Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 5

Flash and Substance

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Feb 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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The Flash must handle an onslaught of super-villains during the opening of a museum in his honor, and Batman and Orion lend a hand.

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  • The Flash is honored with the opening of his own museum. This sorta thing can go to a guy's head, but thankfully four members of his Rogue Gallery lend a hand in deflating the Flash's ego.moreless

    Wally is so adorkable.

    That said, I don't know why this isn't my favorite episode. It shows you just how great of a guy the Flash really is. He not only takes the time to help orphans, but he knows most of Central City by name and helps them out with normal, everyday things. And his interaction with the Trickster was priceless. The Flash is just such a nice guy, it is extremely difficult to dislike him. Who cares if Orion doesn't get it? Batman does, and when it comes down to it his opinion probably matters most to Flash.moreless
  • Another Flash-centric episode.

    Another Flash-centric episode.

    Ever since I got into the DC Animated Universe, Flash has become my favorite character!!! It's because he's so witty, charming, funny and he makes use with one of the coolest powers ever: superspeed. Having an episode centered around Flash is fun. Seeing Flash's villains (or "Rogues" as they call themselves in the comic books) animated for the first time is great, with Mirror Master's lamenting over his failures at the hands of Flash, Captain Cold moaning over the effects of old age, and the Trickster just ranting for no reason at all (voiced by the legendary Mark Hamill). Along with Captain Boomerang, they decide to take revenge on Flash, but ultimately fail.

    The real in this story is how the Flash fits into the DC Animated Universe, when compared to Batman. In his hometown, Flash isn't just a hero, he's like an everyman's hero. He runs with the people and the people love him. There is so much I love about Flash. A must-see for fans of the Flash.moreless
  • Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, Captain Cold and the Trickster attempt to get rid of the Flash during a museum opening in his honor.

    “Flash and Substance” is one of those special episodes that escape the whole season story arc. The episode is a must see for any fan of the Flash. It’s amusingly character driven and often funny. Flash has always been a very sociable hero and the episodes does focus on this perfectly. He relates nicely with those around him and always has the time for a little chitchat. Well, he is the Fastest Man Alive. Batman and Orion have their moments. Linda Park is well introduced and appears to completely infatuate with Flash. The villains are a big highlight in “Flash and Substance”. They are well introduced and offer some memorable banter and humor. The opening scene in the cafeteria reminds me of those fun moments in “Seinfeld”. Mark Hamill returns to the DCAU as the voice of the Trickster. The museum offers lots of insights to the Flash mythology in comics and other TV series. The big fight scene in the museum will have viewers pleasantly entertained.moreless
  • all about my favourite hero The Flash!. . . .

    this episode was so funny. it had cool action sequences and the most famous Flash's villains of all time.

    and in the Bar you get to see fiddler Dr Alchemy Murmur turleman abrakadabra and many.

    it was nice seeing Linda Park in the episode and

    great to see the cosmic trimill in Wally's house(i think it was the cosmic tridmill)

    a great episode.
  • A soon-to-be classic episode, highlighting one of the coolest characters of all comics--Flash! Not only do we see more of our favorite character, but we also get to see some of the most classic villains.moreless

    This episode was close to perfect. Flash gets such little respect in this series that it was really something to see him finally get the spotlight (or most of it...hard to get all of it with Batman around). Some of Flash history comes out here with the Flash museum and his famous enemies.

    My 'beef' with this episode, and the series in general, is the fact that Flash's powers are always limited. Not only does he often have trouble outrunning or catching vehicles, but he gets hit with punches...how's that? Who can hit him? After the last seasons' finale (when he beat the tar out of Luthor at lightspeeed!), I really thought we'd see some new powers, like finally being able to go intabgible, etc.

    Alright, I realize I'm reviewing the episode less than I should...

    Flash teams up with Batman and Orion to beat the classic baddies. The Trickster was very well done, if perhaps a little underused. For the classicly trained Flash fans, there is also a hint of Barry Allen (he sure looked like it!) and Linda Park (though Flash was really out of character and hardly paid her any attention). It was a great episode. We really need to see Flash more!moreless
Donal Gibson

Donal Gibson

Captain Boomerang

Guest Star

Alexis Denisof

Alexis Denisof

Mirror Master

Guest Star

Kim Mai Guest

Kim Mai Guest

Linda Park

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Lex Lang

Lex Lang

Captain Cold

Recurring Role

Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When the mayor hands the Flash the key to the city, the prongs on the end briefly flicker out and then back into existence for a second.

