Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 23, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Even though this is a "Justice League Unlimited" season finale, this is a great conclusion for "Batman Beyond"

    When I was watching "Batman Beyond", it reminded me of Spiderman, when a teenager became the hero, after the death of a relative. 65 years later, Terry went to Amanda Waller for answers. It was revealed that Bruce Wayne is the father, not his original father. The reason Amanda Waller re-written Terry's genes the past years, is because the world needs a Batman and the world will never be the same without him. At the end, Terry plans to propose to his longest love interest: Dana and accepts (and treats) Bruce as his father. Not much of a "Justice League Unlimited" season finale, but a pretty good end to the "Batman Beyond" series.
  • What an episode

    although if you want to watch the justice league in this episode you'll be disappointed- on the other hand if you like batman the animated series then you'll love the fact they wrap up all of the lose ends from BTAS, batman beyond and most of the justice league... also a cameo from the phantasm from the film "mask of phantasm" will suprise you!!! 10/10
  • 65 years in the future Terry McGuinness learns about his relationship with Batman and get his priotites straightened out.

    This episode would have been a good ending for Batman Beyond, but it is NOT a Justice League episode and I have no idea why you put it there. I would expect to have the future Justice League mostly featured in the episode. Maybe see what Wonder Woman, Superman, the Martian Manhunter, Flash, Jon Stewart and Hawk Girl were doing 65 years from now in addition to Batman and Waller. And I expect to see more action. There was far too much talking and talking and talking. It was nice to see the connection of Terry to Bruce Wayne but for a young kid like me it was confusing.
  • While it is a Justice League episode, it does make for a good Batman Beyond finale.

    While it was nice to get a Justice League series in the first place, it would have been nice to see Batman Beyond go on for another season.

    And while the movie "Return Of The Joker" was the best from the series, it was disappointing that it had to end with Unmasked airing for it's final episode. Mainly because Batman and Superman will always have the comics to fall back on, whereas Terry might not.

    So as you can imagine when this episode aired, it was nice to visit Terry's time again in "The Once And Future Thing Part 2" and this episode. Though it was a shock to find he was Bruce's son, it doesn't ruin the coincidental meeting between Bruce and Terry (from the Batman Beyond premiere). Plus I'm thankful they touched upon Terry and Dana's relationship. Good move.

    But hey, they call it Unlimited for a reason.
  • Ties everything together neatly.

    This episode is both an epilogue for the Cadmus storyline in JLU, and an epilogue for Batman Beyond, which never got the finale it deserved.

    There's a lot to appreciate here for people who are fans of the DC animated universe as a whole. Though it's mostly a "lost" episode of Batman Beyond, there are callbacks to the Batman animated series, JLU (of course), and even Return of the Joker and Mask of the Phantasm.

    I doubt that they had all of this planned the whole time, but they pull numerous storylines together brilliantly and seamlessly.

    Also, it's cool to see Terry finally grown up and taking on the Batman mantle completely from Bruce. It's strangely poetic that of all Bruce has been through, of all he's suffered, he lives a long life to eventually die of old age. (It's not depicted or even implied, but it's very likely, and it's how I think his story works out best.)

    All in all, this episode is a brilliant capstone to both an amazing season of JLU, and a great run of Batman Beyond.
  • Awesome

    I Loved this episode one of the greatest episodes out of The DC Animated series. Beautiful plot and secrets revealed reason i started to appreciate and watch batman beyond. This episode made me tear up and have a littelove in the heart has the show ends terry dons the costume and patrols as Batman made me feel a bit of pride and Happiness. Also shows that the only person connected to Bruce Wayne Terry still shows love and care for him at the end even though he finds out a suprising secret and how Bruce cares about terry enough to make him soup. This episode almost made me shed a tear. This the Batman Beyond Finale and was the best since Return of th Joker.That is it gotta fly i was ManBat!!!
  • The Real amazing ending to Batman Beyond

    I Loved this episode one of the greatest episodes out of The DC Animated seris. Beautiful plot and secrets revealed reason i started to apperciate and watch batman beyond. This episode made me tear up and have a liitl love in the heart has the show ends terry dons the costume and patrols as Batman made me feel abit of pride and Happiness. Also shows that the only person connected to bruce wayne Terry still shows love and care for him at the end even though he finds out a suprisinf secret and how Bruce cares about terry enough to make him soup. This episode almost made me shed a tear. This the Batman Beyond Finale and was the best since Returnof th Joker.That is it and this is the Vamp Review Adios!
  • Brilliantly written, very moving, but NOT a Justice League episode.

