Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 6

Double Date

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Question is...when does the Question get his own series?

    And so we get an episode that features primarily on the second-stringers. J'onn shows up briefly (to come across as Mr. "I've Let Authority Go To My Head") but otherwise the focus is on the four relative newcomers - Question, Huntress, Green Arrow, Black Canary.

    The Huntress gets most of the attention since this is basically her (recapped) origin story. She's the driving force behind the show and pretty much everything revolves around her. Unfortunately, other then being consumed by vengeance and getting over it (sorta) at the end, we really don't find out a lot about her. And she's got a thing for guys who take her under their wing.

    Black Canary is somewhat oddly portrayed as the hot-tempered one, even though it's typically the other way around in the comic books. Green Arrow comes across more as long-suffering. But it is confirmed they have a romantic relationship...which we must have missed since the events of "Cat & The Canary."

    The real significant character here is the Question. He's still obsessed, but we find out a little more about him as a human being, since he knows Huntress is playing him and goes along with it anyway. The only mildly disturbing thing is he's doing it because he likes her...and he knows from the beginning she's lying. So he liked her before they ever met. Maybe he goes through his garbage too?

    But the Question isn't quite as as interesting as either his first appearance (in "Fearful Symmetry") or in a few episodes in "Question Authority." He's kinda blah, too, but there's certainly the potential for him to get his own solo series. Hopefully they'll give him a shot.

    Glenn Shadix (Otho in Beetlejuice) is basically the most interesting character. He's obnoxious with a heart of gold...well, tarnished gold. Fat (but muscular) and an epicurean, he's playing everyone against each other - only the Question seems to rival him or outsmart him. The ending, where he has enough wherewithal to withstand three Leaguers, is a little convenient. Shoudln't the League have some idea of his power? And why did J'onn send two bodyguards who couldn't handle Mandragora, much less anyone who would come after him who would at least be his equal?

    Overall, this was a generally okay episode with a few bits of personality from each of the five main characters, introduced by comic writer Gail Simoe. It didn't really advance the season arc and just presented us a few character bits as having already occurred off-screen (the GA/BC romance, the Question's interest in Huntress). An adequate episode that otherwise doesn't really do much. - one gets the impression Simone was looking elsewhere (and in fact when she was writing this, was undertaking enw projects like "Villains United"). It's her usual good work...but it's nothing great.
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