Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 23, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Sixty-five years in the future, the history of the Justice League is the key to Batman's darkest secret...and Terry McGinnis' final destiny.

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  • Even though this is a "Justice League Unlimited" season finale, this is a great conclusion for "Batman Beyond"

    When I was watching "Batman Beyond", it reminded me of Spiderman, when a teenager became the hero, after the death of a relative. 65 years later, Terry went to Amanda Waller for answers. It was revealed that Bruce Wayne is the father, not his original father. The reason Amanda Waller re-written Terry's genes the past years, is because the world needs a Batman and the world will never be the same without him. At the end, Terry plans to propose to his longest love interest: Dana and accepts (and treats) Bruce as his father. Not much of a "Justice League Unlimited" season finale, but a pretty good end to the "Batman Beyond" series.moreless
  • What an episode

    although if you want to watch the justice league in this episode you'll be disappointed- on the other hand if you like batman the animated series then you'll love the fact they wrap up all of the lose ends from BTAS, batman beyond and most of the justice league... also a cameo from the phantasm from the film "mask of phantasm" will suprise you!!! 10/10
  • 65 years in the future Terry McGuinness learns about his relationship with Batman and get his priotites straightened out.

    This episode would have been a good ending for Batman Beyond, but it is NOT a Justice League episode and I have no idea why you put it there. I would expect to have the future Justice League mostly featured in the episode. Maybe see what Wonder Woman, Superman, the Martian Manhunter, Flash, Jon Stewart and Hawk Girl were doing 65 years from now in addition to Batman and Waller. And I expect to see more action. There was far too much talking and talking and talking. It was nice to see the connection of Terry to Bruce Wayne but for a young kid like me it was confusing.moreless
  • While it is a Justice League episode, it does make for a good Batman Beyond finale.

    While it was nice to get a Justice League series in the first place, it would have been nice to see Batman Beyond go on for another season.

    And while the movie "Return Of The Joker" was the best from the series, it was disappointing that it had to end with Unmasked airing for it's final episode. Mainly because Batman and Superman will always have the comics to fall back on, whereas Terry might not.

    So as you can imagine when this episode aired, it was nice to visit Terry's time again in "The Once And Future Thing Part 2" and this episode. Though it was a shock to find he was Bruce's son, it doesn't ruin the coincidental meeting between Bruce and Terry (from the Batman Beyond premiere). Plus I'm thankful they touched upon Terry and Dana's relationship. Good move.

    But hey, they call it Unlimited for a reason.moreless
  • Ties everything together neatly.

    This episode is both an epilogue for the Cadmus storyline in JLU, and an epilogue for Batman Beyond, which never got the finale it deserved.

    There's a lot to appreciate here for people who are fans of the DC animated universe as a whole. Though it's mostly a "lost" episode of Batman Beyond, there are callbacks to the Batman animated series, JLU (of course), and even Return of the Joker and Mask of the Phantasm.

    I doubt that they had all of this planned the whole time, but they pull numerous storylines together brilliantly and seamlessly.

    Also, it's cool to see Terry finally grown up and taking on the Batman mantle completely from Bruce. It's strangely poetic that of all Bruce has been through, of all he's suffered, he lives a long life to eventually die of old age. (It's not depicted or even implied, but it's very likely, and it's how I think his story works out best.)

    All in all, this episode is a brilliant capstone to both an amazing season of JLU, and a great run of Batman Beyond.moreless
Will Friedle

Will Friedle

Terry McGinnis

Guest Star

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Dana/Tibetan Green Lantern/Dr. Light

Guest Star

Hynden Walch

Hynden Walch


Guest Star

CCH Pounder

CCH Pounder

Amanda Waller

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When talking with Terry and before offering tea, look at Waller's left shoulder. The shadow on it cast by her head quickly blinks a different color.

    • When Waller first catches Terry in her home, Terry is standing by the desk and Waller is standing in the doorway. Then they play the opening credits, and when they come back, he is now standing in the doorway while she is now by the desk.

    • Since the black & white sequences are Terry's fantasies (see Notes), there are several contradictions and discrepancies with both previous episodes of the various animated shows and events in this episode that don't count as the B&W sequences didn't really "happen."

    • Amanda talks about the pattern on the china, but in every shot of the cups and the saucer, they're plain white.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Terry: I've got some questions, I need you to answer.
      Waller: Of course you do, boy. Why else go to all the trouble of breaking into the lair of the great and powerful Amanda Waller. You want some green tea? I do.