    This was not (or should not have been) a Justice League Episode, much less a series finale(which is what the producers and writers designed it to be). Although it was extremely well-done and well-written, it was about the Batman Beyond story and should have been marketed as such.When I first read the basic concept behind the Batman Beyond Series I thought, "I'm sure it's good, (Bruce Timm knows his stuff) but not for me." Batman is by far my favorite superhero ever and watching him as a lonley recluse with nobody but his dog would kill me. So, I left it alone and was glad when I found out Justice League was not supposed to be in direct corilation with any of the used heroes' previous shows (I might have misunderstood or maybe the producers changed their minds who knows, but I thought that was why they could pair up superheroes with other heroes no matter what the background). And when I saw The Once and Future... episode, I was more than a little disappointed to see that BM/WW stuff never happened, but since in that episode WW eventually ceesed to exsist, I figured because the time stream had been corrupted so much (and This Little Piggy had just aired) that maybe something else would happen once they got back to the present that would change the rather bleak future (I knew Green Lantern and Hawkgirl would wind together because, you know, their Green Lantern and Hawkgirl). But this episode single handedly killed the series for me. Now, it was showing that the Batman Beyond route WAS the fate of the Justice League regardless of what happens from now on. Since the main draw of the show for me was seeing friendships and interactions of the superheroes with one another, as well as batman's slow "coming 'round" to the idea, this destroyed any hope of a bright-ish future and made the most interesting part of the show pointless. I hope that if JLU is ever started again they in some way make it a little better.

    However, the dialouge good, the character interactions (if that was the way thing actually turned out) were good, the flashback to batman sitting with Ace was remarkable, and Alice Walker's elderly character was executed flawlessly, and I'm assuming that it was a good close off (it's a close off) for Batman Beyond fans. Once again, good episode for BB, horrible for JLU.
  • Basically, this episode wraps up all of the loose ends left undone when the Batman Beyond cartoon series ended. Also, it puts to rest some of the controversies that were raised by earlier episodes of Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond.

    This episode was easily one of the best episodes of any cartoon series that I have ever seen. The sequence of Batman staying with Ace until she died exemplifies all of the reasons why I've loved the Batman character all my life. He is a compassionate hero who actually cares about the people he is fighting because he believes that no matter how troubled they are, he can help them be rehabilitated. Also, this was one of the few cartoon episodes that I have ever seen that was a true tearjerker. At least Terry McGinnis' character was finally given a definitive end that he so much deserved. Because of this episode, my respect for Batman has jumped up numerous levels beyond what it was before I saw this episode.
  • Sweet..

    This has got to be the best episode throughout the entire justice league series. Although I don't really consider it to be an actual justice league episode it kinda wraps up batman beyond. It takes place in the future like 15 years after BB ended. Terry McGinnis goes to amanda waller for answers about bruce wayne. She tells him a story and then it turns out that terry is bruce waynes son!!! How you might ask? amanda waller saw in earlier years that batman was getting old so she wanted to make a new one. When terry's father went to the doctor he thought he was getting a flu shot but he was injected with bruce wayne's DNA. I'm going to leave it at that mainly because I don;t want to ruin the episode but I probably already have. This is a series classic. Later...
  • A series \\\"finale\\\" in which most of the cast don\\\'t actually appear, and yet it works so well!

    If this had been the end of the Justice League and this incarnation of the DCAU, as originally planned, then it would have been hard pushed to have been bettered. And that\\\'s in spite of the fact the JLU hardly appear in it. It\\\'s a Batman story and unapologetically so.

