice League had set in its second year, JLU began to find its footing. The writers began to adjust to writing half hour episodes, they began to find a good balance between “Big Seven” stories and “second tier hero” stories, and they took the government conspiracy (a re-occurring nemesis from the first season) and expanded their role to create a complex story arcing across many episodes. There were a few clunkers in JLU’s second season, sure, but I’ve never seen a season of any TV show that didn’t. My hopes were raised even higher when “Question Authority” turned out to not only be the best episode of the “Unlimited” format to date, but also the first part of what is (essentially) a four part episode wrapping up the Cadmus arc. I began to think that, if the rest of the arc story was as good as “Question Authority,” the second season of JLU might even rival the second season of Justice League. Then, slowly but surely, everything went wrong.

    At first things didn’t seem to be going too badly. “Flashpoint” wasn’t as good as “Question Authority;” it got a little too preachy about its political allegory at times and didn’t have quite the same level of coolness and dark humor an episode focused around the Question would have, but it was still pretty good. The destruction the Watchtower caused to a city was brilliantly rendered, Luthor’s schemes within schemes chilling to watch, and the cliffhanger with an army of Ultimen prepared to attack the Justice League maintained my hopes for an excellent finale to the Cadmus arc. Then “Panic in the Sky” aired and, while not truly bombing, failed to live up to expectations. The founding members of the Justice League turning themselves over to the authorities was a nice touch, and Batman’s reaction to the idea was spot on. However, once the Big Seven were in military custody and the Ultimen attacked the Watchtower, everything began to go downhill. First off there was the logical problem of, if the Ultimen were transported to the Watchtower via missiles, why didn’t Cadmus just send up a few explosive missiles and blow the space station up instead of relying on a clone army? Then there was the fact that the battle between the Justice League and the Ultimen, while cool to watch, failed to be emotionally involving. These new Ultimen were mindless drones, so there was no emotion on that front, and most of the League members they fought had never been given any dialogue before then, and even the ones who had speaking roles on the show before only spoke through inarticulate grunts during the fight itself. The only part of this big battle that could make me actually care about the combatants was the fight between Supergirl and her adult clone, Galatea. Their fight was handled well, being vicious, well animated, and delving into Galatea’s clone complex. Unfortunately, the Supergirl/Galatea fight ended and the Ultimen were defeated with only a few injuries done to the Justice League. This leads me into the main flaw of “Panic in the Sky,” which led to flaws in “Divided We Fall”: the Cadmus storyline ended one episode too early and anti-climatically to boot. Cadmus’s superhuman army got trounced by the League. We learned that Lex Luthor’s hidden agenda was apparently to transfer his mind into an AMAZO android and kill a publicly vilified Superman, but Amanda Waller thwarted this scheme, years in the making, less than a minute after Lex revealed it. Add in how Cadmus and the Justice League have apparently established good terms by the end of the episode simply because they both want to stop Luthor, and pretty much the entire Cadmus storyline was wrapped up with barely any trouble. I should have known this wouldn’t bode well for “Divided We Fall,” but the cliffhanger revealing that Brainiac has been living inside Lex Luthor all this time was such a shock that I didn’t think clearly.

    So, at last, we come to “Divided We Fall”, the conclusion of the Cadmus arc and final part of this four part episode. To call it disappointing would be an understatement. With all the plot threads stretching back nearly two seasons resolved, there really wasn’t much left for “Divided We Fall” to build off of. Instead of giving us a satisfying conclusion, the writers instead decided to bring Brainiac back from the grave to ally with Lex Luthor for a traditional destroy/conquer the universe plot. All the political intrigue, all the moral ambiguity, all the complexity that’s been building up for years gets resolved as quickly as possible so that we can watch the Big Seven beat up a super-strong guy trying to destroy the universe AGAIN!? I get what the writers were trying to go for; they were trying to show that the Justice League is ultimately good, not a bunch of costumed fascists, by showing them saving the world from a pretty unambiguous evil. But the fact remains that “Divided We Fall” is just that: unambiguous. A bad guy with plans for destroying/ruling the universe shows up only to be defeated by the Justice League in a gigantic battle, and that’s the end of it. Not only does this story take the time that should have been used to give the ongoing Cadmus plot a proper finish, but it doesn’t even handle the same themes. Oh, it tries to make itself seem relevant by having the Brainiac/Luthor hybrid create Justice Lord robots, making it seem like the “Luthor will kill the Flash” prophecy came true, and having Superman make a big speech to the world about the League’s purpose, but, when you boil it all down, it’s still just the Justice League fighting a guy who is really strong and evil. Superman’s acknowledgement at the end that the League shouldn’t have put themselves above the ordinary people really comes out of nowhere because the plot of this episode doesn’t deal with that at all. The only thing that really makes this episode’s story anywhere close to acceptable as an arc finale is we see that, believing Luthor to have killed the Flash, Superman doesn’t seek vengeance like his Justice Lord counterpart did, a plot point they’ve been focusing on for a while, but did the Cadmus plotline have to be derailed and replaced with a far less original and complex story in order to do that?

    A lot of people seem to love this episode, but most of that love seems to be directed towards the action scenes (which were well done, I’ll admit) and references to various comic books. Is that really all we’re supposed to expect from Justice League Unlimited, though? There were times early on when I thought JLU to be a little pretentious when it tried to deal with moral complexities and political allegory, but it eventually began to win me over and think that there really was depth and meaning to it. Now am I supposed to be satisfied with a finale just because it can make me go, “That fight rocked!” and, “Did you catch that reference to The Watchmen? Awesome!” If that’s true, if that’s all Justice League Unlimited is trying to deliver, then this whole arc story really has been nothing but a load of pretension.
  • The turning point for this season.

