Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 6

Double Date

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Huntress is on her way to kill Mandragora. But when she shoots her crossbow arrows into what she believes to be him sleeping soundly, discovering Mandragora gone. She sets about to find Mandragora, getting into some trouble on the way.

    So this episode is particularly special to me personally. Huntress is my personal favorite hero ever. I had been wanting to see this episode for a very long time and just happen to turn on Boomerang to find that it was playing that night. I think I actually squeeled like a little girl, but we're not going to talk about that. :) Anyway, what I like about this episode is that they play up Justice League members that aren't normally shown: Huntress, Black Canary, and the Question. I like that they followed to an extent the eventual relationship between Huntress and The Question as seen in the comics. The other thing that I liked was that in the comics, Huntress was in the Justice League, invited by Batman, and eventually kicked out by Batman. It just happened that Martian Manhunter did it in this episode but that's what really happened. What I didn't not like however was the character of Mandragora because in the comics it wasn't him who killed Helena's family. Huntress is portrayed as how I always see her in the comics which is a hard core, butt kicking, vigilante. I just thought it was all pretty perfect. Huntress rocks!
  • There’s an intense amount of action present, as well as great dialogue, character interaction and great animation to back it up.

    One of the darker elements of the story was Huntress’s origin. While they didn’t show her parents dieing, combined with Question’s voice over and the visuals we see, it was a rather chilling thing to watch. You get a bit of a Kill Bill Vol. 1 vibe from the flashback, which is similar in the placing of the little girl. Both stories show the little girl witnessing the death of her parents, only, obviously, Kill Bill does it in an extremely gratuitous way, where Justice League Unlimited couldn’t (and I don’t think would have anyway), so it was all off-screen. Perhaps I’m drawing arrows between two things that are unrelated, but the scenes just felt somewhat similar, with, again, the violence aside. Mandagora in himself is a rather interesting character. He reminds you of Albino from Batman Beyond’s “Mind Games”, although in appearances only. However, in addition to talking, this one is a lot tougher than Mr. Albino; that’s not body fat Mandagora’s carrying, he’s complete muscle. He withstood Canary's scream (including his pants! They must be made of his body) and he gave Arrow, Question and Huntress quite a work out. And now the more I look at him, he kind of looks like Ozzy Osbourne…

    There are really no qualms I have with the episode. It’s got a really nice presentation, great characters and some hilarious dialogue. The voice actor for Question also deservers another kudos—his “Bored now, go away” had great delivery. Great episode all around and highly recommended.
  • I love this episode! fave: Huntress

    The Huntress was amazing. her great martial arts skills were also superb. too bad she was kicked out of the league. if i were the martian, i would not have done that. the league needs more of this kind of heroes with guts. i wonder why her costume has changed from the alot-of-purple-less-black costume to less-purple-alot-of-black costume. maybe that whole purple cape didnt suit her lol. well i think the question is quite lame. he is like a detective without a face, how did he end up in the league? well who cares? black canary\'s powers were like only ableto use for a short while. i think think she should have an un-tired-able throat so she can beat up those enemies!
  • I just thought this was a cool episode because they gave a little backstory to a \"Batman Beyond\" villain.

    Steven Mandragora\'s son, referred to only as Edgar in this episode is a pudgy albino kind of like his dad. In the \"Batman Beyond\" episode \"Mind Games\", Batman fights a telekinetic ; a massive albino who looks a lot like Steven Mandragora and is only referred to as \"Edgar\" in that episode as well. It can\'t be a coincidence. The only difference is that Edgar seems pretty normal in \"Double Date\", albeit an albino and the son of a crime boss, and yet in \"Mind Games, he\'s completely mute and has eerie mind powers and is of course about fifty years older. Can someone add this to Allusions please?
  • The Huntress is booted out of the League and strikes out on her own to bring her family’s killer to justice. Green Arrow, Black Canary and the Question get involved as well as they to take down crime lord, Mandragora.

    To date, this is my favorite episode of the Justice League. I’ve always been a huge fan of Green Arrow, so the more screen time that he gets, the better. I also love that they’ve expanded upon the romance between Black Canary and he. I admit, I really didn’t think that the show’s creators would give them so much development.