    Terry finds out he\\\'s not who he thinks he is, and amongst many moments where he speculates on what this might mean to him and his life, he then uncovers the REAL truth, which is completely different from what he expected...

    We also get some of the JLU of the past and some of the JLU of the future but they\\\'re almost incidental here, which annoyed some purists, but worked for me.

    The voice cast can\\\'t be praised enough, Conroy has the perfect voice for Batman AND old Bruce Wayne, Will Freidle has allowed his voice to sound suitably older as Terry, and CCH Pounder is simply extraordinary as an aged Amanda Waller; simultaneously charming, disarming and terrifying. Mourning the loss of a piece of her favourite china, whilst casually outlining a plan of cold-blooded manipulation that would make Lex Luthor stand up and cheer.

    It also features one of my favourite moments of TV EVER, and I say that with a long career of watching way too much TV. Perfectly fusing my admiration of the DCAU and of Batman as a character in most media, rarely has there been a more powerful moment than the mighty, scary Batman sitting on a swing, offering his hand to a cared little girl she doesn\\\'t have to die alone. Not a word is spoken, because it doesn\\\'t have to be. If you can watch it without tears in your eyes you have no soul man, NO SOUL! Other memorable moments include Waller describing how she got Bruce\\\'s DNA in the first place (And her response to Terry\\\'s unspoken reaction), an elderly Bruce Wayne mother-henning Terry the way Alfred used to \\\"I made soup.... it\\\'s cold now\\\" (Not a line that SHOULD work for Batman, but here it does), and a tip of the hat to the classic BTAS in the form of a Grey Ghost movie and Phantasm.

    If this has faults to me, they\\\'re the obvious absence of the rest of the core seven (considering how much exposure Batman has had elsewhere), and despite the chance, there\\\'s no reference made to the fate of Nightwing in the time of BB (Sorry, not a JLU problem per se, but I\\\'m a longtime Nightwing fan, who feels the poor guy got seriously shafted in BB and JLU).

    Of course we got another JLU season after this (Which includes some other fantastic episodes), to everyone\\\'s surprise, but this can still be viewed as THE finale, since it\\\'s set after all the others. And it went out on a high note IMHO.
  • Terry McGinnis faces Amanda Waller about a secret he thinks Bruce hid from him...

    This was actually more of a Batman Beyond episode than a Justice Leauge Unlimited one, but that's okay, since I liked that show. The stunning revelation that Terry McGinnis was the true son of Batman made my jaw drop. I'l admit that I honestly didn't see that one coming.
    All in all, a good episode.
  • A conclusion to what made the Batman of Batman: The Animated Series who he was.

    This episode could have benefited from a longer length, not a movie-length, just perhaps two parts. While the Andrea Beaumont/Phantasm cameo was interesting, it felt like we could have seen more of what she had been doing since the end of Mask of the Phantasm.

    This episode, however, is very intelligent in the way it presents itself. Not only are Andrea (arguably the most influencial person to exsist in this version of Batman\'s history.) and the Grey Ghost (Batman\'s child-hood hero) present. But we also have a scene at the end which mirrors that seen in the very first episode.

    The only things they could have added to this episode, were perhaps references to Zatanna and the Ninja Dojo where Batman studied.

    Another missing element I thought was Alfred. Even a short cameo or picture of the man might have been nice.

    Overall: A good episode for those who have been fans of the series since Batman: The Animated Series. However, fans who have only watched since Justice League may be confused and not get many of the references. (The Phantasm especially, considering how scarcely available that film is.)
  • Well folks - here is one for the ages! One of the most creative, although at times confusing, story lines really comes together and works in a special way we may never see again. Future generations will dub this episode a classic.

