Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 5

Flash and Substance

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Feb 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Flash is honored with the opening of his own museum. This sorta thing can go to a guy's head, but thankfully four members of his Rogue Gallery lend a hand in deflating the Flash's ego.

    Wally is so adorkable.

    That said, I don't know why this isn't my favorite episode. It shows you just how great of a guy the Flash really is. He not only takes the time to help orphans, but he knows most of Central City by name and helps them out with normal, everyday things. And his interaction with the Trickster was priceless. The Flash is just such a nice guy, it is extremely difficult to dislike him. Who cares if Orion doesn't get it? Batman does, and when it comes down to it his opinion probably matters most to Flash.
  • Another Flash-centric episode.

    Another Flash-centric episode.

    Ever since I got into the DC Animated Universe, Flash has become my favorite character!!! It's because he's so witty, charming, funny and he makes use with one of the coolest powers ever: superspeed. Having an episode centered around Flash is fun. Seeing Flash's villains (or "Rogues" as they call themselves in the comic books) animated for the first time is great, with Mirror Master's lamenting over his failures at the hands of Flash, Captain Cold moaning over the effects of old age, and the Trickster just ranting for no reason at all (voiced by the legendary Mark Hamill). Along with Captain Boomerang, they decide to take revenge on Flash, but ultimately fail.

    The real in this story is how the Flash fits into the DC Animated Universe, when compared to Batman. In his hometown, Flash isn't just a hero, he's like an everyman's hero. He runs with the people and the people love him. There is so much I love about Flash. A must-see for fans of the Flash.
  • Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, Captain Cold and the Trickster attempt to get rid of the Flash during a museum opening in his honor.

    “Flash and Substance” is one of those special episodes that escape the whole season story arc. The episode is a must see for any fan of the Flash. It’s amusingly character driven and often funny. Flash has always been a very sociable hero and the episodes does focus on this perfectly. He relates nicely with those around him and always has the time for a little chitchat. Well, he is the Fastest Man Alive. Batman and Orion have their moments. Linda Park is well introduced and appears to completely infatuate with Flash. The villains are a big highlight in “Flash and Substance”. They are well introduced and offer some memorable banter and humor. The opening scene in the cafeteria reminds me of those fun moments in “Seinfeld”. Mark Hamill returns to the DCAU as the voice of the Trickster. The museum offers lots of insights to the Flash mythology in comics and other TV series. The big fight scene in the museum will have viewers pleasantly entertained.
  • all about my favourite hero The Flash!. . . .

    this episode was so funny. it had cool action sequences and the most famous Flash's villains of all time.
    and in the Bar you get to see fiddler Dr Alchemy Murmur turleman abrakadabra and many.
    it was nice seeing Linda Park in the episode and
    great to see the cosmic trimill in Wally's house(i think it was the cosmic tridmill)

    a great episode.
  • A soon-to-be classic episode, highlighting one of the coolest characters of all comics--Flash! Not only do we see more of our favorite character, but we also get to see some of the most classic villains.

    This episode was close to perfect. Flash gets such little respect in this series that it was really something to see him finally get the spotlight (or most of it...hard to get all of it with Batman around). Some of Flash history comes out here with the Flash museum and his famous enemies.

    My 'beef' with this episode, and the series in general, is the fact that Flash's powers are always limited. Not only does he often have trouble outrunning or catching vehicles, but he gets hit with punches...how's that? Who can hit him? After the last seasons' finale (when he beat the tar out of Luthor at lightspeeed!), I really thought we'd see some new powers, like finally being able to go intabgible, etc.

    Alright, I realize I'm reviewing the episode less than I should...

    Flash teams up with Batman and Orion to beat the classic baddies. The Trickster was very well done, if perhaps a little underused. For the classicly trained Flash fans, there is also a hint of Barry Allen (he sure looked like it!) and Linda Park (though Flash was really out of character and hardly paid her any attention). It was a great episode. We really need to see Flash more!
  • A nice tribute to the Flash and Rogue's gallery of villians. This one could have been and should have been better considering all the really good work this series has produced.