    • At the weird pub on 4th Street, the man playing pool in the background is hitting the 8 Ball with his stick instead of the cue ball.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Flash: Watchtower - table for one.

    • Flash: (to Batman) Oh right, uh, cause it's Flash Appreciation Day. Yeah, it'll be great. I understand if everybody's too busy to come, no biggie. My mom's gonna be there. Let's see, my uncle's flying in. Be great if one of the original seven made it. I mean, okay, yeah, it's the Flash Museum, but to me, the whole League deserves the honor, all of us, like I said no biggie...(sigh)
      Batman: What time?
      Flash: Six o'clock. Nooooo...you're really coming?...Awesome! You're a stand-up guy Bats, don't ever let them call you a crazed loner.

    • Orion: (to Batman) I can't believe you let that buffoon manipulate you. You'd never catch me at one of those museum openings. (pause) It's not black tie, is it?

    • Flash: Mirror Master!
      Mirror Master: You're quick as ever.
      Flash: Yeah? Well…you're…you're not really all there.
      Mirror Master: Oh, nice try. If you had another minute you'd probably think of a decent comeback.

    • Flash: (to Mirror Master) While you wait for me to come arrest you, why not take some time and reflect on your mistakes. (walks away) Hey that was pretty good.

    • (trapped on a giant flying boomerang)
      The Flash: I swear, when I get out of this, I'm gonna find you and hurl all over you.

    • Orion: Flash?
      Flash: Hey guys.
      Orion: You're tied to a very large boomerang?
      Flash: Yeah...?

    • Trickster: My plan went south. I mean, what's so special about a disco of death? The heck with all of them – I'm an artist, they just rob banks. Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang…they probably would have gone for it if I'm a captain.

    • Flash: Listen, I need to go home before the opening tonight.
      Batman: We're coming with you.
      Flash: You really don't have to.
      Batman: We're Coming With You.

    • Mirror Master: The hardest men in town and we all have something in common.
      Trickster: Bilateral symmetry!
      (everyone stares)

    • Mirror Master: Yeah, too bad the Flash busted you before and you didn't get the chance to spend a dime of it.
      Trickster: And you know what else?
      Captain Boomerang: Well at least he didn't make me eat my own laser kaleidoscope.
      Mirror Master: That's a rumor! A complete exaggeration. And besides it was a laser pistol.
      Captain Cold: It's like that time I stole an entire train while it was moving. The way people told it you'd think the Flash shoved my cold gun…
      Trickster: (interrupting) You know, I've had him on the ropes too.

    • Mirror Master: Gentleman, we live in brutal times. Last week, to make ends meet I was reduced to hijacking a tractor trailer filled with sports cars.
      Captain Cold: That is so beneath you. At least knock over a bank.
      Trickster: Got to visualize.
      Captain Cold: Visualize? What the heck does that mean? If I don't "visualize" a mortage payment soon the wife'll have me bagging groceries for a living.

    • Mirror Master: So, we're the hardest men in town...
      Waitress: What will it be, boys?
      Captain Boomerang: Arnold Palmer.
      Trickster: Cherry Cola.
      Mirror Master: Decaf soy latte.
      Captain Cold: Milk. (everyone stares) My ulcer's been acting up.

    • Orion: What about your enemy?
      Flash: Huh? Oh, right. Hey, dude, soon as you finish your drink, turn yourself in.
      Trickster: Got me again, Flash!

    • Trickster: Me next! It's my turn! Nothing as stupid as a giant boomerang. First, I get 400 cases of fake dog vomit. I grease the bottoms of them and when the Flash runs into them, the whole mess slides into a wall of metal spikes. The cases break open and what's left of the Flash is buried alive in phony barf! And then… (giggles)... everything explodes! (everyone stares)
      Captain Cold: You know what? Taking turns is dumb. Let's all just jump him at the museum.
      Mirror Master: Brilliant.
      Captain Boomerang: Good deal.
      Trickster: But c'mon, it'll be great. Okay, you don't like the barf, I can make do with 50,000 rotten eggs and a chain saw. (everyone leaves) Okay, if that's the way you're going to be about it, forget it--I quit! Nobody gets me...

    • Orion: (about Flash) Central City builds statues to this...fool. Who makes bad jokes, and concerns himself with pitiful men like the Trickster. I don't understand.
      Batman: No...you don't.