    After all the slam bam action, corny speeches and surprise twists in Cadmus saga, this episode was quite a welcome change. In one aspect, it does attempt to resolve unanswered questions about the future of Cadmus and Amanda Woller. However, this show is really about the Batman legacy. More importantly it is about Terry McGuinness fully accepting his role as Batman and doing it his way.
    The real secret to writing great science fiction is to be as fantastic and imaginative as you can be while still maintaining multifaceted characters who exhibit their humanity. This episode did all that and then some. On one hand we meet a kindly old Amanda Woller who's not upset in the least when Terry breaks into her house and ruins her tea set too boot. Via flashbacks, we discover that Terry has become a brooding malcontent in his role as Batman. He quits the JLU, leaves his girlfriend and blames Bruce Wayne for it all. Bruce, always steady and stoic, makes no attempt to defend himself or the life he chose. As always, he allows Terry to make his own judgements. Now comes the part of the story I found hard to believe. Amanda reveals that she is the one who has manipulated Terry's very existence. She introduced Bruce's DNA into his father and then actually plotted to murder Terry's parents. Her rationale for all of this being that the world needed a Batman. Most people would have strangled Amanda after hearing that. Instead, Terry is apparently made happy through this revelation. Not only does Amanda's confession vindicate Bruce Wayne, it also reveals a very compassionate and caring side to Batman that we have never seen before. Anyone who has had the bittersweet experience of spending time with someone in their final hours could not help but be moved by the scene of Batman with ACE. Apparently, this moved Terry as well who is now raedy to reassume the mantle of Batman, put his personal life back together and live out his destiny (they actually played the theme music from Batman the animated series at the end). Moral of the story - the truth does set us free! I just could not help but give this one an A+. Can't wait to see it again!
  • Finally, the Batman saga has a conclusion, nearly 150 episodes, from Bruce Wayne\'s horrific childhood experience to his days as the dark knight and now to the legacy of terry mcginnis, the batman story of bruce timm, arguably the greatest accomplishment

    Finally, the Batman saga has a conclusion, nearly 150 episodes, from Bruce Wayne\'s horrific childhood experience to his days as the dark knight and now to the legacy of terry mcginnis, the batman story of bruce timm, arguably the greatest accomplishment of the DCAU universe, is complete. The episode can be interpreted in two ways, as the end of the batman story or as a new beginning of the batman beyond story. We see at the end, the silhouette of the new batman fly through the sky and automatically we remember the exact same image in terror in the sky. Terror in the sky represented the birth of batman, epilogue represents the death of batman-bruce wayne (who sadly would have been in the final stages of his life) and the birth of the new batman - terry mcginnis (the spiritual birth of terry). Before this episode, Terry was interpreted merely as Bruce\'s pawn, a soldier ready to carry out intsructions given by Wayne. Now with Bruce Wayne on the verge of his inevitable death, Terry learns that he is the rightful heir to Wayne, to Batman.
    This episode was full of metaphorical meanings, irony and closure. Terry Mcginnis was revealed to be Bruce Wayne\'s son albeit through genetic cloning. The greatest irony here is that this is the only way the Bruce Wayne could be continued, that no mere human could ever take the place of wayne, only his rightful son could. We see further irony as Amanda Waller, always perceived as a great enemy of Wayne, now reveals how she gained respect for him and that this respect was so deep that she felt the need to clone him, to continue the legacy herself, a legacy she once threatened to destroy.
    Questions of fate and free will are posed by both the writers and the characters, Terry desparing at the fact that his life was ordered by fate, but Waller\'s inspirational words that the Lord gives us the freedom to choose our own fate, ultimately this speech gives Terry purpose, he reclaims the mantle of Batman and understands that it is his duty to protect the world and carry the legacy
    Batman is the world\'s greatest human superhero and his story will live on forever, it is just so incredible that the creative team behind the DCAU have been able to transcend the legend to new philosophical heights. Epilogue is the conclusion to Batman and I could not imagine a better way to finish off the story
  • I loved it. Nothing more can be said about it in the summary.