    There really were a lot of nice touchpoints in this episode. We get a chance to see Flash in his day to day life at work as a police lab technician. We also get to see his humble home and how he actually gets into costume. We even get to see the fond relationship he has with the good citizens of Central City. But best of all we get some quality action time with Flash's wonderful array of archvillians. So why am I giving this show a rather mediocre 7.5 rating? The plot line was just too thin and predictable. It opens with Flash's foes lamenting how difficult life has become with the Flash around. They decide, surprise - surprise, to team up to rid the world of their nemisis. This opening was very similar to a season 2 opener where we were introduced to the Superman Revenge Squad in similar fashion. We also find out that Central City is opening a Flash museum to honor their hometown hero - what a coincidence! Even though Flash saved the world while risking his own life at the end of season 4, no one from the JLU is available to attend the museum opening except Batman and Orion (of all people) who appear less than thrilled about this assignment. The museum scene was an excellent action sequence but I think all the credit on this should go to the animators. JLU has been such a strong series, I just found myself expecting more in terms of a story line. "Epilogue", the last episode of season 4, was such a great example of a tribute show. It had a great story line that connected not only with the JLU series but with "Batman Beyond" and "Batman- The Animated Series" as well!

    I guess I'm just spoiled - I've come to expect so much from this series that even a pretty decent episode like this just didn't measure up to the great work that has come before it.
  • Perhaps a hint to the futire?

    Could be a future flash series. Based on this episode I would love to see a series based on flash. I think it would be a really good version of spiderman. Meaning that type of series, but better. I loved this episode and for someone who has not read many comics, I learned a whole lot in that small period of time. Best of all is when Batman gives a compliment to a fellow leaguer...... You gotta respect that!
  • The Flash hae his own muesum opening in his name and only to be destroyed by criminals that he has taken down.

    This episode was very entertaining. I rather enjoyed all the bantar between Flash and the rest of the characters. I was so glad to finally see JLU back on the air after such a long hiatus. I am not quite sure why cartoon network wouldn't want to keep this show. I personally find to be one of my faovrite cartoons. I would hope that cartoon network would reconsider and decided to renew the show and bring back another season of JLU.
  • JLU: Flash and Substance - A Review

    Well, some interesting bits in this evening's episode. For one thing, there were many other enemies, members of the Flash's Rogues Gallery hanging out in that bar. There was "The Thinker", "The Fiddler", and “Abra Kadabra", who was sitting in the booth when Batman and Orion came in, Weather Wizard, The Pied Piper, and Dr. Alchemy. While none of them were used, or had any speaking lines, it was nice to see them just the same.

    I also found it interesting that it's Wally who is working as a scientist for the Central City Police. Or is it Keystone? And the scientist to whom he hands that bit of evidence looked remarkably like Barry Allen, although Wally made reference to his "uncle" coming in, we don't really know who that is.

    It was nice to see some of the exhibits in the Flash Museum, such as the Original Flash's helmet. And besides the exhibit for some of the villains that were featured in tonight's episode, and "The Turtle", there was also an exhibit for "The Top".

    The good-natured exchanges between Flash and the populace put me in mind of a "Batman Adventures" comic, wherein Batman traces The Riddler to Blüdhaven, and Nightwing is accepted by everyone, including the police. This was truly evident when, upon seeing Batman and Orion's strong-arm tactics not working, Wally steps in and quietly talks with The Trickster. Speaking of Orion, while I thought it odd to use him in an episode like this, I am of the opinion that the complaints, and following comment "It's not black-tie is it?" from Orion were, while a bit subtle for some, borderline hysterically funny to me.

    Now, for the fans who may have missed it, that was Mark Hamill doing the voice-over work for "The Trickster". And am I wrong in thinking that Batman's cowl was a bit different? For what I mean by that, take a close look at the ears on his cowl. They seem a bit long to me.

    I am most assuredly looking forward to next week's episode, the first cartoon appearance of Boston Brand, aka "Deadman".
  • An excellent episode with some nice touches.

    It was really great to see the old Rogue\\\\\\\'s Gallery in action, although there was one little blooper - weren\\\\\\\'t Dr. Alchemy and Mr. Element the same person in different personas?

    Nice piece of casting, BTW, having Mark Hamill play the Trickster - if you remember the old Flash series on CBS some years ago, Hamill played the Trickster in that series as well.

    Lots of little Flash-references that the other reviews covered quite nicely - the Kid Flash costume, the Turtle Man, Jay Garrick\\\\\\\'s helmet, etc.

    Since this is my first review of JLU, let me take the opportunity to say how great it is that we\\\\\\\'re finally getting the chance at last to see characters from throughout the full DC universe in animated form. Back in the late 60\\\\\\\'s, I was always irritated that the Filmation \\\\\\\"Justice League\\\\\\\" segments didn\\\\\\\'t include Batman or Wonder Woman, but now we\\\\\\\'re seeing almost *everyone*.