    • Linda Park: (about Flash) When we come back, I'll try to get with him...get to him for an interview... are we off? Geez. He's a total babe. Like the entire track team at once. I can't believe you're not into him, Marla.
      Marla: Okay... now you're off.

    • Flash: So, don't worry. We took care of the bad guys and everything's okay now.
      Linda Park: Flash, what about the new museum? It got destroyed in the battle and it was our biggest shrine to you. And you're our greatest hero...(leaning up to Flash's face) our greatest...hope.
      Flash: Well...at least I got to be on TV and you know how much I like that!

    • Mirror Master: If we aren't taking turns, let's at least see who hurts him the worst.
      (all three villains miss and hit a Flash mannequin)
      Flash: Better you than me.

    • Captain Cold: That's it? I was all set to crack some bones.
      Orion: Then brace yourself!

    • Orion: Talk! While you still have a jaw.

    • Orion: Now I understand. You play the fool to hide a warrior's pain.
      Flash: Dude, the bad guys went down and nobody got hurt. Know what I call that? A really good day.

  • NOTES (8)

    • Mark Hamill, who voices The Trickster, played essentially the same character on the one-season series The Flash, which aired in 1991.

    • Character bios: Mirror Master, Captain Cold, The Trickster, Linda Park, Captain Boomerang, Orion

    • Heroes who appear without dialogue (on monitor screens): Shayera Hol, Rocket Red, Red Tornado, Ice, Superman, Green Lantern, Vixen, and Wonder Woman.

    • Scenes at the end are from "Dead Reckoning" and "Patriot Act." The commercial breaks featured scenes from "Far From Home."

    • In addition to the four main villains of the episode, additional Flash villains who appear in the bar without dialogue include (in order of appearance): The Top and Weather Wizard (walking into bar), Fiddler (passed out on bar), Turtle-Man (in a booth in background), the Thinker and Dr. Alchemy (chuckling), Mr. Element (just down the bar), the Pied Piper and Turtle-Man (in booth when heroes enter), Abra Kadabra (in booth then jumping out after heroes enter the bar). This makes the first appearance of all but Weather Wizard and Thinker.

    • Donal Gibson reprises his role as Captain Boomerang from "Task Force X." Ron Perlman reprises his role as Orion from "Twilight." Kim Mai Guest has previously played Katma Tui and Silver Banshee. Walter (Lex) Lang has previously played minor roles in several episodes, including Heatwave (Captain Cold's opposite number) in "To Another Shore."

    • This episode first aired on YTV in Canada on March 1, 2006.

    • This episode aired on January 16th, 2006 on Toonami in United Kingdom.


    • Captain Boomerang: Arnold Palmer.
      Not the golfer but a non-alcoholic drink - a 50/50 mix of lemonade and iced twice, served in a highball glass.

    • Flash Facts
      There are a number of allusions to the Flash mythology in the comics and other TV series.
      1.) Silver Age Flash - Wally West works in the Forensics Department of the Central City police station. In the comics his uncle Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash, held that position while Wally worked as a mechanic. His uncle was a blonde man and looks a lot like Wally's superior here. Wally saying his uncle is flying in is also a reference to his famous comic book uncle.
      2.) Golden Age Flash - When the family is taking pictures, what they are taking pictures of is the Golden Age Flash's (Jay Garrick) helmet.
      3.) Kid Flash - When Captain Boomerang and Batman face off, behind Boomerang is the original Kid Flash costume, making some version of Kid Flash canon. In the comics Wally West was the original Kid Flash.
      4.) The Flash Museum - In the comics, less than a year into the original Silver Age Flash's career, the grateful citizens of Central City raised the money to establish the Flash Museum. The museum would celebrate the career of the city's resident champion with a museum in his honor, containing memorablia from his cases.
      5.) Flash Ring - This marks the first and so far only appearence of the Flash' ring which holds his costume. He has a drawer full of them. In the comics he originally kept his costume in such a ring.
      6.) Superman Animated Series - In the Flash Museum, a display can be seen commemorating the race around the world between the Flash and Superman, as shown in the episode, "Speed Demons".
      7.) Flash TV Series - In the first inside view of the museum, the TV version of Flash's logo is left of a Flash logo seen in the comics, in yellow with an extra horizontal and diagonal lightning mark.
      8.) Modern Flash Comics - The TV reporter who has a crush on the Flash is based on Linda Park, Wally West's wife in the comics.