    This episode caught me off guard. It shocked me to the core of my existence when I found that Terry is bruce's son. Not many people could believe that but after reading what others have said about how his parents hair was red & his was black, I was suspicious but not too much caring about it. This story does somewhat wrap up the Batman Beyond universe yet I feel we haven't seen the last of it. Bruce, at an even older age here was unbelievable. Who knew Bruce would live that long anyway, still I loved it. Waller returns & proves once again that she is behind certain events that involve Batman. The scene with Batman & Ace was done so beautifully. I liked the music when Batman was walking on what seemed liked the yellow brick road & comfronted ace on the swing. Batman has proven before that he has a heart, even if he doesn't show it. All in all, this episode was 1 of the best episodes I've seen in this D.C. universe. I've been watching the cartoon like this since Batman: The Animated Series, 1st came out in 92. I was 8 turning 9 when that cartoon 1st came out. Now I'm 21 & still watch these kind of cartoons to this day. Justice League will return for a 5th season & I hope it goes beyond the other seasons with spectacular episodes in all. Nonetheless, Batman has always been my favorite D.C. hero & this episode right here, proves it. Long Live D.C. & thank you for all these years of action & adventure that the kid in me still loves to this day. Keep 'em coming.
  • Maybe not so much fun for people who didn't watch Batman Beyond. But if you did, this episode was amazing.

    Having watched Batman Beyond when it was on TV(indeed I've watched all the DC Animated Shows) I found this episode riddled with "geek-tastic" moments. Every two minutes I was going "Oh God that's so cooool." Everything from seeing adult Terry to seeing the Phatasm again. I even liked the irony of Terry not getting Bruce's SuperBrain but just his heart and disposition for fighting.

    The stuff about the genetics was great at the time but kinda doesn't add up in retrospect when considering the actual Beyond show. Like how would Waller know that Terry and Bruce would eventually meet up? But oh well.

    The ending was a great bookend along with the beginning of the Batman animated series. With Batman in both times zooming by and having cops asking "what the heck?"
  • The truth of terri

    WOw it was shocking knowing that terri was Bruce´s son, but generally the plot was well done and the details! the assasain from the Batman movie and the guys from Wild Cards episode! simply excelent! a great episode! truly a finale!, I would like to see Superman at that age but he was only mentioned... real same!...
  • This is an epilogue to the other Timm and Co. production Batman Beyond, not the JLU. I guess he wanted to wrap up this past story when he could. The concept is promising, but gets less and less so in execution and after careful consideration.


    This episode was an epilogue to Batman Beyond, not to the JLU. Tricky stuff. I guess in his heart of hearts Timm and Co. wanted to go back and finish up the storyline of Batman Beyond before JLU possibly got shut down after Season Four.

    I can see how these ideas for Terry's origin, etc, were planted in Timm and Co.'s head while they were doing the Batman Beyond series, but that they never managed to finish their story. The episode felt rushed though, with a lot of emotional shifts and revelations in a very short period of time. I guess that makes sense when you want to wrap up possibly a whole series' worth of cliffhangers and revelations in one half-hour sitting.

    The genetics connection between Terry and Bruce is fascinating at first, but once you think about it deeper, it kind of falls flat since Batman is more a product of Bruce's will, training, and determination than his genetics. Yet, one can argue that in order for Bruce to become the Batman he had to have the genetic capacity to be as athletic, talented, intuitive, focused and determined as he was to be a premier superhero. It's the old nature vs. nurture debate, and most scientists agree that genetics probably sets flexible boundaries or limits to your potential, and that environment affects your ability to reach that potential (most people not even coming close). But I believe that most agree that a person would have an infinitely more difficult (possibly unattainable) time trying to be a world class gymnast if they are born with less capacity or strength towards the areas of coordination and balance. So in that train of thought, I guess Waller wanted to give Batman's successor every advantage.

    I agree though that in comparison to other heroes, whose powers may come from their genetic heritage (a la Superman), that this twist seems great at first, but gets less compelling and interesting each time you hear it (like the B Sharps!!). The ending of the episode also felt too easy and chummy after all of Terry's outbursts, anger, and feelings of betrayal, but I guess I'll chalk that up to the limited time frame they had. The dialogue also felt a bit too windy and less punchy than usual.