    And what better way to accent GA and BC’s team-up than with another bizarre matching – the Huntress and the Question. Jeffrey Combs has always been one of my favorite character actors, and I love the cynical rakishness that he brings to the Question. I admit, I know very little about this character other than that he carried his own comic title in the early 90s. But I think he fits in extremely well with the street-level heroes of the DCU, such as Green Arrow. I’ve also always been a big fan of the Huntress. I like that she’s a vigilante that is willing to go that extra step. She is willing to cross boundaries that even heroes like Batman would never cross. Similar to the GA/BC relationship, the Huntress finds herself drawing close ties to the Question and their brash kookiness adds a distinctive flavor to the show overall.

    I think just about anyone who watches the show will agree that this was a fantastic episode. But it’s even more special if you happen to be a big fan of Green Arrow, Black Canary, the Huntress and the Question.
  • it's green arrow and the black canary vs. question and huntress

    couples in the justice league are a certified things to watch for. just like in this episode, when the question and huntress love team is revealed. i like the pair. i think they look good with each other. of course, nothing beats black canary and green arrow. what is special about this episode is conflicting ideals. heroes finally square off each other in the thought that they are doing the right thing. nothing beats the time when heroes fight one another, only to find out the enemy is just confusing them up. this is one of the nicest episodes from the justice league.
  • Brilliant.

    I can't even remember a Justice League episode that took place before this one.
    My favorite episode of Justice League and the original seven are no where in sight, The Question and Huntress make a killer debut in this episode and they make a great tag team against Black Canary and Green Arrow, the fight scene- incredible and the chase scene hilarious, train! I see it. TRAIN! I see it! Huntress and Black Canary became my favorite female heroes in this episode; I mean you just can't do it like they can. I'm a sucker for a good cat fight.
  • The Question is...when does the Question get his own series?

    And so we get an episode that features primarily on the second-stringers. J'onn shows up briefly (to come across as Mr. "I've Let Authority Go To My Head") but otherwise the focus is on the four relative newcomers - Question, Huntress, Green Arrow, Black Canary.

    The Huntress gets most of the attention since this is basically her (recapped) origin story. She's the driving force behind the show and pretty much everything revolves around her. Unfortunately, other then being consumed by vengeance and getting over it (sorta) at the end, we really don't find out a lot about her. And she's got a thing for guys who take her under their wing.

    Black Canary is somewhat oddly portrayed as the hot-tempered one, even though it's typically the other way around in the comic books. Green Arrow comes across more as long-suffering. But it is confirmed they have a romantic relationship...which we must have missed since the events of "Cat & The Canary."

    The real significant character here is the Question. He's still obsessed, but we find out a little more about him as a human being, since he knows Huntress is playing him and goes along with it anyway. The only mildly disturbing thing is he's doing it because he likes her...and he knows from the beginning she's lying. So he liked her before they ever met. Maybe he goes through his garbage too?

    But the Question isn't quite as as interesting as either his first appearance (in "Fearful Symmetry") or in a few episodes in "Question Authority." He's kinda blah, too, but there's certainly the potential for him to get his own solo series. Hopefully they'll give him a shot.

    Glenn Shadix (Otho in Beetlejuice) is basically the most interesting character. He's obnoxious with a heart of gold...well, tarnished gold. Fat (but muscular) and an epicurean, he's playing everyone against each other - only the Question seems to rival him or outsmart him. The ending, where he has enough wherewithal to withstand three Leaguers, is a little convenient. Shoudln't the League have some idea of his power? And why did J'onn send two bodyguards who couldn't handle Mandragora, much less anyone who would come after him who would at least be his equal?

    Overall, this was a generally okay episode with a few bits of personality from each of the five main characters, introduced by comic writer Gail Simoe. It didn't really advance the season arc and just presented us a few character bits as having already occurred off-screen (the GA/BC romance, the Question's interest in Huntress). An adequate episode that otherwise doesn't really do much. - one gets the impression Simone was looking elsewhere (and in fact when she was writing this, was undertaking enw projects like "Villains United"). It's her usual good work...but it's nothing great.
  • Not everyone can save the World.

    4 Heroes who don't have great physical powers or shape shifting abilities get together for a great one shot.

    Good chracters, good story and amusing interactions. I like The Question and Green Arrow, well defined and full of personality. I also find Black Canary and Huntress to be more examples of the strength of women on this show.
    The back and forth between both "couples" is extremely satisfying and well written.

    Good episode.