    An overall amazing episode. The fourth season had me disappointed at the start, because it instead focused on the new members of the League. While I'm sure this was important to later plot developments, I felt like I had lost contact with the heroes I had come to cheer for; the original founding members were the only reason I watched this show. However, as the season progressed, deeper issues were dealt with, such as how the "mere mortals" on the surface were frightened by the Justice League passing judgement from on high. This is an issue hardly ever dealt with in a super-powered series, and I found it incredibly innovative. The slow build up finally climaxed in 'Divided We Fall', with each character having to battle copies of themselves to finally defeat Luthor and Braniac. As each person finds it harder and harder to find weaknesses in copies of themselves, the League ends up helping each other and bridging the spaces that had been forming between them recently. They had been divided over certain issues, namely the Cadmus Labs affair. As the season progresses, we get to see a new, exciting version of Flash. He isn't just a joker anymore, he actually has important things to say. In a previous episode, he advises Superman with words of wisdom (The problem with 'an eye for an eye' is that everyone ends up blind), and it is he who eventually defeats Luthor/Braniac. He selflessly pushes himself past the limits of his known power and almost kills himself in the process. I believe this season, and especially this episode, have shown us another side, altogether, of each of the Founding Members, and it has also shown us that 'Justice' and what is 'Right' aren't always discernable in terms of black and white.
  • This is EXACTLY why the Flash is my favorite character.

    This was by far my favorite episode. The animators did a wonderful job this time, (and all the other times, for that matter XD) But the fact that they finally brought back the Flash in a full episode about him, that made me so happy. However, I was BEYOND pissed (sorry) at the fact that he almost died. I was so mad, my grandfather started to inch away from me. I never liked Luthor OR Brainiac, but this episode revealed to me just how much I despise them both. But it also made me realize just how much I like Flash. XP Call me crazy, but when they made it seem like Flash was going to die, I'm not sure what I did after. But, even when weak and almost dead, the Flash still manages to crack a joke. :3 Yay! There was also that PANG when he got up and left. The look on my face.... I could see my reflection. Then, we hear something, and BAM! Brainthor gets it good. REALLy good. Flash goes around the whole world, like 5 times in three seconds. Then, 'I can't go that fast again.' I squeed in fangirlishness. Best episode ever! But I've made that obvious.
  • one of the best episodes of JLU

    This episode was great, it tide up many of the lose ends from the last few seasons. But most of all the Flash finally was able to show that he really is a true hero, and saved the day at the very end. This was by far one of the best episodes of JLU I've ever seen
  • The cadamus arc that has been built up all comes to an end, and what an end! A classic battle using the original 7 to show why they were the one's to start it all.

    I think this episode was probably one of the best of the year. It neatly tied up everything that has been going on, and was a classic battle of good vs. evil.

    I was very happy with the choices not to kill any of the core JL members and the use of them in this episode. It has been a while since all 7 were in the same episode, all with their voices and not being just backgrounds.

    I think the way it ended left room to explore a what's next, but this was a nice and neat way to tie up the loose ends, and make a start for a new begining.
  • Hands down has to be the best episode of one of the best superhero animated series ever.

    Justice League Unlimited had a pretty poor start. A lot of uninteresting plot lines starring uninteresting characters and were not tied together and had no effect on anything else in the universe. But this past season, all I can say is WOW. and this episode? Un-friggin-believable. Growing up in the 90\'s, there were plenty of great great animated superhero shows. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, X-Men, TMNT, to name a few. They all had great plotlines and story arcs, but none on the grand scale of JLU. the writing for this series is phenomenal. The way everything fits, and fits well together, boggles the mind. Clearly these people learned from their years of experience, and they\'ve rewarded us viewers with simply a classic superhero series, to define the genre. No other animated series in the past few years even comes close. If you don\'t get chills watching Flash run around the globe in 4 seconds and knock Luthoriac (or Brainithor) flat on his back, you're an unfeeling cold and aloof individual. Mad props to the writers, and of course, the voice actors. Knock my socks off every episode.
  • The Flash saves the day.

    So, this may be the very best half hour of animated television ever. I mean, Lex and Braniac teaming up to be a super baddy, amazing. And the League standing strong together. Also, Flash is my absolute favorite hero, it was great that he was the one to save teh day. I also loved seeing Superman as Clark. Great way to finish. I really hope we have another season.

    It was great to see all the first members together again without any of the new characters involved in the Luthor/Brainiac fight scene. And I always thought the Flash was more speed then strength, and the when Superman said he was disbanding the JL. i almost cried. Ive always preffered this show over any japanese cartoon airing that time.
  • With Brainiac taking over Luthor, the seven original Leaguers must try and stop him.

    There are very few Justice League episodes that I have loved this much. 'Divided We Fall' proves to show the true power of the Leaguers. The battle between the the League and the pseudo-Lords was great and I laughed a few times, especially when GL 'killed' Lorder Hawkgirl saying 'she broke my heart' and Shayera doing the same to Lorder GL.

    Flash also got his dues when he took on Brainiac/Luthor. It's a pity though that he can't go the speed of light again. I ehnjoyed watching the team work together to pull Flash out of wherever he was. I actually shouted "Batman Cares!" when I saw how Batman was struggling.

    Lastly, I would like to stop on the ending of this episode. When I first heard that Superman was going to end the League, (thanks to the Canadians) I was surprised. But I was glad happy that they decided to put in embassies around the world. It made a good setting for the upcoming season 5. Like I said before, I gave the episode a 10/10. On a final note, I'd like to end with a question to ponder on: "Who will guard the guardians?"
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