    • Terry: I don't want tea - I want answers.
      Waller: Then you're going to have to humor me. It's been many a year since I had a handsome gentleman caller. Why is it that superheroes are always... so good-looking?

    • Dana: What's this all about?
      Terry: Your safety. You know how much I care about you.
      Dana: Sure. Why else keep dating for 15 years?
      Terry: You know why I can't marry you. If the...
      Dana: "If the bad guys ever found out I was Batman, they'd try to get to me by hurting you," blah blah blah.
      Terry: It's nothing to joke about.
      Dana: You're right. There could be supervillains hiding in the tall grass.
      Terry: I'm poison, Dana. Cursed.

    • Parasite: Ruined, I tell you!
      Tibetan Green Lantern: I would offer my condolences...but that would be insincere.

    • Tibetan Green Lantern: (to Batman) Good of you to drop in, considering that three quarters of the Iniquity Collective are from your rogue's gallery.

    • Terry: I was sixteen years old when you started training me, Bruce. A punk kid with a smart mouth and potential I didn't even suspect. I may have pretended otherwise, but I looked up to you, worshiped you.

    • Bruce: The mantle of Batman is a honor, Terry.
      Terry: You know what, old man. All those years it turns out everyone was right. You are insane. Being Batman is no honor – it's a curse.

    • Terry: Guess I didn't want to believe you were so incredibly arrogant that you thought the world couldn't go on without you.
      Bruce: Or someone like me. It's not arrogance - it's fact.

    • Waller: Look at all this. A pill for blood pressure, a pill for my diabetes, a pill to replace my pituitary function. I don't even know what this one's for... oh yeah, Alzheimer's.

    • Waller: The Justice League found themselves cleaning up one of my old messes. The second group of villains to call themselves the Royal Flush Gang. Or the third - who can keep it all straight?

    • Waller: He sat with her until her time came. That's the Bruce Wayne I came to know over the years.
      McGinnis: You think he showed mercy? Maybe. But more likely he'd somehow already deduced that Ace really wasn't going to hurt anyone.
      Waller: He always was two steps ahead of everybody.
      McGinnis: That's right. Even when it looks like your call, it isn't. Think about it. Bruce wanted a successor, another Batman. He planned it all from the beginning. I never had a chance.
      Waller: Honey, Bruce didn't overwrite your DNA with his. I did.
      McGinnis: How? Why?
      : Because the world needs a Batman.

    • Waller: As you know, I was in charge of Project Cadmus. Over the years I came to respect Batman, even trust him.
      Terry: I guess the law of averages means somebody'd have to.

    • Waller: Did you know I was the government liaison with the Justice League for a while? I met some extraordinary people in that job, but none of them were the equal of Batman.
      McGinnis: Right, who could be?
      Waller: Not my point! I saw him save the day dozens of times with nothing but his wits, body, and will. But I saw something else as the years passed. He was getting older, slower. Soon he'd have to retire or someone would finally manage to kill him. The thought of a world without Batman was unacceptable. So I decided to make a new one. I used my old Cadmus connections to gather the technology necessary for Project Batman Beyond.

    • Waller: Bruce's DNA was easy enough to obtain. He left it all over town. (Terry raises eyebrow) Not remotely what I meant.

    • Waller: You know the Lord's been a great comfort to me all these years. Try not to look so surprised. Yeah, I've got a lot to answer for when I meet Him. But I'd like to believe that for all the harm I've caused, I've also done some good. Maybe the angels need a sharp sword, too. Like the Good Book says, He moves in mysterious ways, his plan is a mystery but here's what isn't. He gave us free will. We choose our own fate. For good or ill. I've known Bruce Wayne for over fifty years and I've been keeping an eye on you your whole life. You're not Bruce's clone. You're his son. There are similarities, mind you, but more than a few differences, too. You don't quite have his magnificent brain, for instance. You do have his heart, though. And for all that fierce exterior, I've never met anyone who cared as deeply about his fellow men as Bruce Wayne. Except maybe you.

    • Bruce: Enigma's overrated, especially at three a.m.

    • Bruce: You're a stubborn piece of work - you know that?
      Terry: (to himself) Just like my old man...

  • NOTES (13)

    • This episode reveals that Amanda Waller was very important to the Batman Beyond story, which is ironic, as her's is the very first voice heard in the premier episode of Batman Beyond, as a newscaster voiced by CCH Pounder.

    • A cut scene explained that Waller had conducted similar experiments in the past, but finally realized that she had gone too far after Phantasm refused to kill Terry's parents.