    I mean, really - whoever thought that someday we\\\\\\\'d see Deadman in a cartoon? ;)
  • Wow ... after nearly 5 months, new JLU episodes finally return to Toonami

    Episode #83 - Flash and Substance - 2/11/06

    Wow ... after nearly 5 months, new JLU episodes finally return to Toonami (not Adult Swim, if you've forgotten after this long).

    This episode, as you can probably tell from the title, revolves around The Flash, who has been pretty much ignored since JL went Unlimited.

    The teaser started out with four villains getting together in a bar/diner - they discuss the opening of the new "Flash" Museum dedicated to the one and only Flash ... and then we find out that each of them has been screwed by the Flash during their mayhem-creating heyday.

    Hence their plan to destroy the Flash on what would be his greatest day ever. Back at the Watch Tower, Flash is able to "convince" Bats and Orion into attending his "Flash Appreciation Day" ceremony at the museum's opening.

    On the way there, Flash is tricked into a dance club by a crying little girl ... who turns out to be an illusion created by Mirror Master! Flash is able to outsmart the mirrorman and get to the museum in time. However, outside the museum he is then ambushed by Captain Boomerang, who sends Flash for a ride.

    When Batman and Orion arrive, they tell Flash about the four supervillains who have escaped and will likely be wanting to ambush Flash. Meanwhile, the four villains decide that facing him one at a time is stupid and three of them (Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, and Mirror Master) decide to deliver his end in one fell swoop at the museum, leaving the fourth, the Trickster, behind.

    Flash and the others confront Trickster at the bar and get him to spill his guts about the plan. When the villains arrive at the museum, the battle begins as Flash is sent to another dimension and is lost in a world of floating mirrors. Batman and Orion try to contend with the villains but are beaten back. Bats ingeniously throws a homing device through one of the mirrors, which tells Flash which mirror to go through to return.

    The JL beats down the villains and Flash survives the day as the hero.
  • Quick question

    Quick question:
    Are new episodes of JLU ever coming on? Or am I missing all of them? Do they still come on cartoon network? I know that the last episode i saw was when lex luthor and (a defeated) brainiac was in with brog and other villains. That was the last episode i saw.
  • Great chapter, the develoment of the flash and his city. cool action sequense.

    The villians are great, how the try to kill flash. how they interac and their frustration. in this episode, orion arguing with batman about how flash live as a super heroe an his normal life. Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang and the trickter make a good combination against batman, flash and orion.
  • The Flash's rogues plan to defeat their arch-enemy at the newly built Flash Museum. Flash attempts to get the founding seven members of the League to be there for his big day but only Batman and Orion are there. Its opening night, the villains attack Flas

    Well, first off. I'm a bit peeved that Britain gets the episode first because of Cartoon Networks stupidity but that's an entirely different tale to tell.

    Flash and Substance was...an okay episode. A filler. Nothing special. Nothing about the Legion of Doom or anything else that has been going on. Batman and Orion were only there to serve as supporting members to Flash. Whew, when was the last time you saw Batman playing a supporting, minor role? Bruce Timm sooner see him not in the episode at all! So, maybe its a good thing. I don't know. You decide.

    Time to move on to the subject of the Flash Museum. Great tribute to the comics and of course inside it. Who can forget Grodd and his mind control helmet or his race against Superman in Speed Demons? Gets some points in there.

    Of course! Who can forget Linda Park. I'm not 100% familiar with her character in the comics but I don't think she was this ditz...or horny for Flash's character. Although proved to be a little humorous to find that the one girl who is falling head over heels for Flash, he wants nothing to do with. But I guess that's what happens when your preoccupied writing autographs.

    Anyway, filler, nothing special. The only thing this episode really did was add a possible new romance to Flash. But I doubt it since this show isn't going to last long. (especially the way CN is handling it...)
  • On the eve of the opening of the new Flash Museum in Central City, Flash must team with Batman & Orion to fight Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, Mirror Master & The Trickster.

    Not a bad episode - first broardcast over here in England on Toonami - Obviously a Flashscentric episode, it shows him as a hero that everyone in Central City loves, be it painting an old lady's house on a Saturday and then crazy golf with someone else on Sunday, he seems to know almost everyone in the city individually. The Flash museum is great, most of the items viewed there are taken directly from the Flash comics museum - a large model of Gorilla Grodd and other villians, plus a globe depicting Flash & Superman's race from a previous episode of Superman: TAS. The fight scene at the end is good, you get to see Orion without his helmet for the first time, the only bad thing is Batman against Captain Cold - it was to much like Batman vs Mr. Freeze.
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