    The cut-away black and white scenes were also confusing, not just because of the temporal jumps but because it didn't seem that Terry quitting the JLU and dumping his girlfriend actually happened, since there were no consequences? Kent calls him soon afterward like nothing big happened, and he talks to his girlfriend about weekend plans like they didn't break up. The clock face that Terry punched didn't remain broken by the end, so it seems that Terry did this stuff some time ago? Or in his head? So after he talked to Waller, he got his act together and made up with everyone between the time we saw him with Waller and when he was sitting in Bruce's chair at the mansion? That's a big jump to pass over so easily without even a mention. It felt jarring.

    Anyway, that's my two cents on the episode, which again seemed to be an epilogue to Batman Beyond, not JLU, and I think we should take it as Timm and Co. wanting to wrap up their favorite story before they wrapped production.
  • Batman Beyond: The explaination. Maybe.

    I loved this episode, I had always wondered about Terry Mcginnis in BB, he seemed far too ready to put his life on the line for the mysterious old timer Bruce Wayne.

    Waller's revelations were shocking to say the least, they had built up the hate/hate relationship between her and Batman all the way through this season, but then at the end, a staggering turnaround.

    A beautiful piece of misdirection.
  • This episode and the entire series is just too hard to miss. It is fantastic.

    I enjoyed every second of this episode and am glad that Terry McGinnis has finally found a conclusion, sort of. It is a great ending to a fantastic character. Batman Beyond had my attention from the pilot episode all the way until Epilogue. Even the Static Shock and other Justice League episodes had me glued to my seat and wanting to see them again and again.
  • Classy, black and white future episode that explores the vast beauty of the Bruce/Terry relationship. Two Batmen, one suit, one cave... Just simply mesmerising.

    If I was a whiny person and felt the need to criticise everything that others are perceiving as flawless, if only to find solace in the fact that I can dig deeper than everybody else and find flaws that no one in their right mind would be looking for, then I would be very in character during this review.

    But for once, I'm not going to nitpick. I'm not going to dig deeper than anyone in their right mind would ever want to dig just for the sake of digging.

    I'm not special, I don't see the world through some super genius creativity goggles, otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my life away writing cartoon reviews.

    No, this - this Epilogue, this perfect ending (and new beginning, please!) to more than a decade of history can not be nitpicked even by me, because to do so would be an insult to not only Bruce Timm, Dwayne McDuffie and the entire cast and crew of the greatest cartoon of all time, but it would be like kicking myself in the testicles.

    I've spent way too long watching these interconnected Timm shows to crap on them all by spewing up some nonsense about how Wonder Woman should have been in the future, or Batman shouldn't have got so much airtime.

    For once in my life, I'm going to be reasonable. I'm going to be honest. This is the greatest half hour Cartoon Network has ever has the incredible fortune of airing.

    And any naysayers are reaching so far for straws that their heads are stuck in the infinite loop of entering and exitting their own asses.

    10/10 Perfect.
  • Overall, it was pretty good, but not as good as other JLU episodes.

    I found this episode very confusing with all the different time jumps. When I found out about the whole Terry-having-Bruce's-DNA thing, I was astonished and I didn't understand why that was, until they revealed why later on. I liked how Terry and his parents watched the Grey Ghost just as Bruce had when he was a child. What I didn't understand though, is the Phantasm. Is that the same one that Bruce fell in love with? Did Cadmus create the Phantasm? Or did they just pull up a suit and give it to someone? I didn't like the idea of the new Royal Flush Gang, however. It all seemed too repetitive and they were defeated REALLY quickly. Overall, this episode was pretty good, with a few quirks.
  • Terry McGinnis Finds Out who he really is and the history behind Batman Beyond with a surprise.

    This second season of justice league unlimted was awesome. There was a slow start in the first season but wow, this second season of unlimited is awesome.

    "Epilogue" was a bitter sweet episode that gave closure to one of my favoriate series, "batman beyond". It answered many questions and ended the Season of Unlimited and the Beyond Series with diginty. There were cameos and flashbacks that were nostalgic to the fans who followed all the series religiously. One of my favoriates. The writers should get a raise. Cant wait for season 3 of unlimited.
  • Terry is Bruce's son!? This should have been a movie!