    • "Epilogue" came from a planned, but unproduced Batman Beyond movie. The movie was rejected due to the controversies concerning Return Of The Joker. The movie had Selina Kyle (not Amanda Waller) creating a clone of Batman (rather than using nano-engineered sperm). The two successful clones were Terry and another who would serve as the antagonist of the film. Selina's Batman would go as far as killing criminal from Batman Beyond including older ones such as The Riddler.

    • The episode was written and produced before Justice League Unlimited was renewed for an additional season, so the episode was also intended as an epilogue for the entire DC animated universe started in Batman: The Animated Series, all the way to Justice League Unlimited.

    • According to Dwayne McDuffie, this episode takes place 15 years after the end of Batman Beyond. And according to Bruce Timm, Batman Beyond took place 50 years in the future from when the audience is watching it. (some promotional materials incorrectly said "40 years").

    • Since this episode technically "closes out" the Batman animated series (plural), Kevin Conroy gets the last line of the episode - he's the (uncredited) voice of the Skycop at the end. Conroy also had one of the first lines of dialogue in the first episode "On Leather Wings" from the original series.

    • Character bios: Amanda Waller, Batman of the Future, The Royal Flush Gang

    • In the shots of the suits in the Batcave, the head Batman suit from Batman Gotham Knights is replaced by Terry's.

    • Although it is unclear on-screen, producer/writer Dwayne McDuffie has confirmed that the black&white sequences are Terry's imagination, not flashbacks or events that actually occurred. Rather, they are Terry imagining what would happen if he did resign as Batman.

    • On first airing, clips at the end include "Initiation," Hawk & Dove," The Ties That Bind," Wake the Dead," "Question Authority," "Kid's Stuff," "Panic in the Sky," "Hunter's Moon,"Task Force X," Wake the Dead," "Dark Heart," "The Return," "Hunter's Moon," "Task Force X," "Ultimatum," "Double Date," "The Cat & The Canary," and "Question Authority."

    • Will Friedle, CCH Pounder, Hynden Walch, and Lauren Tom reprise their roles as Terry McGinnis, Amanda Waller, Ace, and Dana/Tibetan Green Lantern, respectively. Lauren Tom is uncredited as Dr. Light II and the Tibetan Green Lantern. Marc Worden takes on the role of Parasite previously played by Brion James and Brian George, but it may not be the same character as the original Parasite.

    • Heroes seen but not credited: Aquagirl, Warhawk, Red Tornado, Hawkgirl, and Stargirl.

    • First aired on YTV June 24, 2005. Upon initial airing, the first few minutes were cut off due to a bungled taping.


    • Ace's Fantasy
      Much of the imagery Ace manifests is based on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland - much of the landscape and the Royal Flush Gang, particularly Queen, are taken from many of the illustrations and movie adaptations.

    • Royal Flush Gang:
      While the new Royal Flush Gang bear some resemblance to many other comic book and book characters, there is deliberate and specific in-joking going on in each of their identities. Ten has blonde cornrows just like Bo Derek in the movie Ten. Jack is a samurai - hence the Cartoon Network character Samurai Jack. Queen is revealed to be a man, hence a "drag queen." And the transformed King looks rather like TV talkshow host Larry King, but also looks like MODOK, a character over at Marvel Comics created by Jack "The King" Kirby.

    • Waller: The second group of villains to call themselves the Royal Flush Gang. Or the third - who can keep it all straight?
      An allusion to the fact that the existence of the original Justice League's Royal Flush Gang (from "Wild Cards (1)") seems to contradict the existence of a centuries-old Royal Flush Gang that was established in the Batman Beyond episode "Dead Man's Hand".

    • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
      The assassin Waller recruits to kill Terry's parents is none other than Andrea Beaumont, also known as the Phantasm, a woman out to avenge her parents' deaths at the hands of the criminal who killed them, who would eventually become the Joker.

    • Batman: The Animated Series
      The final few moments of this episode play out exactly like the opening of the first episode of Batman: The Animated Series (entitled "On Leather Wings") in reverse: A shadow flies across a series of buildings and up past a police airship, an officer inside asks "What was that? and the screen fades out over a shot of dark clouds.

    • Amanda Waller: He moves in mysterious ways.
      Waller made references to the good book (Bible), but this is actually not a (direct) quote from the Bible. But rather English poet William Cowper's hymn. Although some translations of Isaiah 45: 15 reads "Truly, O God of Israel, our Savior, you work in strange and mysterious ways". But it's not the mainstream version.