Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 10

Far From Home

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Apr 15, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Writers txted it in.


    "I met this guy from the future and 5 minutes later we are now in love, so I'm ditching the Justice League, the Kents, Superman and everyone of 21st century Earth to stay in the 31st and be with him.


    I'd be hesitant to trust whoever wrote this episode with writing up a Denny's menu.

  • Pardon my lack of enthusiasm, but I thought this episode was utterly lame.

    My first reaction to this episode when I watched this was, Paul Dini had a part in this? I'll admit I've never been a fan of Supergirl, or the LOS for that matter. Personally I've always found the Legion of Superheroes to be pretty dull, and this didn't change my mind.
    Nothing about this episode clicked for me, Supergirl staying in the future felt totally random to me.

    But my biggest complaint about this episode was the relationship between Supergirl & Brainiac 5, there was absolutely no chemistry or depth to this relationship at all, usually I like the romances done in this show; as they're a great use of drama, and can be used to add depth to characters who are lacking(heck it gave me a reason to like Wonder Woman), but here it just felt forced and was poorly done. Everything about this episode was rushed. The only good part in my opinion was Superman at the end, when he asked GL and GA the name of Kara's boyfriend.

    Other than that, this episode goes down as one of the worst in my book. It's right down there with the likes of "Chaos at the Earth's Core" & "Hawk and Dove" as the worst episodes of the JLU run.
  • JLU meets LSH. Nuff said.

    At Comic Con, I was told that the Legion was going to go on JLU. I anticipated it for months and now that I have seen it, I am happy. The Fatal Five were evil as they needed to be and the Legion were pretty damn cool too. I just wished they focused more on the characters and less on Brainy and Kara. Also, Bouncing Boy is a pretty lame character. They should have done someone like Cosmic Boy or Livewire or summin cool.
  • Nice to see

    Supergirl is now part of teh Legion of Superheros, just like in the comics... good for her
    Good episode, it shows kind of like the maturation of Supergirl and well Superman letting her go. And well it's sad to see Supergirl gone from the series, well as long as its on par with the comics i guess.
    Only thing is that this season hasn't been about the big plot that much, like season 4. There is a ton of filler episodes that don't contribute to the bigger plot and this is one of them. but its a good one. Good stuff.
  • This episode was simply fun to watch. Nice action sequences, cute dialogue between the characters and a surprise ending to boot. Just another fine JLU installment! What will we do when this series is gone?

    If there was one thing I did not want to see it was another \"time travel\" episode. There have been quite a few in this series starting with \"The Savage Time\" (I won\'t count \"Legends\") then came \"Hereafter\" followed by a \"Past and Future Thing\". In spite of this overused story line, the episode actually worked for me. I have to give them credit for pulling this off in a single half hour episode. It\'s not easy to do all that and maintain a nice little subplot around the Superman/Supergirl relationship. We got treated to a \"preview\" of the Legion of Superheroes and the start of an interesting \"Romeo and Juliette\" romance.

    There were moments when this episode lacked credibility (i.e. how GA and B5 were able to take on the Fatal Five when the whole Legion failed) or how does GA get away with being sarcastic to Superman like that. These weak little moments did not spoil the whole show thankfully and were probably necessary inorder to make the whole thing work in a short time frame. Once again i have to tip my hat to all the folks who have made this show so good!
  • Supergirl, NO! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! (Spoiler warning spoiler warning!!)

    JLU never ceases to amaze me, not once have I ever found a single episode boring or horribly written, and always so full of surprises. This episode still shows that. Lantern, Arrow and Kara are sent to 1000 years into the future, because of which according to the records, they would be able to save it. But only 2 would return to the past. This is the main part of the review, needless to say, the art, action and story are excellent just like all its episodes are. Anyway, I thought sure Lantern and Arrow are two too important characters, and if I knew the Justice League they could defy prophecies and destinies and other foreseen events, but this time they didn\\\'t to my surprise. Supergirl wasn\\\'t destined to comeback because she decided to stay in the future because she felt it was her place where she could make a difference, and that she likes the new Braniac. This made me VERY VERY sad! And just when everyone, especially Superman and GL, were really beginning to appreciate her membership in the JLU. And being one of my favorite characters, I lo-hope she comes back...
  • one of the top 5 eps of the series/tie in with l.o.s comics

    this is sadly one of the best eps for this series. funny how it allways seems that all the best eps for a show are the last season. but ther is always another souce for any tv/movie to be done.
    a good-du-gra for one hell of a series.
    and one last word if your a first time watch to this show or season watch. get alot of the early works of all the char. in comic book or tradepaper back. and injoy the bliss.
  • good episode. actually followed the comic book guideline to some extent.

    We learn what Superman actually thinks of Supergirl. He's actually proud to be related to her but doesn't want the others to know about it. He also doesn't want to spend time with her on her 21st birthday. It seems that Green Arrow, GL and Diana are more of a family to her than her actual cousin. We also learn that Supergirl looks up to Superman and actually changed her costume to look like his. In the end, Kara tells Superman to say something to her parents. So, it looks like Supergirl's parents are still alive. Not sure if it's her real parents from Krypton or the family that raised her on the alien planet. If it is her real parents, then there may be some Kryptons alive. But it's obvious they're not gonna expand that scenario since the Series is coming to a close soon.
  • Far From Home

    A must see episode. Supergirl has truly shine in this one. She all grown up and has traveled in time with Green Lantern and Green Arrow. There she meets Brianiac 5 and the LOS. She must save that whole and has done so. I love this episode, the LOS is really cool. Superman excepting the fact that he will never see her again. This is a must see for the Justice League Unlimited fans
  • Omg!!! She basically quit the Justice League!!! I can't believe she's developed so much as a character!!!

    Supergirl left the Justice League behind to stay in the future with Brainaic! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh first we heard she was gonna die... then we thought she did die... then she stayed at her own free will. I loved this episode. It was action packed and filled with tension! I thought it was sweet how Superman handled the situation and was so caring towards his cousin. I think she made the right choice but I hope she comes back from the future to help the Justice League in later battles. Maybe she'll even bring the Legion with her. 10/10!