    Terry is Bruce's son!? This should have been a movie! They should have explained a little more on Bruce's failing kindies. Waller watchting Terry his life, Matt! Speaking of which is Matt Bruce's son also? Whatever. the best episode of Batman Beyond (Tom me it was a Batman beyond episode.) We get more depht of the Batman Legacy, Terry's origins and we learn Batman, for such a feirce guy, has a big heart. I give Epilague a 10 out of 10. The spotlight of the episode to me was Batman carring Ace out of the castle. But what they should do is turn this into a movie of some how. Elaberate it more. Batman Beyond: Leagacy of The Batman. Has a good ring to it...
  • Justice League Beyond

    Of all of the shows produced by the Batman Animation team, this episode is the greatest. Everything came full circle for Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis. Not only does this episode makes refernce to "On Leather Wings", "Mask of the Phantasm", "Return of the Joker", and the other movies and episodes, but features the death of the beloved character Ace. Ace's death is climax of the Batman Animated Saga and stands out as one of the finest stories ever told.

    This season finale of Justice League Unlimited also serves as the series finale of Batman Beyond. Batman Beyond never had a true ending, but it does. Terry McGinnis is Bruce Wayne's son. It doesn't get any sweeter than that.
  • A look in to the future following the Batman Beyond route.

    I enjoyed watching this episode and is possibly one of the best episodes of Season 4. First we see Terry McGuiness breaking into the home of Amanda Waller. Then we see flashbacks of the Justice League Unlimited from the future fighting Inque, Parasite, Shriek, and Stalker. Batman (Terry McGuiness then quits the league) The episode explained a lot of Terry's past, and Bruce's future. Then as they continue to chat, the Royal Flush Gang comes into play. After Dr. Light, Stargirl, Shayera, and Red Torando finish beating up the Gang, Batman goes for Ace who is dying. Ace and Batman chat on a swingset. A few hours later Batman comes out with Ace who is now dead. Allthough the episode was slightly jumpy, I kept watching and enjoyed it til the ending credits.
  • So they wrapped it up nicely IMO with the episodes before this with Lex and Brainiac to me that was the end of this season, and I see as Epilogue a BONUS.

    At the time that this, was made, the writers did not know if they would have another season, in which they could tie up Batman Beyond. So to me, the 2 eps before this were the end of the series (so they thought at the time). The episodes with Lex and Bainiac. And I see Epilogue as BONUS. Since Batman Beyond was there baby as well, not knowing if they would ever get the chance to tie the loose ends up, not knowing if they could use Terry again cause they didnt know if they would have another season, they made Epilogue. So the season had already ended before this ep. This was a BONUS thing. And I am glad they made it. Sad that because they made this thinking this was the last chance they had, and tied up the loose ends with Terry. Now that there will be another season of JLU I hope they find some way to use Terry again, though they might not be able to use Terry again since this tied up BB. So if you look at this as a Bonus like I do, you\'ll love it.
  • 65 years in the future what has become of batman?jla?

    well first it great that they brought back terry and the batman beyond series and give it a ending (or is it a ending?)that fans of the series wanted for so long, i really wish that they would show more episodes like this and the only problem with this episode is that it to short
  • brilliant and ironic look at how superheros are made and why the Batman represented the humanity and spirit of the Justice League

    not sure why everyone calls this a "conclusion" to batman beyond.. as it's more of a "new beginning" to batman beyond. in addition, i thought that the approach was brilliant, here, as it adds a dimension to the continuing storyline without being direct or too obtuse. past storylines lead to this ultimate conclusion and irony.. that the only reason the justice league didn't end up "ruling" earth was because of Batman's humanity.. his ability to negotiate and have faith that Cadmus was not purposely driven to extinguish the Justice League. The other aliens and non-humans were all ready to go armegeddon on Earth... and it was Batman's humanity that saved that last storyline .. this episode merely highlights that as it reaches forward and back at the same time to another example of Batman's undying sense of Hope for the soul's ability to redeem itself - even a villain's soul.

    that is the power of this episode.. brilliant, in my opinion... a far stretch from the who can fly fastest and who hits hardest dimension of how to measure a superhero... or men.
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